FGO Friend/Support list megathread part 2


@ShadowedMoon i’ve bookmark you for next time.

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Hi All,

I’m looking to find some active friends. The first is my general support, and the 2nd one is my proposed support for Gilfest (I will fill in event CEs as they come).

Specifically, I’m looking for an Artoria (Saber) or Mordred (Saber) at 10/10/10 or 10/x/10, respectively, and NP2+ for Gilfest holding Kaleidoscope (non MLB is fine).

I have all the big 4 support casters (still working on Waver and Skadi’s skills, should be ready for Gilfest next week), so if you need anything let me know if I can help.

I have NP 2 Artoria Saber w/ 9/9/10 non-MLB K-scope if you don’t mind that.

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a NP2 Gilgamesh with Superscope for Gilfest farming or a NP3+ Ishtar with Kscope (no need for MLB).

Admittingly, I don’t really have many shiny servants to show since I am F2P but if you need something I will try my best to fit it into my support list. I also play this game everyday without fail, so I won’t miss any events if you’re worry about my support list during events. Just don’t expect me to have gacha event servants and CEs.

Waver, Skadi and Osakabehime will get the lotto CEs during Gilfest.

First pic is my static support list and the second is my planned support list for Gilfest.

Just tell me what is your username and I will accept.

I sent you a friend request.
IGN: Lucas

Yeah, that works great too!

Alright, sending friend request IGN: Fujimaru.

One fren decided to move on, spot open. I’ll have this line-up here on once NYC is online Tuesday -

CEs will be switched as they are gotten from event + the drop-CE from Queen Sheba’s rate-up. Send a PM here if interested.

EDIT: Spots taken.

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Purged 5 inactive friends , so I have a few slots open.

Fc - 087,565,546

Ign - Adel

Looking for Kscope Artoria/Mordred (non Mlb /Mlb I don’t care) with the battery maxed. Alternatively for Gil/Tesla with event Ce (once gilfest drops for finals). Both for event set up for Gilfest, so feel free to unfriend me once Gilfest is over.
Edit: Ishtars with either Aerial Drive or Holy Night Supper or lotto CE (all CEs for Gilfest use, feel free to change afterwards) are also welcome to send requests.

Also please split your event and normal decks.
Edit: Please give me your IGN or PM me or reply to this post or @ me before sending request so that I can add you/don’t decline your request.

Normal support:

Gilfest set up (other than kscopes ces will be replaced with event ces as I get them) :

Edit2: all spots taken, I may still add a few more people (I have a few non-GP friends I have been waiting to prune) if they offer the above mentioned servants particularly Mordred or Artoria.

I have 1 slot open but I do have a few inactives I might prune. Let me know if you’ve sent me an invite but I haven’t responded yet.


Sent a request, IGN Zhabroah. My support for Gilfest should be running:
Mordred NP1, 10/6/10, 1k/1k Fou, Kscope L20
Gil NP2, 10/6/10, 2k/2k Fou

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Accepted and thank you, your servants will be valued by me.

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So i have a few slots open, and would appreciate some people with Waver for Gilfest
Thats my normal support

While this will probably be set for Gilfest, although im planning to max skill my np1 Jarcher for third round and she will hold event dmg ce. Will also try to max Skadi second skill when i get enough steel from final round.

Friend code is 050,214,270 and my IGN is the same as here.

I’ve sent you a friend request from both my Main and Alt account as I have Waver in both :slight_smile: I’ll be maxing out my Waver on my Main as soon as I can get enough QP from GilFest.

My IGN is Sylvanas (Main) and Windrunner (Side)

Thanks in advance!

Sure, accepted both accounts. QP is also the thing limiting me at the moment :fgo_badciv:

I have still 4 slots open so if anyone else wants them feel free to ask.

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Sent you a request. IGN Zachz. My Waver’s S3 at least had reached 10. Hope you don’t mind the other skills.

Personally, another Merlin is always appreciated :fgo_buster:

Leveled S3 is enough for farming so no problem here

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Anyway, thanks for accepting!

Sent a friend request. IGN’s Amaranthus. My Waver’s set in the ‘All’ slot for GilFest though.

Thats a bit inconvenient but not much of a problem.

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