FGO Friend/Support List Megathread

Hey lost a lot of whales and friends from being farely inactive for a while, starting to get back into the game now if any pretty active players/ whales could add me that’d be great

Code: 711,429,129


It was getting off topic @ACExDiscostu93


Oh wait… The mod in the redone version says it’s because of too much off-topic shiz and stuff or the like.

I just checked your FC. What happened to your old account?

Can I remove Drachy n°1 from my list?

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Looking to fill my JP friend list anyone is welcome but people with Aruna alter with K-scope are especially welcome

FC: 619,323,033
My ign is Bob Ross

My current support is setup for the event I just don’t have a screenshot of it
Also have Fujino if there’s someone wanting to use her

Just like you said I got one just now :joy:

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Proto cu and his ce makes Anastasia even more of an cakewalk


Update to my support list

Working on skill levels as much as I can(QP Hell)
IGN is Ghostii
FC: 389,643,015


So, I just recently got some friend slots free due to leveling up and by purging heathens who don’t properly care for their Chaldea, had inappropriate CEs on Servants, or still had KnK CEs.

I have 4 slots I’m looking to fill, newbies who need help will get priority.

I plan to switch between the two support lists above every so often, because Musashi and Ex need some love, and Tsuntsun Rin Ishtar has been complaining that she doesn’t get enough exercise.

Edit: Forgive me for the random skill levels and some being at 1/1/1/, but… QP hell is hell…


Lookong for Anastasia friends, since I failed to roll her and want to live vicariously through someone else lol


Im not new but still need friends help

Ign: dabid

Anastasia should be leveled pretty soon and skills will be done once I escape qp hell


Sent request
IGN Michael


Looking to fill up my list, request sent ign: Fumo

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I’m looking for some friends and don’t worry I will level up Atlanta alter

Just added you. Thank you. :fgo_pancakeslmao:


Please need help, recently start again my unused JP acc
Preferably have waver or cu alter for soloing main q
ID. 144,397,816
IGN. Budiman

Thank You


Here 619,323,033 could you add me, my ign is Bob Ross @Budiwoman

Okay thank you very much !

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Can I borrow waver with MLB mona lisa for QP farming.
Feel free to Add me if feel like it.


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