FGO Death Battles: Lancelot (Berserker) vs Heracles

Welcome, folks, to the first ever Gamepress Death Battle Debate! :fgo_gaooo:

I haven’t hosted anything for fun on the forums in a while so I decided to start a series of battles to the death between the many different servants of the Fate Grand Order franchise.

So let’s get right to it!

Conditions of Battle:

  • No mana restrictions.
  • Neutral territory in the middle of a modern-day city district.
  • No masters to consider.

Rules of Debate:

  • This is an objective battle. All debates MUST remain objective to the lore and logistics of the combatants.
  • No Waifu/Husbando Bias.
  • This is a lore, character, and statistical debate. No FGO gameplay will be considered for this fight.
  • Be civil! This is for fun and differing opinions will be shared. Respect others always.

Feel free to vote and share your reasoning for the winner of this fight! The winner of the poll will be announced at the end of a 24 hour period.

Ready? FIGHT! :fgo_gaooo:


As a sidenote, feel free to suggest other death battle ideas to consider, I’m keeping a list of potential death battles on record for the future! :fgo_ishtarhappy:


Pretty clear to me personally that Herc would win. Damn near indestructible without the right kind of weapon and while KoO can make just anything into a Noble Phantasm level weapon I don’t believe it makes them anti-divine. Herc wins just by sheer endurance.


For all of Lancelot’s combat prowess, Herc is simply too much for him.

Just the fact Artoria needed such a bullshit way to win in the Fate Route tells you that that Herc is in another level.

Even Saber Alter was scared of him even when she had a mana supply from the Grail.


If there are no mana restrictions, Heracles being nearly impossible to kill for good would be the clincher.

Lancelot would need to win many times over, while Heracles needs to crush only a single tin can.


Add the fact he becomes resistant to anything that kills him which is the reason Archer had to bust out several A Grade NPs to take out one of his lives.

And each was different from the last.


Lancelot can take any NP as his own though, so he has a pretty constant supply of new attacks :thinking:


That only really works with someone like Gil or Emiya.

Just because anything can be an NP doesn’t mean it’s gonna be as effective.


I do agree with the overall opinion so far that Herc wins the endurance battle, that much is pretty obvious. But Lancelot retains the overwhelming skills he had as a KotR while benefiting from the raw power of a Berserker. He’s a perfect offensive presence with access to an NP with anything he wants to use.

Perhaps Herc beats him in the endurance department but Lancelot has the cunning and prowess of a veteran warrior while Herc fights with the savagery of a wild animal.

If Lancelot beats him in the skill matchup, endurance doesn’t particularly matter when neither is restricted by mana cost. Lancelot can nuke him all day and night while Herc will have trouble just landing a proper hit on him.


Herc is arguably just as skilled and fast, plus he has the advantage in reach and can suicide attack if necessary to secure the win since he can survive it.


Herc is usually portrayed as being more cunning than one might assume, and Lancelot’s own Madness Enhancement leaves him plenty deranged.

I gave some thought to Lancelot’s ranged options, but he only needs to mess up once to lose. Herc seems to move very far and fast based on his depictions in the anime.


I dunno about skill, I feel Lancelot has him beat there but could be wrong

In terms of overall agility, Lancelot has him ever so slightly beat


I’d say lancelot’s more skilled, but that can’t overcome herc’s raw power. If it’s an in city district, and lancelot decides to be uncharacteristically evasive, using different weapons he finds as nps, perhaps.

I like lore debates. They’re rare as a blue moon tho :fgo_jeannecheer:

I take my skill nod from how they’ve been portrayed. Despite both being Berserkers Herc is credited with still fighting like someone who has retained their mind, while Lancelot is more often than not relying on instinct and the sheer onslaught of firepower he can field in a relatively short span of time.


But wasn’t it also proven that Lancelot retained all of the cunning he had pre-madness without the insanity affecting him? :thinking: In that scenario, how likely is it for a legendary warrior like the Lancelot to mess up even once?

Herc certainly retains some of his cunning, but in many of his fights he seems to resort to thrashing around until his enemy can’t stand up to him anymore


I seem to recall either saber or archer stating that even tho herc is mad he clearly retains his skills and prowess as a warrior so the gap between skill for Lancelot and herc probably isn’t that big all things considered.

I honestly give it to herc simply cause how broken god hand is in general


You know, in the fate route, emiya killed him 7 times without ubw.

It’s in UBW route when they’re fighting Gil in the Einzbern castle.


It’s been stated in mutiples works that while Herc has ME, he’s not mindless given that he has been able to recognize patterns and tactics his opponents use.

Hell, it’s stated as much when he’s impressed that Emiya managed to kill 5 of his lives in the VN.


I saw someone being up that Lancelot can make anything into a weapon/np with his one skill but would that even matter? Unless zerkerlot has access to stuff that’s (by fate’s dumb power scaling which I’m gonna use cause lore) A rank or higher god hand will just brush all of it off.

And yes I had to go lore digging real quick to remember how god hand worked again