FGO for phones (and emulators) in 2020

Engine Update came around May and snapped most of the older phones out of existence, and after seeing most of the np animations in JP (looking at you Gil and co) require lots of RAM and other things such as OS.

So gonna cut to the chase, This thread is for players who are looking for phones that are compatible with FGO & for players who are going for emulators (Nox and Bluestacks work fine imo.)

Hmm not sure if this is what your asking for but I’m using the og Google pixel and load times are fast and absolutely no lag apart from a barely noticeable amount on Archer Gil and Gramps np so considering that this is the worst performer in the pixel line all of the other pixel phones should give you a satisfying experience

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That’s interesting. i installed my 2nd account on a backup phone I had lying around and it performs better than ever since the update. Certain np animations Gil and Atalanta mainly used to kill that old phone. Samsung J3 2016 which is also below recommended spec too. Is it as smooth as on my s10? Nope but it does a decent job.

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I’m using Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.
6 GB RAM, 128 GB Memory.
I have both NA and JP installed and both run smooth as hell. For example the plug-suit works fluently (didn’t think that would be possible before).
And all the NPs - even the “phone-killers” like Gilgamesh and Yang Guifei - are running without any lags.


I run the game on a Redmi 9S, and weirdly enough the only thing that ever lags it is Maid Alter’s NP, and even then, only the part where the beam hits. Everything else is buttery smooth.

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