FGO JP - RUQ 12 for 5th Anniversary

JP started with the first campaign for 5th Anniversary.
I’ll post the RUQs daily. Hopefully some kind soul can translate them for us non-japanese-readers.

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One enemy crit chance down for three turns and NP damage down for 1 turn, plus self NP battery charge increase


while you’re at it translate this?


Second Skill then. I assume the battery doesn’t scale then.
Thanks a lot.


Phantom of the opera.
Single target. Charms at a certain percentage for 1 turn and removes buffs from enemy.


first skill

tfw you can tell when someone never used bryn


She’s my main Lancer and had her for pretty much every battle of LB2 on front line. I just remembered it wrong.

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Since the last day of the RUQ has 4 servants:
R Lancer
SR Zerk
SR Archer
SSR Saber
I’ll go and make a wild guess that this is for the FSN Cast:
Cu Herc Emiya and Saber

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Herc is well due for a buff ngl. EMIYA, Saibah, and doggo already got there’s. Though I do hope the R Lancer is Proto instead for he only had a skill buff and is long overdue!

You say that when Bryn just got a 3rd buff lol

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Wait, that’s her 3rd buff?

NP buff, S3 buff, and now a battery

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Oh… Forgot she had an NP buff…


2nd servant in all of fgo to get all his skill and np buffed

Phantom of Opera: skill cd reduce from 9-7 to 8-6, charm changes from opposite gender to single enemy. Add buff removal for single enemy.
Brynhildr: add self battery 20-30%

@Bow-of-Sacae Can I ask you to close this thread, since there’s already a more official (read: better) one for this topic.
Thank You!

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And there’s another one in an older thread

At this rate, space Ishtar will get a buff before Eresh.


Rank up predictions. The highlighted ones I think are especially likely. I’ve completely ignored welfares and servants newer than 1 year, although I guess they could get one.

Day 2
3* Berserker - Kiyohime NP or Lu Bu NP
5* Berserker - Kintoki S2/3 or Cu NP or Raikou S3/NP

Day 3
3* Archer - Robin S2/NP or Euryale S2 or Kid Gil S2 or Billy S1
4* Assassin - Stheno S2 or Scathach any or Wu S1 or Nito S2/NP or Yu NP
Note: Euryale/Stheno both getting the same/similar rank ups is possible.

Day 4
4* Lancer - Lalter S3 or Vlad S2/NP or Jailter NP
5* Archer - Gil S1 or Arjuna S2 or Moriarty NP

Day 5
4* Caster - Nursery S1/2 or Marie NP or Gil S1/2/NP or Circe S2 or Sheba S1/NP or Miyu S1/2
5* Saber - Altria S1 or Okita NP or Shiki S2 or Musashi NP or Arthur NP or Sigurd S1

Day 6
3* Lancer - Proto Cu NP or Romulus NP or Diarmund S3 or Jaguar S2/NP
4* Berserker - Herc NP or Ibaraki S3/NP or Penth S1/NP or Nyalter NP
4* Archer - Atalante S2 or Tristan S2 or Helena NP or Fujino S2/NP
5* Saber - Altria S1 or Okita NP or Shiki S2 or Musashi NP or Arthur NP or Sigurd S1