FGO Friend/Support list megathread part 2

This is a continuation of @ACExDiscostu93’s thread that finally reached 3000 posts and got locked for reaching the post cap. congrats on making such a popular thread!

Rules are the same as before, post a screenshot of your current support list, with your friend code and IGN(in game username) here


Guess I’m making the start then.

FC: 011,586,437
IGN: Tobias


New thread, old me, 5 slots.

Igni is kayonov. reply with your own pls and ty


Applying for one of your slots. One opened up after reaching master level 141. Already sent a request. IGN’s Amaranthus. :fgo_pancakeslmao:

Sent a req, Ign is Sky :fgo_umu:

IGN: Kuri
FC: 696 686 812
5 slots open

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FC: 244,535,879
IGN: Sky

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I sent a request. IGN: Orphell


Thx, accepted


Posting my Alt account, just starting to work on it again so my friend list is wide open at 23 slots! :slight_smile:

I have both Martha Ruler (NP5) and Amakusa Shirou (NP1) in case anyone needs a ruler friend! Currently working on Skadi’s skills and leveling up Dantes (NP2) after the event.

FC: 225,880,451
IGN: Sylvanas

Sent you a request too . IGN AtharvaW195


Sent a friend request! My IGN is Sylvanas :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Thx for all your requests. I added you all. Now my list is full again. :sweat_smile:


Currently stuck in everything hell on two accounts, tho not that active on my Alt. I usually only play on it for recording CQs

Main Account
IGN - Grimm
FC - 386, 589, 180

Alt Account
IGN - Reaper
FC - 452, 865, 150

That empty Berserker Slot is for Jalter, I’ve also got an NP2 Raikou I can put up

Zaynab just hit lvl 141, so we got an opening - event supp below

All CE MLB thanks to this year’s final whaling session + point ladder being done, btw. Send a PM for ID, alternately I can send a request your way.

EDIT: spot taken.

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New threat and still me being noisy :fgo_nitosheets:
IGN: Nisha [506 609 928]
15 slots open noone appriciates Salieri

I can switch Melt out for one of those if needed

I sent a friend request ign:Orange

Does anyone here have a max ascension Illya on their support lineup?