FGO Mafia R2 Claimed Titles List

Just a transcription of the story and titles that people have claimed.
URLs lead to posts that explain the claims i.e. “ this person said they were this title because they posted this .” Speculations will have [spec] next to them. Speculations consist of info that were deduced but never outright confirmed by the player in question.

This thread is based on the original Thread by Rationale:

Annotated Night Transcripts

FGO Mafia [R2] - Night & Lynch Thread

Night 1

The Night began with a bang! Not one to waste any time, a Crimson Lotus (Zeroredux) appeared and promptly Attacked a Joyful Spirit (Kayonov) , though not quickly enough apparently as a Righteous Star (NNKarma) zoomed in and Protected them against the Attack. Amidst the chaos, a Vibrant Divinity (Sha1n) came and also attempted to Attack the Joyful Spirit. This time, a Verdant Wind (Belluchi) came to the rescue and Protected the Joyful Spirit, but the Vibrant Divinity paid them no heed and moved past them quickly; fortunately enough, though, the Joyful Spirit managed to Dodge the Attack.

A Devoted Servant (Lost247365) was spotted observing a Natural Queen(Lost247365), peeking at them quite intently.

Sometime before midnight, a Lethal Beauty (Psi) attempted to Attack an Impassioned Luminary (Da-Vinci-Chan), but the Attack was Protected against by a Mortal Savant (Rationale) A Subjugating Blade (Rex_Psyclosa) then leapt from the shadows and Attacked the Lethal Beauty (Psi) , Wounding them.

A Curious Soul (A_aron)was seen wandering around Main Street when suddenly, an Otherwordly Entity came and Attacked them; they managed to Dodge it, however. A bit upset over being suddenly assaulted, the Curious Soul Countered the Otherworldly Entity, only for them to Dodge it as well. Strangely enough, a - drum roll please - grand piano came falling from the sky and fell on top the Curious Soul, Wounding them. The Curious Soul meekly crawled out from under it and picked it up with their bare hands, throwing it back to where it came from; a scream could be heard in the distance.

Near the center of the town, a Resolute Maiden(The_Wyandotte) Attacked a Dynamic Personality(Kayo_Rikou) , but they managed to Dodge the Attack. Not too far off from there, a Curious Soul (A_aron)was seen Attacking a Righteous Star (NNKarma) , Wounding them.

Night 2

Despite the game having only recent begun, anticipation (and perhaps a tad bit of anxiousness) over what was to come quickly built up amongst the townspeople as the sun set once again. All I can say for now is sit back, get an Advil ready, and watch this Night unfold because boy, it sure is an interesting one.

The Night began as a ??? stood in front of City Hall and cast their Noble Phantasm, ??? , cloaking four nearby townspeople with a peculiar aura. From that aura, a Hidden Shadow emerged and used their own Noble Phantasm, ??? - and suddenly, everything went dark.

Somewhere nearby the town park, a ??? approached a ???, ??? , and ??? . However, before they could even do anything, the ??? stepped forward and revealed their True Name, ??? . Throwing caution to the wind, ??? cast their Noble Phantasm, ??? , and gave a stern talking to the ???; then, despite initially appearing as though they were ready to attack, ??? Healed the ??? twice.

A ??? Attacked a ??? , though they notably remained entirely unfazed.

A few streets over, a ??? was spotted observing a ??? from afar, the latter of whom was quickly greeted by a ???. Not one to waste time, the ??? used their Noble Phantasm, ??? , on the ???, standing guard for any incoming Attacks directed their way (though none ultimately came). After a little while, a ??? came trodding along the same street when strangely, they fell to their knees having suddenly been Wounded from an insurmountable amount of pain. The ??? quickly rushed over and Healed them, though they also unexpectedly suffered from a similar Wound.

??? then appeared and Attacked the ???, Wounding them. Seemingly in response to this, a ??? leapt from the shadows and Attacked ???, but a ??? rushed in and Protected against the Attack just in the nick of time. In the midst of the chaos, a ??? approached the ??? and advised them on how to proceed for the duration of the Night.

In a far out corner of town, a ??? used their Noble Phantasm, ??? , promptly vanishing from sight. An eerie silence quickly followed.

