FGO is freezing all the time! Please help! Q.Q


I was wondering once again:

My old Samsung Galaxy S8 was getting very old and buggy and it got frozen once a day so I decided to get a new phone!

I got myself a “Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G”! Naturally, a Cellphone much much better than my old Samsung Galaxy S8!

But for some inexplicable reason this phone is always freezing!
And the worst part: this only happens while playing Fate Grand Order!!!

Why?!? This phone is brand new, Leagues better than my old Samsung S8 (which was capable of playing FGO without any trouble despite being over 5 years old!) And it even has 5G which mean it should have an incredibly good connection speed and stuff!

It always freezes on the same situations too! Every time I try any Interludes it freezes without exception!

Any other Games are perfectly fine tho! Like Arknights or Artery Gear: Fusion!

Please help! I don’t get it! How can a phone that should be superior in any way be worse at playing a Game?
Could it be a problem with Fate Grand Order rather than with my phone???

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It’s a known issue with Samsung phones

They’re working on a fix


Wait! So it’s happening to all phones of Samsung with Fate Grand Order?

And who’s “fault” is it? FGO’s or Samsung’s?


It’s something to do with certain Samsung apps interacting with the app and causing crashes

It’s not really anyone’s fault but a compatibility issue


huh. I’ve always used Samsung phones so I thought this was a problem affecting all phones

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So who has to fix something? Samsung or FGO?

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and considering that Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone brands, this problem must affect a good chunk of fgo players in general

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How will i notice that the problem is solved? Will they tell us? How long does that take? I do would like to finish Solomon before I miss any more Events with requirements . . .

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It’s an FGO version compatibly thing that wasn’t an issue previously so FGO
I’m pretty sure there’s some information in the issue tab in news.

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Check this thread, might help


Puh! What a relief! So in some next update they will fix this? :feh_nobulli:


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Did they ever not fix something? :fgo_ereshshock:

No, they always fix the bugs, but this one might be a bit complex so it may take a while…

If you have a PC you can try to use an emulator on the meantime.

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Good idea! :feh_maethink:

If you do, remember to IMMEDIATELY create a new transfer code after moving the game to the emulator. Each code is a one use only.

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Or just be like me and transfer the files the identify which account you use instead.

Its at least work saving because AFAIK it works through fucking up your transfer code.

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Try going to settings, apps. Find android webview, disable it then enable and restart phone. Found a redit post with this fix and worked for me.



You have returned to us!!


Never left, just lazy…