FGO Friend/Support list megathread part 2

Hello, this newbie is (still) in dire need of fren.
IGN is Rexvroud
FC is 508,607,222
Everyone is appreciated
Thank you!

Fate/Accel Zero Lap_2

Woah… Didn’t expect the initial thread to have been filled up. Huh, neat.

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Really in need of a strong Mecha Eli-chan (or mk II).

(Currently in mat and QP hell, but that’s likely to change drastically once Gilfest hits.)

Sent a req, ign is Ouch
I’ll rename back to PequodLZ after a while

Only one slot open, but will clear more as long as you are active/active with events. Will be removing friends who aren’t active for events. I have a lot more options for servants if you want someone else in the slot

Skadi Support

Waver Support


Sent you a friend request. IGN: Nero
Hope it can help you out a bit :slight_smile:

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IGN: Navi
ID: 559125436

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Got one slot open after removing an inactive. Looking for an active friend. :fgo_pancakeslmao:


Planning on getting more mats for better skills soon but I wanted more friends. i have event CE on but this is what’s normally equipped
Friend code:912,605,066

Sent you a request, thanks
IGN: Ha Yuri

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Thanks for the request! Added you and now my list is full again. :catwave:

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Hehe I’m just a newbie who’s been playing for 2 months the whale I got my hands on last time unfriended me so here I am in need of a new whale to fill his spot ill gladly be your FP slave(please I’ve been relying on that whale for 2 months straight so I need a replacement)

added you
IGN; Leon


Got you both. One slot left

What is you id or ign?

Leveled up so have a spot.

@ me or DM me.

FC on my profile

Ign Leigh

Here’s the main. Its an old pic. Replaced Hokusai with summer BB and aerial drive.

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I do, at least if you don’t need her on Event support. Have a lot of spots free because I just recently did a purge of friends who are either inactive, don’t set CEs on their supports, or set event CEs on their normal support.

IGN: Jack
FC: 184,157,497

Back to the farm hell after a long break, my broken friend list need to be filled xD

Id 429,397,226

Sent you a friend request! My IGN is Leon :) Thanks!

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Currently saving a spare spot for an irl friend that’s getting into the game and accepted someone else. I’ve bookmarked this to remind me of you. I’ll keep your request there for next time. May not need to wait that long thpugh.

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