FGO Duo NP - Ryougi Shiki & Asagami Fujino

Just a hobby of mine would like to make the combined NPs of servants. Hope you like it!

So far i have done : Semiramis & Shiro; Scathach & Cu; Gilgamesh & Enkidu.

lol, Amakusa can fly ?


Cool video.

@altisalty Amakusa levitates for one of his Buster animations, too. He’s a magecraft prodigy, so maybe something to do with that; who knows?

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Your video reminds me of this video. :fgo_gudako:


Wait!?!?@! does Gray become a Servant we can Summon in the future? I’m playing on NA.

She’s the welfare for the Case FIles event we’ll be getting next year

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That is awesome!!! I liked the Case files show.


Be wary of her mats. :fgo_gudako:
108 bones, 120 dust, 36 lanterns, 24 scales. Emphasis on the first two particularly.

That’s a cruel distribution of mats for sure.

i just update in # 1 post, it’s about Shishou & Cú hope you like it!

i just update in # 1 post, it’s about Shiki & Fujino hope you like it!

I’m not quite yet in Bone hell, but I’ve noticed that my stock of dust is really low. I’m mostly still looting the execution ground for Eresh’s goddamn 74 stakes per skill…

… I guess I should be wary too.

How merciful, that BINY 2020 brings dust, Quetzmas this year beings bones (and fangs and horseshoes).

She’s a long-term 10/10/10 for me right now. We get 80 stakes between now and Anni (/Summer?) alone which takes a load off, at least, although Idr how much offhand for dust. You never escape bone hell, lol.