FGO Day 1 players How many ssr do you have?

So I’m wondering how many ssrs you got guys? for me I have 21 (np2 included) one of my friends from day 1 are also the same as I am

Legitimate pulls: 15

20 if you include GSSR and rerolls from first day.

Got over 800 SQ saved, so hoping that means at least another SSR once I roll.

Are you free to play or have also participated in the GSSR? That is a pretty solid lineup of SSRs.

So basically this is another useless bragging post.


Prolly not, since a player with avg luck should have 10+ SSRs if they got into gssrs as well. :smiley: I myself have 17 with duplicates, but… 2 NP5 SRs, yeah that’s going to an achievement for me from now…

Mugi made me notice the op’s pfp, so yeah mostly a brag post.

your avi is wrong as shit, op

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So a troll thread?

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Not quite Day 1 (started about a month after it came to NA), but I’d say it’s close enough. I have a total of 8 SSRs, 2 of which are NP2. And no, I’m not F2P. And yes, 3 of those came from GSSRs.

I totally misunderstood the title and was like, “Wow, people have multiple SSRs on their first day playing FGO?!?”

I’ll see myself out…


Don’t understimate wallet-kun of those who could. I don’t doubt there were some players who managed to get several SSRs on day 1 LOL.
I started playing on day 2. Got my first ssr during the Okeanos release, and currently own 15 ssrs (2 of them are np2). I am usually a free player but I have spent money for the last GSSR campaigns.

I have some.

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Well… huh… no comment.

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“just started a fgo account, who should I raise?”
posts screencaps of 50 different 5-stars


There were lots and lots of rerolling during the first week as one of the first campaign gave you a free multi if i remember correctly, so it’s not that absurd that some people got very lucky and got 2 SSRs like that.

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Yeah… rerrolling didn’t dawn on me until several months later and by then I was not in the mood to give up on the servants I already had.

I’m a F2P and didn’t bother with rerolling since I started with a good SR (Carmilla). As for SSRs, I’ve got 16, with one of them being a duplicate (Waver). Hoping to get Iskandar when he’s on rate up using tickets, as he was great in Fate/Zero, otherwise I guess I’ll try again when the event reruns.

I didn’t even know that rerolling was a thing when I first started.

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14 from my day 1 account


Neither did I. Though I started with solid 4 stars, so there was no need for me to re-roll.


Same here. I got Emiya with the recruitment ticket and in my 1st roll (the guaranteed SR one) I got Eli and Martha. And for a looooong time (until a bit before London) Artoria Lily was my only gold Saber. Would have I known about the reroll technique, I would have probably aimed to get Waver (who I got during the F/Z event) or Jeanne, whom to this day I still can’t get.