FGO Death Battles: Mini-Tournament - Japanese Swordsmen Showdown! - Round 1

Welcome back to another edition of FGO Death Battles!

This time we’ve got Mini-Tournament Showdown featuring four of Japanese greatest swordsmen in history:

Okada Izou vs Okita Souji and Hijikata Toshizo vs Munenori Yagyu!

After this round is over, a follow-up round will be hosted between the losers’ bracket and the winners’ bracket. The victor of the winners’ bracket will be named CHAMPION.

Conditions of Battle:

  • Mana consumption applies. Each combatant must think carefully, lest they drain themselves of energy to fight.
  • Neutral territory on an uncharted island. An open, empty field of tall grass beneath the light of the full moon.
  • No masters to consider. Only their blade and their opponent’s neck.

Rules of Debate:

  • This is an objective battle. All debates MUST remain objective to the lore and logistics of the combatants.
  • No Waifu/Husbando Bias.
  • This is a lore, character, and statistical debate. No FGO gameplay will be considered for this fight.
  • Be civil! This is for fun and differing opinions will be shared. Respect others always.

Feel free to vote and share your reasoning for the winner of this fight! The winner of the poll will be announced at the end of a 24 hour period.

Ready? FIGHT! :fgo_gaooo:

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So… no muskets right? :fgo_hiji_thisbish:

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I don’t think Hiji was going to ask for my opinion on the matter :fgo_davincishook:


In that case my vote for Munenori is fully justified even without lore basis: Hiji break the rule and lose by default :fgo_bblaugh:

The teasing aside, Munenori in fgo is portrayed as a peerless swordsman and his fighting style looks so efficient. So in a battle where mana consumption is a factor I think he is going to win against hiji since zerkers are supposed to have higher mana consumption (?)

For the first fight, I’m not sure if we’re counting this as canon but okita did beat izou in fate redline


Izou might have comparable stats to Okita lore wise but just like Li Shuwen in Guda 3 said he suffers from being a “Master of None” type of character. Also, she has a higher Agility and even Luck than he does.

Unless Weak Constituition hits her at a bad moment, I don’t see him lasting long against her. If she sees him coming that is.

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But weak constitution can happen whenever right?

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Different fight, different situation, different world so for sake of argument we’re going to say it doesn’t count but it is valid that you bring it up

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Yes it can but at that point there isn’t much to do, she just immediately loses.

Dropping her stats, lorewise, makes her lose just about every advantage over him.

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Okita vs Izo

So this one is tough. Okita trounces him in stats except endurance. Izo also has settlement sword which is a problem, he can literally copy all of Okita’s skills including her movement skills, see redline for an example of him doing just this. He also has Presence concealment which makes a sneak attack a valid tactic for him since he cares not about honor. Okita also has her weak constitution ability, which is further problematic. I think this fight comes down to if Okita will use Flag of Sincerity. Its the one ability that Izo has absolutely nothing that could close the gap but its not practicularly honorable in a duel to summon a bunch of other servants to gang stab a man. If flag is allowed Okita wins, if not Izo probably wins having the most ways to counter okita’s abilities

Yagyuu vs Hijikata

This one feels more cut and dried, Yagyuu has vastly better stats in most areas, particular agility, isn’t hampered with madness enhancement, while Hijikata is still able to use his tactics with his enhancement at the end of the day he is forced to focus on savage tactics which I have a hard time believing in a one on one duel wouldn’t leave him open to attacks, and Musashi considers him someone who may be able to beat her and she has some truly broken lore skills. His raw skill will definitely carry the day.


Honestly, I didn’t consider that until now

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Good analysis! :fgo_spaceishtarwink:

I feel like if its anywhere close between them and youre constantly rolling the dice on whether you just die it goes to izou

Even if she can win, I’m sure with them being close combat wise and her constantly having the chance to just die to him izou would win more often


I might change my vote now

I still need to think it over because Okita is a pretty big deal, but so is TB


Izou can generally match her pace and beats her in the long game

The longer the duel, the more drastically it weighs in Izou’s favor. In a duel like this, as soon as a weakness is shown, that’s probably the end of it


TB and the fact that Izou is not to be underestimated in his own right for sure


I love how Yagyu & Okita have their swords out, Hiji is guns blazing, and then Izou is just like


With death battles being generally who wins more often I think having a passive that can just kill you puts you at an overwhelming disadvantage unless you can just mop the floor with your opponent

Especially since izou is feral when he’s fighting so I doubt he’d stop if she just started coughing up blood


I agree. And Okita vs Izou is already a close match as is, she’s not mopping the floor with him

Add on the fact that Izou fights dirty and that’s an advantage against someone like Okita


I definitely see the case for Yagyu on the second duel. I do think Hiji can be a little underestimated at times and is a force to be reckoned with however.