FGO Figures/Merch

Hard not to cry after seeing all that.

I mean, all I see here are either cheap knock-off or overpriced ones that, while seemingly good, are clearly copies if one looks closely enough to spot the telltale signs (bad paint job, poorly made face, slightly misshapen detailing, etc…). The really good ones are very rarely available since (asides from having to be imported) any conventions are focused on recent mainstream anime (or longtime classics like DBZ), and I don’t recall EVER seeing a single Fate-related booth or feature in the past ten years.

I WANT MY MERCH DAMMIT! :fgo_badciv:

This is what I have right now kind of just getting the collection underway. The Mordred on the far end is straight trash lol but she was real cheap. I picked up all of them, except the SK Ryobi one, at my local con so I didn’t pay a lot for them. The lighting is pretty bad there too and only furthers the trash that is that end Mordred lol.


I also have my desktop pals that keep me company. The Apoc Mordred has so many parts. I swap her around quite a bit, usually while listening to online lectures lol. Seriously if you want a figure of your fav character(s) but don’t want to spend a lot, the Good Smile nendroids are legit. They come with a ton of fun parts and look pretty good. My Mordred has 2 different Clarents and you can see her helmet in the pic, she also has 3 face plates.

More Mor

I love that Fou, it’s adorable! Plushies for sure count! I love my jumbo plush and would easily buy another given the chance!

I love her plush.

They even gave her that booty dress opening thing?

(That’s a 15" MacBook Pro Nero is on in case anyone was wondering how jumbo a jumbo plush is.)

Nah you didn’t talk to much, it’s hard to hold back on things you are passionate about. For future figures I do have a summer Tamamo coming sometime around August. If it wasn’t for CCC at the end of the month I probably would have preordered that Mordred + Jeannu racing figure. I do have a Extra version of Nero nedroid on preorder too. I’m hoping the site I buy from gets some restocks on the Mashu Dangerous Beast figure rerun that comes out next year.

I just have a Gil nendo.

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Hmmmm…I have so many fate stuff that i can’t even fit them on the same spot lol

This Jeanne my friends got me recently as a gift. I could not fit it anywhere so I needed to buy another thing to put her on.


I seriously have so much i collected over the years that I’m too embarrassed to even show them. Too late i guess. But I’ve grown to love fate more and more as I’m playing Grand Order.

The Gamepress community here is so helpful too since they gave me so many ideas on team comps and meme comps. I’m glad I could interact in this platform.

Lmao I wrote like a whole thing with a bunch of pictures and it told me I can only post one picture at a time :sob::sob::sob:


You’re among good company here @Ashbell
Here’re some FGO swags from around GamePress HQ.


Here’s my grail figure


Sad to say, but they are all originals :D (All hail AmiAmi and Mandarake :fgo_umu: ) Tho I would love to see MH doing better job on their chess set. Guess their redeeming quality is that they are small, but yeah, faces there are… let’s say, Zerkerlot has the best one since it’s helmet xD

Your body is full of internal organs xD

Aniplex and their exclusives T___T I really hate seeing any Aniplex announces now. Esp since there’re more and more of them.

Also, I’m just curious: how big Fou is?

I’ll run out of organs before I get all that I want.

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Yay, you can never have too many Mo-chans :3 And that Kuji surfer Mo is so cute too >///<

Oh yes! Tho sadly contents vary from figure to figure so sometimes you can get a ton of accessories, and sometimes you just get a couple of faceplates for the same price. Well, Mo-chan is on the right side there. She turned out to be adorable! Cheeky and cute. Dang, now I want her too xD Esp since I’m still waiting for a good Mo scale in her armour. Don’t really dig Phat’s one.

Ah, Koto’s one, right? Be careful with cast-off and umbrella tho!

