FGO Friend/Support list megathread part 2

The dilemma of having multiple support casters. It’s either him or Skadi since they both seem to be in demand for GilFest. Anyway, thanks for accepting! :fgo_pancakeslmao:

someone deleted me apparently. if you have free space you can add me now.

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What’s your name? I just removed a player to send a request to my other account?

nah, it wasn’t you, my man. i still see your shiki.

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Ok sent you a request.
IGN: Ritsuka
Thank you.

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IGN: Joe
User ID: 712,271,466

Mainly seeking Wavers & Skadis with higher skill levels than those currently present on my list. I’ll make spots by comparing requests to who I can justify getting rid of. I will potentially accept weaker masters who don’t have those two on their support list, but I’ll probably have a harder time justifying getting rid of someone from my friend list.

Here are examples of what my standard support list looks like and what my event SL will look like for Gilfest when it starts before I get any CEs. I still have my current event SL set up for people trying to finish the F/Z event last second.

Standard SL

Starting GF SL

If you have what I’m looking for and are looking for a Skadi to help with quick loops or maybe my np2 Jarcher with MLB CKT when I get that, send a friend request.

I’ve given my friends list about as much time as I’m willing to in order for them to get their Skadis skill levels up or otherwise have a Waver. I’m not interested in having to constantly check to see if the skills are where I want them to be. Besides if I don’t feel comfortable looping with their Skadis, they wouldn’t feel comfortable looping even if they used mine.

Small rant/word of warning

I held off on posting these until now because I’m kind of ruthless when it comes to my FL and didn’t want to be making anyone angry if I remove them for not logging in a few days because their servant and master levels aren’t that high. I usually don’t even give whales longer than a week. I like helping people and I would prefer to help the people that will get the most out of it or those that will best be able to help me back which requires consistency. Even most of the people on my current list do not miss a single day of log in. If you’re going to be consistent during GF that’s great but I make no promises about afterwards when I can be helping others if you’re out.

Edit: Realized CKT was the Lotto one. Just going to be putting the Damage CE on Jarcher bc I realized that’s what I meant


Hi, I’m new here:

NA: 021,921,390

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I’ve sent a friend request from both my Main and Alt accounts as I log in everyday. I have Skadi 10/10/10 and Waver on both accounts though Waver is a work-in-progress. My main account only needs the GilFest QP to 10/10/10 Waver while my side account needs to farm Heart of the Foreign God to max out Skill 1 and 2, Skill 3 just needs QP.

I always keep my roster split for Normal and Event, will be rolling for event Gacha once maintenance is over. I didn’t post both Normal and Event rosters for now since they’re pretty much the same until I have the chance to roll. Especially for my main account, I’ll be skilling up servants I put up for support once GilFest QP comes in. I prioritize putting AOE servants + NP battery CEs to help with farming. But please just let me know if you need ST servants for a boss battle/CQ.

Main Account - IGN: Sylvanas

Side Account - IGN: Windrunner

Thank you for your time!

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IGN : Ecila
Id: NA: 838,321,094
Looking for some whale with skadi or waver who already have gold currency ce (gilgamesh in new york?) right now. Add as a friend would be a great help but i’m fine with just following you :))

My servants are still not yet maxed but im working on it now.

me me

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I searched your name since I forgot. It’s leigh right?

Lol yeah

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I sense your love for the Alters. You love Yandere?

Gasai Yuno may be psychotic but she is somewhat endearing.

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she is an adorable cinnamon role. idk why people misunderstand her so much…

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I am glad I am not alone here to share the same opinion.

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I got hella triggered with some people on my FL and now have 10 free slots. Anyone interested? I don’t give a damn what you have as long as you:

  1. have split your lists.
  2. Put event CEs/Farm CEs (at least for Gilfest and X-mas, I don’t mind so much for the rest of the events so long as you have 1 event CE up).

Normal Supp:

Gilfest supp:

FC- 087,565,546
IGN- Adel

Tell me if you are from GP so I don’t delete you.

Edit: all spots taken, thanks to everyone who sent a request.


Seeking more GP friends too. Biting on your offer. Already sent a request. IGN’s Amaranthus. :catwave:

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And the in game name is the same as the one on here (SupaAnimegal)

Sent a request. My in-game name is Razor.


Sent a request. IGN: Razor

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