Around midnight, a ??? was seen Attacking and Wounding a ??? , but a ??? rectified this almost immediately by Healing them. Following the trend set by most others this Night, the ??? used their Noble Phantasm, ??? , enveloping a ??? and ??? in a warm light and then suddenly… they Killed themselves with a flurry of three Attacks; an ??? attempted to Protect them from themselves but were unfortunately too late. Strangely enough, the ??? collapsed suddenly, having also Died.

A ??? met up with a ??? and gave them some much-needed guidance. Promptly thereafter, the ??? walked around the streets for a bit until coming face-to-face with a ??? and without hesitation used their Noble Phantasm, ??? ; the ??? was instantly Killed, though the corpse of a ??? was also Attacked for Overkill damage. The ??? then jumped in and used their own Noble Phantasm, ??? , to deal even more Overkill damage to the ??? with two consecutive Attacks, though they also took the time to envelop a ??? and a ??? in a gentle ray of light. Out of nowhere, a piano came falling from the sky and Attacked the ???, but they Dodged it narrowly.

And somehow, even after all that, the Night still wasn’t over yet. Almost though.

A ??? was seen walking out of the 24-hour local gym when yet another piano came falling through the sky to claim its victim; fortunately enough, the ??? managed to Dodge it and then proceeded to throw it back to where it came from. A ??? then walked towards the ??? and immediately activated their Noble Phantasm, ??? , Killing them in one fell swoop as well as Wounding a nearby ??? who was caught in the middle of it. Before ultimately falling, though, the ??? Countered the ???, successfully Wounding them.


@kuu0, a member of the Town, has been Killed.

@A_aron, a member of the Town, has been Killed.

@Zeroredux, a member of the Town, has been Killed.

@LeiCiel, a member of the 3rd Party, has been Killed.

Night 3

As the mist settled down from last night, the townspeople finally make their way back to their homes unimpeded. They settle in for the night, hoping against all hope that this night might be a little less confusing than the last and that none of their friends wind up dead on the streets the next morning.

The night kicks off with a bang, as a Verdant Wind (belluchi) Falls onto their knees, damaged by an unknown affliction. Fortunately for them they managed to heal off whatever was ailing them. As they were on their way home, a Charming Mystique (ArtificialSky) happened to pass by and, noticing the wound on Verdant Wind, healed the injuries on them.

A somewhat perverted Devoted Servant (Lost’s minion) was spying on an Elegant Woman (Blazure) as she took a shower. Just around the corner a Lone Empress (Zero-Ordered-1) could be heard Motivating themselves.

The next street over, a Joyful Spirit (kayonov) was writhing on the ground due to an unknown pain coursing through their body, damaging them. After that was over, the Joyful Spirit managed to stagger their way home.

As all started to seem peaceful, a Natural Queen (Lost247365) thought it to be too quiet of a night and unleashed their Noble Phantasm, Anpu Neb Ta Djeser , gathering quite the crowd around themselves. Thinking their task done, The Natural Queen began making their way home, but out of nowhere, a random truck came hurtling towards them! Luckily for them, a Devoted Servant (Lost’s minion) pushed the Natural Queen out of the way, getting mauled by truck-kun and dying. Without even a moment to breathe, an Otherworldly Entity (???) attempted an attack on the Natural Queen as well, only to find their attack meeting with another Devoted Servant, killing them as well. Quite shaken by the night’s events, the Natural Queen rushed to their home unscathed.

A Righteous Star (NNKarma) went to go outside and take a walk, only to be greeted by a Charismatic King (ACExDiscostu93) who promptly picked up the Righteous Star and rode away with them, preventing them from doing much else.

To end things off, Leonardo Da-Vinci (Da-Vinci-chan) stormed up to the house of a Subjugating Blade (Rex_Psyclosa) and attacked them, damaging them and leaving in a huff.

All this time, a townsperson (Fish? lord?? the world may never know! Okay it was Kayo_Rikou) was standing around with some drool coming out of their mouth, almost as if they simply forgot to do anything during the night.

