[FGO JP] Summer 2020 help

I’m stuck at mission 12.
It says to complete 6 danger missions at the eastside (google translate, not sure if right) and I’ve done 5/6. I’ve completed all free quests and re tried them multiple times to no avail. There’s a 0 AP node that unlocks with mission 29, which says to complete 3 quests during night ? But I’m at daytime right now? Am I stuck forever ?

If you do the Cabin during the day, I believe it is Danger enemies and there is a Lancer Boar w3 that counts.

It will unlock the next story part.

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My mission 29 is open, but I think we have to complete the story part first which unlocks later on today. Mission 15 needs to be done also.

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I’ll try that and let you know. Thanks !

Yeah I checked my sheet and that’s what I had for it.

Can I possibly trouble you for a link to this sheet ?

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When I’m home in a few hours I will.

Thanks a lot in advance !

Taken from the help thread on reddit I believe.

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