FGO JP Famitsu Stats: Most Grailed, USOs, Bond 15, Favorite Chapters, etc

Fun facts and stats from the FGO 5th Anniversary article in Famitsu:

Over 31 million grails used! :fgo_rinlaugh:

Over 4.6 billion doors murdered :fgo_illya:

Most interesting stat for me is that Okita Alter is the most purchased servant from the USO factory. What stands out most for you all?


It really surprises you that she is the most purchased?

Can you imagine a world without Okitan? I sure don’t :fgo_ereshlove:


Kinda surprised that Siegfried is one of the most grailed 4*

Jeanne Alter still the highest grailed SSR, with Gilgamesh being 2nd. That’s all I needed to see. Glad to know best girl and boy getting all that love (or even for gameplay purposes.)

And here I am wondering why my fellow whales would be dumping USOs on Okita Alter.

Those sounds like a small number considering that have been 5 years of Fgo

Yeah, is really surprising, the Jp players indeed have different taste

Well, grind hard enough during lotteries and you don’t have to run doors much. Only time I’ve touched doors since Christmas was when master missions required door enemies (which reminds me I still need to clear that mission)

The people really want Shiji boi un Fgo, and i’m happy that Caren is in the list this time, and they should give us Muramasa now, they have been teasing is with him for two full years now :fgo_badciv:

And in jp still wanting more Artorias and elizabeths, i like that way of thinking

In the Salter team are door enemies


Well, he’s waaay better post rank up (vs dragons) and got an animation update?

Looking back on the most grailed by rarity picture… HUSBANDOS RULE! only shiki and jalter made the cut otherwise.

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:eyes: I’ve been cheering Helena to make sure we get scales for rewards all this round. Time to move back to supporting Tyranny! :fgo_umu:


Just kill enough doors and HP back with Helena, team Salter have a ensured victory because literaly nobody can catch them with the advantage that they have un this point :fgo_jeannu:


I approve of your supporting Helena, as Heracles needs those scales, and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting…

I have, of course, cheered for no team other than Nero’s this entire event. Obviously, that’s why she has won every round, except the one wherein she magnanimously allowed Nito to have her moment in the sun. Such a generous emperor!

Also, “only grail for love” is obviously not the Japanese way…


Yeah i also did that, this was totally diferent compared to the first run, if i’m right Salter and Nero only won 3 round in the full event but now they did it almoust perfect

Some people just grail for big numbers or necesity, i find that a waist to be honest but they are they and i’m i

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The thing that surprised me the most is presence of so many husbandos in the grailing lists and the most wanted alternatives. It was a pleasant surprise.

I also want Charlemagne in the game so it’s nice to see that people in JP are on the same wavelength.


Fgo have more waifus then husbandos so is easier to choose

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Maybe so, but nevertheless it’s nice to see them up. Maybe DW will give us Summer male Servants, one day :fgo_gudako:


On the topic of grailing, no one is really grailing Jalter for gameplay these days. It’s love.