FGO Game character drawing challenge by someone who cannot draw

There is a drawing challenge out there that got popular lately.
I wanted to share the excitement with people who can’t/don’t draw in this thread. So I literally copy-paste the thread title on reddit and post it here so we can enjoy too while it lasts.

Here are the questions
Your first pull - Just write the tutorial gold servant
strongest one- Pick the highest solo DPS servant
favourite one- grail target outside of meta
with you the longest- first SSR
healer- healer
best one ever- the one you enjoy using the most
one you want the most- one that brings you the most salt
the cutest- the one that makes you go “omigod!”
mob- pick a common enemy.

I feel like this thread’s live would be a short one given that half of the questions are already asked in different threads and it doesn’t converted to text that well but whatever…


Your first pull - Emiya
Strongest one- Kingprotea
Favourite one- Kingprotea
With you the longest- Sanzang
Healer- Hans
Best one ever- Sherlock surprisingly
One you want the most- Still don’t have Merlin
The cutest- Kingprotea
Mob- Monke


1st pull: Chevalier D eon
Strongest DPS: Summer Jalter
Fav grail: Cu chulainn. If Cu is too meta then it’s Medusa (rider) or Kojirou.
First SSR: Jeanne D Arc
Healer: Asclepius
Best one: Cu chulainn.
One I want most: It might be premature but I want to say Castoria.
Cutest: Gareth
Mob: Celts


Hold up, are you asking us artistically-impaired people to draw those select servants? That sounds fun, but might take a while to fill out since no art skills.

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I sure hope not. If I had to draw Cu the best I can do is draw a blue dog holding a red stick.


That hasn’t stopped me before.

Merlin is hardly my best damage dealer, but drawing Sanzang twice felt against the spirit, so I just picked the highest-tier servant I have.