Night 4

A Verdant Wind (belluchi) begins the Night by going up to a Subjugating Blade (Rex_Psyclosa) , wasting no time in Attacking them by thrusting into their stomach with a rather large knife; unsurprisingly given the size of the weapon, this dealt a large amount of damage to them and Killed them instantly. As the Subjugating Blade’s body started to fall towards the ground, Leonardo Da-Vinci (Da-Vinci-chan) ran up and Attacked them by setting their body ablaze, Wounding them with an unneeded amount of Overkill damage. In the distance, a truck came hurtling towards the Verdant Wind who was too absorbed in their satisfaction from the kill to notice. A Mortal Savant (Rationale) stood ready in from of the truck, only to run out of the way of the truck out of pure fear but not before kneeling over in pain, suddenly having been Wounded from a strange affliction. Much to their dismay, the Verdant Wind got Attacked head on by the truck, suffering a serious Wound from the hit-and-run; they then also began writhing in pain, surprised when they noticed another Wound on their body.

The next street over, a Resolute Maiden (The_Wyandotte) lashed out at a Sweet Apprentice (andylong1014) and Attacked them, only for their Attack to be Dodged at the last second. Almost as if in frustration, the Resolute Maiden then attempted to Attack a Righteous Star (NNKarma) , but a Verdant Wind (belluchi) Protected them.

The Night then got louder as a nearby Joyful Spirit (kayonov) activated their Noble Phantasm, Tokonatsu Nikkou , and directs it at a Vibrant Divinity (Sha1n) , unleashing two Attacks. The Vibrant Divinity was Wounded massively by the first and promptly decided to yeet out for the rest of the Night; the Joyful Spirit narrowly managed to land the second Attack as they left, but the Vibrant Divinity didn’t seem to even register it. As the chaos settled, a Charming Mystique (ArtificialSky) came up and Healed the Joyful Spirit.

Having decided to join the party, a Dynamic Personality (Kayo_Rikou) leapt in front of Elegant Woman (Blazure) and unleashed their Noble Phantasm, Sarasvati Meltout , Attacked them without a second thought; despite the Elegant Woman’s best efforts at Dodging, they were still damaged. Unexpectedly, after finishing their Attack, the Dynamic Personality fell to their knees, suddenly Wounded heavily from an unknown affliction. Fortunately enough, however, they managed to Heal any damage taken.

That very same Night, a perverted Devoted Servant (Lost’s minion) was seen spying on a Resolute Maiden (They_Wyandotte) taking a shower. Geez, someone should really stop such a Peeping Tom.

A Dutiful Arbiter (RoyAhoy) was sitting in their home doing some paperwork when out of nowhere, an Elegant Woman (Blazure) burst through the door and unleashed their Noble Phantasm, Amalavijñāna - Boundary of Emptiness . They Attacked the Dutiful Arbiter three consecutive times, ultimately Killing them but just to make sure, the Elegant Woman Attacked the Dutiful Arbiter one more time to deal some Overkill damage.

Just outside the office building where all the carnage was happening, a Lone Empress (Zero-Ordered-1) walked along the streets and could be heard pumping themselves up. They kept walking along but were rudely interrupted by an Otherwordly Entity (???) ’s Attack; fortunately, the Lone Empress managed to Dodge the Attack.

As the Night was seemingly just about to come to a close, a random truck fell out of the sky to Attack Leonardo Da-Vinci (Da-Vinci-chan) , though she simply walked right out from under it, seemingly unfazed by whatever just happened.


@RoyAhoy, a member of the Mafia, has been Killed.

@Rex_Psyclosa, a member of the Mafia, has been Killed.

Night 5

Although only a few Nights has passed thus far, a pit began forming in each of the townspeople’s stomachs as the end was quickly approaching. Nonetheless, let’s just keep it easy folks and watch this next Night unfold.

As soon as the sun set on the town, an Otherwordly Entity appeared from the shadows and lunged towards an unsuspecting Natural Queen ; having foreseen this, though, a Devoted Servant intercepted the Attack and took the Wound in place of the Natural Queen, Dying immediately.

A few streets over, a Charismatic King took the opportunity to Attack a wandering Righteous Star , Wounding them. Moments later, both a Verdant Wind and Joyful Spirit appeared and Attacked the Righteous Star as well, Killing him the two consecutive strikes. The Joyful Spirit quickly attempted to retreat back into the shadows, though they notably stumbled over themself having noticed a strange Wound on their body.

When everything was said and done, a Mortal Savant appeared in front of the Righteous Star’s corpse and cast their Noble Phantasm, Unreturning Formation , enveloping them in a peculiar aura — but before the Mortal Savant could even do anything, they seemed to have been Wounded from unknown means, promptly Dying. An Elegant Woman was reported to have been affected by a similar aura around the same time, but they also suffered from an unknown Wound.

A Devoted Servant was spotted observing Leonardo da-Vinci from afar (seriously, someone needs to teach them manners) when suddenly, a Devoted Servant appeared behind Leonardo da-Vinci and Attacked them; Leonardo remained unfazed, though. Seemingly a bit annoyed, Leonardo da-Vinci subsequently went for a stroll until she came face-to-face with a Natural Queen , promptly attempting to Attack them. However, a Verdant Wind quickly rushed and Protected them against the Attack. Having fulfilled their duty, the Verdant Wind forced a weak smile before ultimately falling to their knees, having been Killed from the immense pain of a preexistent Wound.

An Otherworldly Entity Attacked a Resolute Maiden , but they Dodged it effortlessly. What the Resolute Maiden didn’t expect, however, was a nearby streetlight quickly falling over in their direction, which inexplicably Wounded them.

Sometime before dawn, a Dynamic Personality was seen rolling around in the streets, writhing in pain from the impact of a peculiar Wound.


@belluchi, a member of the Town, has been Killed.

@Rationale, a member of the Town, has been Killed.

@NNKarma, a member of the Mafia, has been Killed.

10/21 Players remain. 6 votes are required for a majority Lynch.

Titles and Claims So Far
  1. Natural Queen / Devoted Servant= Lost247365
  2. Impassioned Luminary = Da-Vinci-Chan
  3. Joyful Spirit = Kayonov
  4. Dynamic Personality = Kayo_Rikou
  5. Renowned Leader = Leiciel
  6. Resolute Maiden = The_Wyandotte
  7. Lethal Beauty = Psi
  8. Vibrant Divinity = Sha1n
  9. Curious Soul = A_aron
  10. Dutiful Arbiter = Royahoy
  11. Verdant Wind = Belluchi
  12. Mortal Savant = Rationale
  13. ??? = kuu0
  14. Crimson Lotus = Zeroredux
  15. Subjugating Blade = Rex_Pysclosa
  16. Righteous Star = NNKarma
  17. Charismatic King = ACExDiscostu93
  18. Sweet Apprentice = andylong1014
  19. Elegant Woman = Blazure
  20. Lone Empress = Zero-Ordered-1
  21. Charming Mystique = ArtificialSky
Unclaimed Titles
  1. Otherworldly Entity
  2. Hidden shadow
List of Player's Data
  1. Lost247365
    Title:Natural Queen/ Minion(s )are “Devoted Servant”
    True Name: Nitocris
    Skill: Investigate
    Status: Alive

  2. Da-Vinci-Chan
    Title:Impassioned Luminary
    True Name: Leonardo Da Vinci
    Skill: Block
    Status: Alive

  3. Kayonov
    Title:Joyful Spirit
    True Name: Tamamo-no-mae (Lancer)
    Skill: Dodge (Passive), attack and redirect
    Status: Alive

  4. Kayo_Rikou
    Title:Dynamic Personality
    True Name: Meltryllis
    Skill: Prevent Protects/Heals, Investigate[Suspected],
    Status: Alive

  5. Leiciel
    Title:Renowned Leader
    True Name: Romulus
    Skill: Protect
    Status: Deader

  6. The_Wyandotte
    Title:Resolute Maiden
    True Name:???
    Skill: Protect
    Status: Alive

  7. RoyAhoy
    Title: Dutiful Arbiter
    True Name: Sanson
    Skill: Change Lynch Votes, Block
    Status: Dead

  8. Psi
    Title: Lethal Beauty
    True Name: Medusa
    Skill: Turn blocks and attacks from marked target into Protect and Heals
    Status: Dead

  9. Sha1n
    Title: Vibrant Divinity
    True Name:???
    Skill: Peirce Protects
    Status: Dead

  10. A_aron
    Title: Curious Soul
    True Name:Sherlock Holmes
    Skill: Multiple Investigates, Learn NPs and Copy them
    Status: Deader

  11. Belluchi
    Title: Verdant Wind
    True Name: Benienma
    Skill: Protect
    Status: Deaders

  12. Rationale
    Title:Mortal Savant
    True Name: Waver
    Skill: Protect, Alignment check?
    Status: Dead

  13. kuu0
    Title: ???
    True Name: BB
    Skill: Investigate (self-Passive), Heal
    Status: Dead

  14. Zeroredux
    Title: Crimson Lotus
    True Name:?Nobu (Summer)
    Skill: ???
    Status: Dead

  15. Rex_Pysclosa
    Title: Subjugating Blade
    True Name: Demon King Nobunaga
    Skill: ???
    Status: Dead

  16. NNKarma
    Title:Rigtheous Star
    True Name:Yan Qing
    Skill: ???
    Status: Dead

  17. ACExDiscostu93
    Title:Charismatic King
    True Name:???
    Skill: ???
    Status: Alive

  18. Andylong1014
    Title: Sweet Apprentice
    True Name:???
    Skill: Investigate
    Status: Alive

  19. Blazure
    Title: Elegant Woman
    True Name: Ryougi Shiki (Saber)
    Skill: Protect, attack
    Status: Alive

  20. Zero-Ordered-1
    Title: Lone Empress
    True Name:???
    Skill: Buff
    Status: Alive

  21. ArtificialSky
    Title: Charming Mystique
    True Name:???
    Skill: Heal
    Status: Alive

List of SUS people
  1. Sky
  2. andylong1014
  3. Blazure
Confirmed Roles




Third Party



Fish = I_Am_Fish


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  1. @belluchi
  2. @A_aron
  3. @Psi
  4. @The_Wyandotte
  5. @kayonov
  6. @Rationale
  7. @Zeroredux
  8. @andylong1014
  9. @ArtificialSky
  10. @ACExDiscostu93
  11. @NNKarma
  12. @kuu0
  13. @LeiCiel
  14. @Rex_Psyclosa
  15. @Kayo_Rikou
  16. @Sha1n
  17. @Lost247365
  18. @Da-Vinci-chan
  19. @RoyAhoy
  20. @Zero-Ordered-1
  21. @Blazure

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This is how it looks, we can see that Lost made a change, and it highlights the text with different colours based on what happened (e.g. it would be red for deletion).


Night 2 actions list from Psi Spreadsheet:

GP Username Title Action (Night 2) Health Condition
Psi Lethal Beauty Removed mark on Subjugating Blade (Rex_Psyclosa) and Impassioned Luminary (Da-Vinci-chan) so that any targeted abilities from either converts to a heal/protect Full
andylong1014 Sweet Apprentice tried investigating Resolute Maiden (The_Wyandotte) but got redirected to himself Full
The_Wyandotte Resolute Maiden used some protect-ish skill on Verdant Wind (Belluchi) N/A
Lost247365 Natural Queen/Devoted Servant investigated kuu0 All Full
Blazure Elegant Woman protected kuu0 (and he still ded) Full
NNKarma Righteous Star protected kuu0 (and he still ded) Suffering from n1 injury
Zero-Ordered-1 Lone Empress attempted to buff Curious Soul (A-aron) damaged from attack (NP?)
Da-Vinci-Chan Impassioned Luminary too lazy to type out
Kayonov Joyful Spirit wounded by ??? and healed by Verdant Wind (Belluchi) Full
Kayo_Rikou Dynamic Personality something something targeted LethalBeauty
Leiciel Renowned Leader Renowned ded
Sha1n Vibrant Divinity
A-aron Curious Soul Curiously ded
Royahoy Dutiful Arbiter claims to have targeted Lethal Beauty (Psi) with a block, yet not marked (very sus)
Belluchi Verdant Wind used NP with some kind of protection ability on Natural Queen/Devoted Servant (Lost 247365). Healed Joyful Spirit (Kayonov)
kuu0 ded ded ded ded ded ded ded
Zeroredux Crimson Lotus
Rex_Psyclosa Subjugating Blade Guessed (correctly I think?) Impassioned Luminary (Da-Vinchi-chan) True name has a booboo
ACExDiscostu93 Charismatic King targeted self with NP and avoided 2 NPs from Hidden Shadow presumably full
ArtificialSky Charming Mystique healed Lethal Beauty (Psi) presumably full
Rationale Mortal Savant investigated Subjugating Blade (Rex_Psyclosa) and protected Impassioned Luminary (Da-VInci_chan)


Here’s the Night Stories (exluding N2) in block flow diagram/mind map form. May be easier to see how events link together in this format. Apologies for horrible handwriting. hopefully this helps in some way.

EDIT: Update N4 Story with Dynamic Personality section


I took the stories from here btw, I’m assuming the amendment to the story (N4) was added?

I will check.

Looks to be a match for this: