FGO Friend/Support list megathread part 2

Does anyone plays jp here?

do you need more friend supports?

ign leigh

fc 101,835,566

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Just sent you a request I have Jeanne Alter in my all support slot

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I have a few slots open. I am semi active on this account as I working on my jp alt again.

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IGN: Ritsuka
User ID: 256,726,553



IGN: 立香
User ID 426,929,651

Gamepress user name: ShadowedMoon

Also jp is more of an alt account I created to play the main story.
NA is my main.

Just sent you a request. Thank you!


If you’re still looking I can add you, I have a slot open, granted 6/6/6 will be fine. If you do decide to add me, tell me what CE you need on her.
Id : 087,565,546
Ign: Adel.

I found someone on my friends list with a level 100 Melt, and just abused Skadi and Waver’s ability to charge NP to 100% and Skadi’s Quick buff to kill the raid BBB.
It would still help to have a a Mecha Eli on my friends list, though.

I generally have a Kiara or Hokusai up though, but again if you need my eli chan for any of the other raids you’re welcome to send a request.

Always happy to have a Hokusai! :smiley:

…Since I don’t have my own. :sob:

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Sent a request, ign is Adel, just wait a moment, I need to put her up on event.

Don’t worry about it. I’m actually done with everything except farming the everliving daylights out of everything to clear the ladders. (And trade in enough BB bucks to get enough QP to level Skadi’s skills.)

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No problem, as it turns it was a good decision to put her, on I have a sudden influx of unexpected fp from the event extra slot.

Can’t say I’m surprised. Not everyone can enable insane Quick damage. Much easier to do that with a Buster Servant.
And Eli-chan is quite good at vaporizing enemies when she has class advantage.

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Currently have 2 slots open. Very active player and I always play the events and put up event CEs.
User ID: 207,092,220
IGN: Brian

Still working on skills for my normal support (currently in QP hell). Already have a 10/10/10 Waver and Skadi is my top priority (currently at 6/6/6). I have the mats to max her first and third skills but not the QP.

For my event lineup, I have MLB event CE’s in All, Archer, Caster, and Berserker:

Edit: Both slots filled, thank you!

I sent a friend request to your Grimm acount ign is Orange please accept thank you

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Sent you a request just now.
IGN Ritsuka

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@ShadowedMoon Accepted!

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