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Does anyone know what are the best ways to get a gold servant like these
Fp 3 3* - 1-30 pull trick
Super/great success - 1-30 pull trick

Guys I need a friend with a Quick NP
Berserker class plsss

The best way is to roll wait and hope.
There is a belief among some players that doing FP summons and/or waiting for super/great success will tweak your chances to get a goldie, but it’s just a superstition/coincidence. Some people also argue that summoning servants at certain time will increase your chances at success. But there is NO sure way to guarantee you a goldie bar GSSR. That’s just how gacha without a pity system works :woman_shrugging:

Or look at it this way: you get 3 3* in a row from FP summons AND USE ALL YOUR LUCK ON THOSE, no more luck left for a SQ gacha :fgo_insane: :fgo_insane: :fgo_insane:


At the end of the day it is RNG. No rituals will save you from a failed roll session.


When Superstition meets the principles of Statistic…

In fact, DW hopes that many players would believe that a ritual or a trick could improve the chances to roll a Servant.

This way, the chance that the player get salty do increase. Because if you ignore Statistic in favour of frail hopes, you are likely to get salty.

And so, the chance that DW earn money because the salty player open his wallet…increase.

In the end, who is likely to benefit from Superstition, tricks and rituals is DW not the player.


So you’re saying I shouldn’t have sacrificed that child and his family then? Huh, no wonder Gilles answered my calls when I rolled story that one time where there were no banners up.



I have seen the Super success trick and when I got super success with my madea I hesitated to summon but ended up doing it and I arrived at a 3 quartz-osakabehime(Assasin) answering my prayers

And it doesn’t rule out coincidence or newcomer’s luck. Try replicating this experience, say, 5 times in a row, and then we’re talking about it really working.


…and we arrive at the core of the problem.

As a Chemist, we know that a method to be valid must be repeatable.

So, why don’t you try the Super Success Trick 20 times in a row and write down how many time you do get a SR/SSR with 3 sqz/1 Ticket?

I believe your result will be, if you are very lucky, something like 5 good results out of 20 tryes. But who knows.


OK I’ll just try I have 46 quartz currently but don’t have any super success then I’ll come back to this topic

Yes I’ll try thanks for the reply

Eh, maybe wait for Skadi banner before starting your experiment? Then it’s a win-win situation: you can try to get a nice farming help as well as test your theory.


Yes my brother was thinking the same thing

I am gonna grind about 60-90 quartz on the other hand

Can you give me tips on how to beat CAMELOT im far from getting lord Camelot
![Screenshot_20200628-140139|690x345](upload://hTZXMBshP6my yaAi9DOQdBjUjjE.jpeg)
This is my current setup

I’ll just post this from an other game (but same reason apply), then i’ll quietly step back.

It’s a vision of the future


Your screenshot didn’t get uploaded :(
But as a general advice for anyone trying to beat Camelot: you need to level your servants because Camelot is a huge difficulty spike comparing to previous singularities. You’ll need a good ST archer (Euryale works wonders against saber male bosses), a good ST saber, David or any other servant with party-wide evade/invulnerability, and AoE archer for high-HP mobs… actually, yeah, you need leveled servants of every class and role (ST and AoE) to finish this singularity, or a friend with bond CE Heracles or Cu Alter. GamePress has a nice spoiler-free walkthrough as well as boss guides.


Pretty sure killing the child was the catalyst.

Did you remember to use white crayon?


About Camelot… If you have a whale friend or just someone with strong servants, you can try using those. It wasn’t really difficult at all for me, and all I was using were Friend Support. Also, with the new feature you can follow good players and usd their NPs without having them as friends. Then it becomes really easy hahaha. Just search for someone who’s a whale and have max servants who shared their Follow code xD

The best way to get a gold servant is to accept that you will never get one. That is the path to enlightenment.

Then once you’ve tricked them into thinking that you don’t want them, they will show up in droves just to get you to love them! This trick works every time!


hahahahaha you made my day!
thanks to that trick, Anastasia came out on a yolo xD


Just going to leave this here: