FGO Husbando Wars (POLL) || Round 6: ASSASSINS || Status: CLOSED

I’m stressing

I sold my soul to the devil and he’s forcing me to vote for his twink bf but I love Yan Qing


you said because I was fake, and I told you Id vote for Hiji if you voted for Henry

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You basically put a gun to my head

/ Respect for keeping your word!

I am not too attached to Sanson. I can give your boy a vote for you. No strings attached.

Call it my way of showing gratitude for you Saying nice things about Paru in the lancer poll!

It’s like the male Assassins have an inverse relationship of prettiness to power. Their overall state is kind of sad compared to their female counterparts :frowning:

Really wish we had two votes – would have thrown one to Yan Qing for reasons (abs).

I’ll be an outlier and give my vote to my shy ninja cutie Fuuma though. Onigashima was the first real event I participated in, and he was so cute in it that I can’t help but have a soft spot for him.

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This is hard…

Should I vote for Sanson or Kojiro?

Regend I guess…

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Hmm, hard choice. There’s so many options of Sanson


You know, when I voted for Sanson, having just come from voting for Corday (and knowing she’d lose, though that she lost to Shuten Doji with so many other top-tier options on the board mystifies me), I expected him to lose, if in a higher place than she.

I did not expect him to lose to a skeleton.

Damn it, how’s he win a husbando poll when it’s all-but confirmed he’s “scraped off” that particular bit of him? I guess they only love him for his personality… and to be fair, he’s got an incredible physique for a skeleton…

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Almost like she’s a very popular and well-received character, apparently more so than the other options. :thinking:

I can’t speak for the others but I don’t treat my vote options as a sexual partner as much as I do just in appreciation of their character. Gramps is pretty legit.


…Yeah, but so’re, you know, Serenity and Hundred Faces, and… you know…

I don’t dislike her, I just figured Semiramis, at least, would have an edge on the grounds of having a show and being pretty popular there, same as Medusa back in the Rider poll.

And I guess I mentally sort “husbando” into a different column from “just a character I like a lot,” but fair enough. I’d never dream of saying he’s not legit, just that if I was a woman I’d definitely prefer someone a bit more… ya know.

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I would say a good percentage of players don’t play JP, so they probably don’t know or don’t care about Semiramis at all and wont until she comes in February.

It really could be argued that out of any of the others on the list, Hassan would be the best choice for a mate given he were actually humanoid. Assassins aren’t exactly known for their stellar or reliable personalities, so he’s an odd duck in that regard.

I was going to vote Kotaru but honestly, how could you not go with gramps? The guy has style in spades.

If voting for two is only allowed, I could send some appreciation to Kerry but Jekyll&Hyde basically wins my heart.

I knew King Hassan would be a top contender but never expected Regend and Izou to be lower than Yan Qing. agranted the guy can morph to anyone and copy their personality. Think of the possibilities with this dude.

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Salem made me like Sanson. Go my french friend :)


So many to choose from and all for different reasons. Kojiro cos he could go toe-to-toe with saber in the anime, Emiya cos of his cool NP, First Hassan just cos of who he is, Cursed Arm cos of his portrayal in Camelot, Yan Qing cos he’s hot, and Sanson cos of Salem.

Ultimately voted for Kojiro simply cos he was the first assassin I knew of in Fate series.

Go gramps


He wear sunglasses because he would be too scary without it:

Also, I would kill to have these two face off:

They look ready to murder each other! Pure Hype!

Li Shuwen’s legend is just really awesome and it is amazing to think he is so close to us era-wise, and Type-Moon really nailed his elder version’s portrayal. I am thinking on doing a short write-up about historical Li Shuwen’s legend closer to his Assassin version’s NA release (so in one whole year).

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Yan Qing hands down sexiest Assassin. I’m sorry but those abs and tattoos win me every single time.

Wish I could have voted 2 times so Izou could get my vote too but D: