FGO/EN Playstore update

Opening my game this menssage pop up

Finding nothing strange I went to the Playstore page of the game to update it, but to my dismay the “update” button was not there. Being the first time I’m experiencing this I all kinds of confused, do I just need to wait and the uodate will appear or I need to do something else?

My FGO/EN is the version 2.21.0

Ps: Nevermind, the uodate appeared XD

We normally get a major number update 2.‘22’.0 every month or so after the maintainence for the event ends… So don’t be confused… Just check the fate go us maintainence tab if any doubts… They mention if there is going to be an update and what number it is going to be…

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The update button regularly only appears when I perform an actual search for fgo on the playstore. The link to the page itself always just displays the “Play” button.

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