FGO Developer's Diary Vol 2

New 2-San update and while it’s not as chunky as the last one, it still has something.

Mostly the AUs for both Bedi and Arash with the wide screen support but it’s a bit annoying they didn’t include Bedivere’s Buff.


Guess we’re waiting for Paladin;Agateram’s blu-ray for Bedivere/Lartoria etc.

As expected Christmas will be at Christmas since the celebration matters here.

Seems we traded the dead month before LB4 to November.

Still, i must be one of the few that’s not bothered about the event being on November.


Interludes coming early is mostly great (I wanted more time/SQ for Anastasia). I’m much more inclined to think that we’re not getting Santagale in November and maybe not even before LB5 Atlantis - it wouldn’t surprise me if they had only done Christmas so early in JP that year to give a little more time to polishing the script for LB5, and we wouldn’t have that issue now.

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Hmm, getting Atlantis in early December would be nice and it would put it in the same time frame as the release window of LB3 last year.

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I’m not readyyyyyy. :catroll:


Napoleón waits for no one.


Only 3 new interludes for me, but together with the 4 I have unlocked but not cleared yet, that’s exactly the total of 7 I need to clear the 180 Interludes Extra mission. Nice!

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I’ll be busy in december so i won’t be able to play the event depending on when it hits, i was really hoping for them to keep the dates similar to JP.

I hope it’ll be early december at least otherwise i’m screwed.


It seems it’s more likely that it’s happening after Atlantis.


Notice how he never mentioned anything about Thanksgiving banner when we are so close… :fgo_bbgrin:


neither am i…

i need to start saving for yang…


Finally 1/2 AP interludes. At last I can do angry mango’s fight

So those of us who predicted this were right then? :stuck_out_tongue:


The ultimate betrayal. No Godjuna & Quetzmas rerun? SMG.


Curious - with the Atlantis release, do we expect the same pre-release campaign as JP? I see that there are 10SQs for clearing LB4 :P so I might try to clear it faster and stop dust farming.

Looking at the event itself, and I don’t see any other rewards tied to clearing LB4. Also, the Hektor quest will stay as Rank Up quest, correct?

TY! I’m pretty excited for how the wide screen support will look like~

We will probably get the Pre-Release Campaign at the end of the month.

And yes, the Rank Up Quest for Hector it’s separate.


No animation update for Lion king, sad. At least give me her banner…

That’s probably gonna appear for the release campaign for the second movie.