FGO Gameplay Improvment Wishlist

So this is a start of a new thread for me:
FGO is one of the better Gacha games out there. However,it still suffers from certain gameplay issues,I will be listing them below:
-Unofffical Spirit Origin System
-Some Chaldea Gate missions
-Improper Bond System
-Imperfect Grail System
-Old Mats being hard to aquire (grindy)
so if you guys have any suggestions for what issues FGO is currently facing or would like to make suggestions towards fixing them I’m all ears
As for me I’ll list my own suggestions soon enough

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Can you be more specific with your complaints about these features? Right now it’s vague what what you think needs to be improved about them.


Like I said I’ll be making my case right around…now.

USO System

Or what some people would call: A Pity System,but I’ll be honest,I dont see any “pity” in this system.
In a gacha game,especially one with low Gacha rates for SSRs such as FGO,its hard to see anyone use this system except for leviathans. Its not like you can get 6 copies of 1 servant for 1 USO,much less 10

Chaldea Gate

I think its kinda obvious that many people have been asking for Hunting Quests in place of Training Grounds.

Bond System

There is no point in maxing Bond except you want to flex your love with your servant and/or you are raising Herc. I think DW can make the bond system much more interesting than that, like for example think up of better Bond CE effects (like Herc’s) instead of just generic Party Buster/Arts/Quick up.
Or like in the Command Code thread I also brought up the idea where we could use a Command Code as another bond reward for servants. It can be just as diverse as CEs and it isn’t as restricted


I don’t really think Grails are at a bad place right now???But their only purpose is to just increase servants max LVL,which isn’t bad, but its definitely boring.
Grails are meant to be these wish granting items iirc,then how about we give it more purpose instead of just leveling up servants? Which is the point of my next…point.


We should implement so that Grails can help us with trading old materials so that it wont be a pain having to grind for like…5k bones?The specifics I cant think of yet but it is the reason why this discussion is a thing right?
Also speaking of Grails,it should replace the USO system imo. Let the Grails be the ones to help us with trading with spirit origins,especially SRs and SSRs that we already have

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The grail system exists how it does now due to the game’s story. You’re not really collecting them to grant wishes, and honestly you shouldn’t actually be using them based on how the plot is anyway, so I’m glad we can use them at all.

I actually haven’t seen anyone say this until now.

SQ rewards. Especially once bond levels beyond 10 come into play.


Reason enough. Those muggles need to be reminded of their place.


DW please fix this ‘ignore taunt death’ thing that happens randomly, it is really triggering to see all these solo runs foiled when the enemy pulls a sneak attack on your soloer after killing L1 George/Leo.


USOs: I honestly don’t even pay attention to them. As far as I can tell, they aren’t designed with the average player in mind, or as a sort of “pity-system”. Instead, I think they were implemented as a way to enable mega-whales to acquire what they want by spending loads of cash. In short, they give big spenders an incremental, achievable goal that they can reach just via spending money, as opposed to relying entirely on RNG, which can discourage investment in extreme situations. Working as intended.

Chaldea Gate: Hunting Quests are a special, limited-time event that’s meant to encourage active player participation. Adding them permanently would obsolete most of the content in the game. It would also break the implicit agreement between the players and the devs that time-limited events and products will remain rare and valuable. This is vital, as if people start to assume that such events and products will be made permanent in the future, they will be less motivated to spend time/money on them when they arrive.

Bond System: Seems to serve its purpose of incentivising team variety pretty well. After all, it causes people to stop prioritizing their favorite servants at some point, so they try out new ones, delaying stagnation/disinterest and increasing demand for new servants. There’s no need to reward players for using servants, something they’re going to do already.

Grails: These act as a system to enable players to use their favorite servants, regardless of rarity. Without grails, if you really like a one-star servant, you’re probably going to be pretty disappointed in their performance. As one of the main attractions is waifu-collecting, it’s not good to make some potential waifus mechanically disadvantaged. Grails allow you to make any servant at least viable, as well as serving as an excellent incentive to complete major content releases.

Mats: Acquiring mats is basically all there is to do in this game, outside of story quests which take a long time to develop. They have to have some activity to keep player attention between content releases, so making it too easy to acquire mats would just be hastening the game’s decline.


My 2 cents:

  • useless for F2P and light spender; probably even whales won’t bother; replace with a 6month / 1year free 5* CE ?
  • add old boss fight as training dummy + each month a different hunting quest which last 1 week
  • at bond 15 release stats on bond CE ( same as any normal 4* CE ) or make it so that servant can also equip that CE
  • seems fine as it is to me, maybe they could add another animation / sprite but overall that’s it
  • trade bronze, silver, gold monuments for bronze, silver, gold mats ( maybe a 5:1 ), we’re filled with these …

Probably not a good idea. Making rewards fungible makes it much more difficult to incentivize different player behaviors and too easy to obsolete content.

I think a better change is for Monthly exchange tickets to give out more mats based on rarity
1 Gold
3 silvers
5 bronzes
or 1:2:3


Np skip button.


While you’re right i think that it’s fine if it’s a limited trade for each month.


How would that improve gameplay, though? Seems like all it would do is discourage farming rarer mats in favor of ones that can be acquired faster and then converted. What’s the practical benefit of this change?

It’s possible to add an extra cost, and limit which materials can be given out in exchanges.
Just as an example, you could take 3 Serpent Jewels, and exchange for 1 Heart of Foreign God, in addition to a QP cost for example.
But also make it so you can’t trade those Serpent Jewels for a newly released material, or only have it so they can be traded for specific higher tier mats.


I’m not questioning how material exchange could be implemented, but rather why. I don’t see how that would improve gameplay.

If you have a surplus of one material, you can use that to top off what you need of another one. It’s mostly for convenience rather than a means to replace farming.
That way instead of throwing yourself at a node with only a chance drop, you can pay up and get what you need immediately.


The fact that we didn’t get the engine update faaaaar earlier (and still haven’t as of the writing of this message) is the biggest issue imo.

You shouldn’t be forced to play a stuttering slideshow when using a reasonably new phone.

Making acquiring materials faster doesn’t really benefit gameplay, though. Since it will discourage farming certain rarer mats, and therefore make some content less valuable, it seems like it harms gameplay more than helps.

It’s more of a QoL, which indirectly benefits gameplay. It’s annoying to sit on hundreds of a mat that’s useless to your roster while starving for another.

This way players can be somewhat rewarded/compensated in this situation, and it guarantees that all mats have value.


True, I still haven’t summoned a fluids drinker(except edgyma, but he hardly counts with a paltry 30 for ascension only), so even after largely ignoring shop fluids I have hundreds of them with no outlet. I wouldn’t mind being able to convert to a different bronze material sometimes. But other times I remember the quantity fluid drinkers use, and am glad I’ll be ready when they eventually arrive…