FGO Husbando Wars (POLL) || Round 1: Sabers || STATUS - CLOSED

Fairness doesn’t factor into it at all. That’s not how it works.

I guess it really doesn’t, but if we’re going to have something like this, it’d be nice if the results actually said something.

JP servant should not be include imo :/

Yes and where is Saberlot ?

Why does nobody read

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I do read but I d’ont agree wth what you said.

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she made the poll
i don’t understand why she needs to change her standards


It’s also gonna be boring if the same people end up winning in different rounds because they have alts


Best boi Bedi gets my vote.

Also Lancelot can go both Saber or berserker for equal reasons, having him in berserker only is not a wrong choice.

I assume berserk would be his quote on quote original class cause it was his first class to come out in fgo and well fate zero


And he lowkey finds it more fitting.

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Well I agree with that honestly

I am utterly at a loss that Lanling is not higher.

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I imagine that it’ll change once his Lostbelt comes to NA. He’s quite a good lad.

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Look I could only pick two (I read the lostbelt stories btw)

@Bow-of-Sacae vote for ya boi ya degenerate



We need another poster of culture to give Lanling the love he deserves!!!

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I mean, if we’re voting most attractive, he wins by far!

Though the lad Rama comes awfully close…

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I only needed one vote. Lanling trumps them all.



Now we’re talking!!!

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Hey look, I found my PFP for after Padoru-mas!