FGO Husbando Wars (POLL) || Round 2: Archers || Status: CLOSED

No love for Robin. I’m upset.
@jakeyb help me out here :joy:


@RoyAhoy will


Which doesn’t make any sense at all. How he was viewed by hist Cult of Personnality ? Napoleon was well know for being short not muscular man. I refuse to consider the one in FGO as Napoleon

I can’t stop pulling that asshole. He’s been spooking me from week 1.

Complaining about 5*s showing up may be a first whale problem, but I genuinely didn’t want him lol.

Tbh Arjuna is just… yeah let’s leave it at that.
I don’t know anyone who has ever rolled for Arjuna specifically

Arjuna’s best form is his beserker form but I get why he is put in with the archers.

Anyway I had to go with Sad boi Tristan and Billy the Kid. Billy deserves better than being a three star.

Maybe he will get the respect he deserves if they ever add the gunner class.

I wish I could’ve given the other vote for Napoleon but I’m such a wh*** for Gilgamesh.

Of course, Arash should win this thing.


Tbh Gil and EMIYA are good competition but I’m genuinely shook that Napoleon doesn’t have more votes

tenor (1)


He is currently JP only and I think most of his characterization comes from LB 2 so you should actually be proud that he is 3rd despite not in NA.

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Is he that good in JP? Or is it just strictly because of looks and character?


And he also has some epic moments in lostbelts it made me like his character too I wouldn’t mind him spooking me someday

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Okay I’m not gonna lie, at first it was mostly about looks and his design (and a lot of it still is) but when I played as him in mafia, I had to look him up and I actually really like his energy a lot


Arash and Napoleon but not shocked emiya is in first atm

Actually he was at least average for his time xD It wouldn’t surprise me if irl Napoleon was buff af

“Short” being very relative. He was probably in reality like 5’4” or something, not a midget.

But that’s not the point. It’s not that he was viewed as tall and built. It’s that he was viewed as a hero and champion, and as a result, Servant Archer takes a heroic build as his form to meet that ideal.

Good thing that summer forms are not included or Robin would have stole one of my votes :laughing:

Robin summer


I think it was 5’6”

Looked it up 1.69 m or about 5’6’’

That’s not even that short today xD

EDIT: Hassan’d

I have come in defense of my boy.

No bias here. Absolutely not. This is 100% objective FACT.

Now, most of you mongrels, it seems, are enamored with a man who can cook in the kitchen. (Emiya.)



Robin is also a fantastic cook.

Gudako certainly seems to prefer him.


Others of you seem to love Gilgamesh. Perhaps you just like have a domineering man overpower you and make you feel submissive and small.

Or you just like ■■■■■■■■■

But look! Robin pulls off the ■■■■■■■ look perfectly well.

In fact, he’s even delightfully _mischievous_.

Robin Hood don’t give no ducks.

But wait! There’s more to him than just his superiority to those Archers.

He cares about the planet.


He takes care of children.

He pairs well with your favorite Assassin husbandos.

Including your new OTP, once you read Salem.

And he’s even down with the selfcesf.

Yeah, not even GILGAMESH loves himself this much.

And, unlike Gilgamesh who stands around and does nothing, Robin is actually an accomplished athlete.


And DON’T get me started on those…features. :smirk:

Who I wouldn’t kill to be that bird.

THAT JAWLINE. Just, *melts*

Ufotable has given us plenty of great 🍑 and they NEED to give this one its due justice.

That’s not all.

Like a good man should be, Robin is mysterious.

He’s a little sad—you just need to cuddle up to him.

He loves it when his master spends time with him.

So. Wholesome.

And for the doubters, LOOK AT THAT SMILE. That’s when I knew I was in love.

Must protecc

Now vote for best boy :fgo_bbgrin: