FGO Friend/Support list megathread part 2

Does anyone with an illusive MLB hamburger (or to-be MLB after you’re done with gold currency) have a slot open? Idm which class it’s on.

I also have 6 extra slots open now for more GP friends, since I purged a few inactives/perma-lazies-with-skills.



PS Sorry, Skadi mats are still gated due LB2 in-progress.

Sent you a request. IGN Zachz

Sent you a request! IGN: Brian

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Gotcha! Accepted! Sorry for the late reply, I have an exam so I had to go to sleep.

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Gotcha! Also sorry for the late reply.

Also accepted! Again sorry for the delay.

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Got 1 spot open if anyone is interested. 368040430
Might open some more later

No problemo. Thanks for accepting! Good luck with your exam, study hard, rest well, then grind hard! (?!)

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Hello, I’ve add You my IGN is scrulzzz

Thank you!

Also exam’s over (it went well), time to grind hard !

Hope farming treats you well too!

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Looking for a skadi with mlb C.K.T.
Will be your fp slave for the rest of the event
I have a skadi with C.K.T aswell(not mlb though) but will mlb it as soon as I get 8 individual copies(If I do anyway)
If you have one, can I add you? Just leave your Friend code I’ll add you later, or if you like you can add me
IGN: Kanra

You can add me

690 690 635

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Hello! Would it be okay to add you? I’ve sent a request under Sylvanas :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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Seraching for someone with Jarcher NP4/5. Here my support :


Got you


Thanks! Haha I’ve promptly started using your Skadi already, please have all my FP! :wink:



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I just removed some friends who didn’t have any event CEs up their roster and ended up with 11 free slots. I’m willing to add anyone who’s online at least once a day and actively participates in events (meaning: event CEs on your support list). I do not care whether you’re level 150 or level 30, whale or F2P, I just want people who play actively and regularly. Also, please have separate normal/event supports.

Please send me a PM if you’re interested, then I’ll add you. My IGN is Blair.

Edit: All slots have been filled.

Have 40 open slots after a 4 month break. Accepting everyone. Looking for a Scathach with grudge match CE so I can solo the Tawara challenge quest. My roster is terrible, so I dont mind if yours are too.