FGO Death Battles: Iskandar vs Medusa (Rider)

I hope @Bow-of-Sacae doesn’t mind too much if bring this type of thread back up as i thought it would be fun to make another fight between a Servant from Zero and Stay Night again.

I’ll be pretty much copying the rules from the last fight for this one:

Conditions of Battle:

  • No mana restrictions.
  • Neutral territory in the middle of a modern-day city district.
  • No masters to consider.

Rules of Debate:

  • This is an objective battle. All debates MUST remain objective to the lore and logistics of the combatants.
  • No Waifu/Husbando Bias.
  • This is a lore, character, and statistical debate. No FGO gameplay will be considered for this fight.

Let’s make this a fun thought experiment and get to it.

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Medusa’s great and all but she just doesnt have anything to counter Ionioi Hetairoi


I mean, Bellerophon is pretty strong in general being a phantasmal beast granted by Poseidon.


As in her legend, subjects caught in her vision will be unconditionally petrified if their Mana rank is C or lower,[2][4] while those of B rank will be petrified depending on the result of saving throw.

So she has a chance if she gets the drop on him for sure, she just petrifies him before he can summon his NP.

Bellerophon is also an Anti-Army NP that targets up to 300 people - there are more than that in his army but Medusa could 100% petrify them too.


Not at all!

I’ve been meaning to do these again but life got ahead of me. If anything, I’d love to see other people bring up more death battle matchups, they’re incredibly fun to discuss.


But she can’t really spam it, and bellaphron can’t take out the whole army


Sure but bear in mind Medusa is one the fastest Servants in general.

Especially almost none of the Servants could keep up with her in terms of speed in HF.


The only way someone can deal with Ionioi Hetairoi is being able to wipe the entire thing out or being able to single handedly defeat the entire army because you’re just like that

And she just doesnt qualify for either


I mean, why I wouldn’t say she could take out the entire army, let’s not forget she went toe-to-toe with Saber Alter who at the time was being powered by the grail and as far as we know, Iskandar commands minor Heroic Spirits.

So it’s not exactly out of the question but then again, she has a better chance at simply petrifying Iskandar before he launches his NP.


Killua won this fight though


Or gutting him like a fish while he’s being held back by petrification nerfing his stats.


It was just for the meme, my guy lol


She can literally petrify all of them because the soldiers in his army are well …just normal soldiers with no innate magic resistance so I don’t think Ionioi Hetairoi is actually useful here.
Also it’s extremely in character for Medusa to use her Mystic eyes in any scenario she feels she is at a disadvantage.

About Iskandar’s other NP Gordius wheel, I would say Bellerophon should be able to destroy it pretty easily when we assume Gordius wheel was annihilated by Excalibur while Bellerophon could contest against Excalibur with some assistance from Shirou in HF.

In close combat Iskandar can’t keep up with Rider’s speed and he loses.

Having remained since the Age of Gods, its abilities are far beyond those of a normal Pegasus that would only be limited to the strength of a several hundred years old Monstrous Beast had it been one of the few remaining Phantasmal Species from the current age. Increasing in strength as it has lived, it has the strength of a Phantasmal Beast far beyond something like Invisible Air that could defeat a normal Pegasus.[22][23]
Its strength is nearing that of the level of dragons, the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, and its defense has already reached that level. It is made of enough energy to have come from several hundred magi, and constantly emits it while it flies. It is a divine mystery with magical protection even greater than that of Artoria, who displays the strongest resistance of the Fifth Holy Grail War, allowing it to easily brush past all thaumaturgy without issue. Not needing to halt its charge against anything, it is much like a giant castle wall crashing down on the opponent and leaving them no method of dodging or defending.

I think Iskandar has too many disadvantages to win this one and you all are seriously underestimating Medusa and Bellerophon.


In order to defeat Medusa you either need high MR to negate her Mystic eyes or be skilled enough like Cu,Artoria to defeat her in close combat.


We tend to forget that almost all of the Servants in the fifth war are Demi-Gods.


Exactly. 4th Holy grail war has better Masters as Mages, but 5th HGW has extremely powerful servants in it.

Medusa takes this pretty handily I think.

Her mystic eyes are incredibly powerful, she doesn’t get many props because she’s done away with thanks to being subcontracted to someone making terrible decisions.

The soldiers in Iskandar’s army may be heroic spirits but none of them are noted to be spectacular mages.

So the army gets petrified and Iskandar himself can be taken out whilst weakened by her eyes.


Iskander’s reality marble is greatly overestimated imo. Sure he summons an army of heroic spirits but what noble phantasms or skills do those servants have? If they don’t have any than they’re just strong dudes most other servants make their legends from killing. It’s EX ranked but the only servant he killed with it was hundred face hassan who isn’t meant for fighting in the first place and even with his chariot he was only able to stall Gilles’ giant monster when Excalibur one shots it and the chariot in a later battle.

Medusa at full power can stall Saber Alter (who should be much stronger than normal Saber with Kiritsugu) with near infinite mana in single combat through speed, her eyes and skill and with a little help from Shirou was able to overpower Excalibur Morgan (which should be significantly stronger or at least on par with a normal Excalibur) with Bellerophon. This is the same Saber Alter who casually fight Hercules earlier in HF. And as said her Mystic Eyes when unleashed would just stop Iskander and his army dead in their tracks since not even Iskander himself has enough mana to resist it. HF also shows that closing your eyes doesn’t work to prevent petrification. Also every time we see Iskander summon his army he’s at the front charging towards his enemy. If he would position himself like this to fight someone as weak as Hassan or as strong as Gilgamesh he would likely do the same to Medusa and get stoned or run over by her pegasus. Once he’s gone there isn’t much his army of strong dudes can do against a woman who’s been killing people like them for most of her life on the shapeless isle.


Statwise Salter is inferior in everything but armor. She just has infinite mana in HF to keep Mana Burst up 24/7.

Why do y’all think in FGO she’s a 4* with the same skills but worse except for MB and her NP lol.