FGO GSSR Overview spreadsheet

Hello Gamepress community,

I made a spreadsheet for myself to keep track of the pools in each GSSR as well as how desireable each outcome would be. This helps me decide which pool to pick when there are multiple to choose from.

Since the spreadsheet has become fairly feature-rich over the last months and I commonly see people asking which pool would be best for them to pick whenever a GSSR approaches, I figured I would clean it up a little and publish it to the community so others can make use of it as well. I have already shared it a few times here in the community when asked, but I figured I’d clean it up a little and publish it officially so more people see it and can benefit from it.

Here’s what my spreadsheet looks like for the upcoming GSSR for New Years in NA.

Here’s a link to make your own copy.

Instructions on how to use the sheet are on the Info page.

I plan to update this as new GSSRs happen on the JP server as well. Please let me know if you find any issues or errors in the sheet.

The sheet is blank by default. When updating the sheet to a newer/fixed version, make sure to copy your personal scores over before deleting your outdated spreadsheet.

I’ve added features such as a reset button, a tierlist, NP level tracker and icons of servants.

I hope this helps out a few people who are unsure which pool to roll.


Damn, thanks a bunch for this! I needed to do something similar since my very bootleg method of drawing colored lines through/circles over their portraits has not been the most intuitive.

I’ll be sure to pass it along to my friends also rolling. :fgo_astolfo:

Thanks for this. Definitely helped me made my mind about rolling on the GSSR.

Now about that “meh” on Altera…


I’ve had a lot of people on reddit seriously questioning my scores as well… -2 on all the support Casters especially. I guess I should’ve made it clearer that these are my personal scores and in no way general recommendations. Since I already have Altera, I’d value a new servant well over an NP upgrade for her, hence the -1, and I’d still take an NP upgrade on a DPS over one on the three support Casters that I have as well.


This honestly looks cool and should be somewhat handy. Of course can’t control the GSSR. But at least it is useful to look at the overall options and make the best pick you can. Should be useful as well in determining if I’m willing to take a risk on the GSSR this time at all. Gacha disappointment sucks, but all the more so when it is one you literally paid to participate in.

Everyone will differ based on what they have and what they like. Some of my -2 would be horrific to some, but not a big deal to others. Same with my +2 scores.

It’s been kinda painful to assign -1/-2 scores to servants I actually really like, but when you have enough of them, it’s time to bring some new units home.


Agreed. There are servants I like that I just felt necessary to give a lower score for. Like Jeanne already randomly appeared twice and sits at NP2. I probably don’t really want to pull a third copy from the GSSR since her NP isn’t getting significantly better there.

Although weirdly for others, I’m still ok with giving them a high score. If I can pull another Caster Nero then she’ll miraculously sit at NP5 which would be kind of cool.

As a whole though, I’d rather get new servants from these.

Thanks, Inka!

My results


Looks like I’m rolling Knights.

Might change depending on Abby and whether or not I decide to roll for Eresh…or if I get some informative spooks in the meantime.


We basically have the same results bro lol

And thanks inka

I’ve updated the sheet over the last few hours- seems @jakeyb already picked up most of the changes. By default the sheet you’re copying is now blank instead of having my scores, I reorganized the layout a bit for the dual pool template, and I added a reset button with confirmation dialog to each sheet (dusted off my scripting skills a little).


Yup, I copied like half an hour ago. So I must have gotten those. Nicely done. :)

I should do some of this for the Xmas lotto sheet. Or maybe for when I do Da Vinci Apocrypha raids :fgo_bbgrin:

I’d actually really like something of the sort for a lottery, if you’re serious on that.

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Some of what, exactly?


/takes over Inka’s thread :fgo_bbgrin:

@Inkaflare These nice, interactive features. Specifically, I want to add a currency/drop estimator based on your drop bonus. It would also calculate about how many apples you’d spend. Similar to what SoA had for the NeroFest sheet.

But my current to-do list on that sheet is
  • Finish Gate 4
  • Finish Gate 3
  • Finish Gate 2
  • Finish Gate 1
  • Add crit calcs for Gilgamesh and Ishtar setups in Gate 7
  • Create a drop currency estimator
  • Add video link if the setup idea came from a video and wasn’t pure theorycrafting
  • Double check drop data against Guruguru data
  • Add farming (shop-clearing) advice + event progression advice
  • Add links to GP for enemy locator nodes

Finishing Gates 1-4 is my top priority. Gates 1 and 4 are pretty close to done though, so it’s really just Gates 2 and 3. And adding video links to Gates 5 and 6 where appropriate, since I don’t think I’ve added those yet.


Haha, oh man, and to think I was just about to ask for this too when you had the spare time. Thanks like before.

E: Do want to note though that the script can’t be ran without requesting permission… and then some junk about the app not being verified. Might need some adjusting, but. Shrug

That’s sadly a limitation on Google’s side that I can’t seem to do anything about. Scripts do have the potential to ■■■■ up your sheets if they are written with malicious intent, hence Google has these security practices. But I don’t know if it’s possible to perform such a reset without a script, or to bypass these permission requirements (I figure if it was hackers would have a fun time with Google sheets).

I’ll try and see tomorrow if I can do something about it - it seems to me like FGO calculator is using a script too without requiring permission. Gotta look into that.

Mmm, that tracks.

Yeah, it’s not like a deal-breaker or nothin’ just came to mind. Doc still owns, heh.

Well, I succeeded in at least bypassing the part where the app is not verified, by publishing the script as a web app tied to the spreadsheet. Not sure yet how to bypass any permissions entirely.

E/: I may have found a way. Working on it tomorrow. 1 AM here.
E/: Nope, doesn’t work. I’ve reduced the needed permissions to the minimum (it only requires accessing the spreadsheet itself now), but I don’t see how to get rid of permissions entirely.

nahh it was a joke, I kinda understand the point of it because I put a lot of -2 too, including Merlin because I don’t really want an NP2 Merlin. That’s why I said the spreadsheet made me certain that I would NOT roll on the GSSR banner because the chances of me getting the servant I don’t want was high.

The NP/card damage sheet has a “tick to reset buffs” option that doesn’t require any hand waving from Google. Should be more or less the same script as what you need.