Yes, it’s amazing but so biiiig! Guess it’ll commandeer a shelf of its own. And I still hope Plusone will make guys racing figs too. I mean, Arthuria, Nero, and Rin got one already, Mo and Jeanne too, so how about that racing Karna? :3

Someone is bound to cancel their PO when GSC shows the release date. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be moved for a month or two, and someone will give up their POs too. You’ll be able to grab this Mash when it comes out :)

Well, you asked not so long ago what’s to do with other people’s when we swooned over that Chaldea hotel. Sooo… I guess you have your answer now xD

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I got this figure from my trip to Japan last year, I bought this one, but spent a decent amount trying to get an Astolfo figure from one of those extemely mean arcade claw-like games


He’s not as big as OP’s Nero jumbo plushie. He can fit snuggly in the palm of my hand.

Photo for reference

But he’s still big enough to kick Merlin and call it a day

I’ve learned a few things from this thread so far:

  1. I need better friends who gift me figures.
  2. I really wish my office had FGO merch. You know how they make novelty golf club headcovers? Like all kinds of animals or like R2D2, Peter Griffin, etc, etc. How about we get a Fou one made lol or some servants even.(I work in golf)

Preeaaaacchhh. In my head I’ll pay for any scale Mordred but then I see them and am like eeeeehhhh. I don’t like that Phat one either. She’s not wearing armor in the upcoming Aniplex drop but the expression they used is just not for me. Maybe some day they can take my money, or I’ll cave and buy that sailor outfit Clarent broom one, that I don’t totally love, just to expand my collection lol.

It is Koto’s and I have heard that some of the stuff is a little sketchy. Thanks to rewards points I only paid around $40 for it including shipping so I can live with it/keep her in base form. Shitty tho that they couldn’t get those working better.

Always worth a shot, that is a nice theme and not terribly priced either. I kinda hope they keep doing more of the non-battle figures, which I’m sure they will. Like more of the formal dress ones and maybe throw in some of the travel dress from the 3rd anniversary.

I don’t have any merch but have been wanting to get a keychain. Any recommendations on where to find some?

This. Tho I’m thinking of getting Di Molto’s one but she still is just okay-ish, and even 10k JPY at Mandarake is kind of meh for that paintjob. I wish GSC continued their line of 1/7 Sabers and made a beautiful armoured Mo-chan.

Geee, I love points systems :D
You will still have to somehow put an umbrella in her hand, and I read that a lot of paint transfer/broken handles originate there. Well, there’s always a hair dryer, of course, but my heart bleeds every time I have to put a sword or a lance in someone’s hands (yes, Diarmuid, your lances almost gave me a heart attack. Four times). It’s like you can hear paint leaving the weapon and moving to hands :'D

Yeah, would be nice. Esp if they remember to make someone other that Arthuria or Jeanne. Oh, I wanna Cu and GArcher in their restaurant clothes, aprons and all :D And something epic like this kit only in PVC. And I guess I’d kill for a scale of Kintoki in his formal dress :fgo_buster: Aaaand a few more shelves to put all these potential beauties on.

Wait…is the base…lighting up? I’m not much of an Altria fan but that’s a really cool figure!

If you look in the second post of this thread I put a link to a twitter profile, that profile bio has the link to the artist’s store. The style might not be for everyone but the selection is good, they are different on each side, and actually come with a sturdy clip. I’m sure there’s some sites that sell official ones or if you live near an anime convention.

At the end of the day at least we can dream. lol. Does Kintoki have any scale figure? Or any in general?

Sure :fgo_deadinside:

MegaHouse gracing us with more paintjob chibi catastrophes. I hope at least Sega will make a decent Kintoki prize. But seeing how long it takes them to make a Charlemagne’s prototype… Maybe not in this life. Well, at least they made a Rider Ishtar :woman_shrugging:

Oh…RIP Kintoki I guess lol. They can make a full scale version of his motorcycle but can’t even get him a scale figure…

I did get notified that Apoc Mo is getting a rerun. It’s not armor but I like this one and will preorder, I’ll hold out till they run a special/extra points event though.

Well, I just had to write to GSC about wanting his nendo xD Since they’re holding this survey now. Maybe all is still not lost :fgo_buster: At least they love FGO and have Orange Rouge to make male figures.

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