FGO Mafia R4 -Day Thread Part 3

Y’all continue on with your theories and talks here.

The victims


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Hey bitches

Lynch poll plz?

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Raging Storm = Ushi Gozen.

And I can see Gentle Storm being Raikou all things considered.

This part though…

Does that mean they’re the same person or something? If it isn’t just flavor text, it implies that ??? transformed into Raging Storm.

  • ???
  • Fish Pussy

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Lynch fish?

  • Yes
  • Yes and grill him too
  • Yes and turn him into sushi
  • Absolutely then fry him

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No I don’t stab myself which means Kayo or Bow is in possession of my wincon

But I can’t tell what happened to Kayo in the story

while the Innocent Bystander fled in terror at the sight of the corpse, but not before a ??? gave the Bystander some helpful advice.

Is this titles steal too?

T E A :tea:

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Kayonov actually guessed my wincon awhile ago in a way


Btw the Elemental hasn’t appeared since N1 so it was either someone using a title change or that shit’s a fake title with a cooldown

Since Lord is dead (RIP the king), we can 100% confirm @Impulse is town, right?


Okay I’m sorry, but I don’t see any way these things aren’t related in some way. But I am a little confused because I thought Sky was whisked away for the night with Yuura. Unless I read that part wrong


You gotta kill them or something?

What were your actions last night?

Maybe it was one of Raikou’s clones that got spirited away?

I attacked and blocked Grim. Didn’t seem like either action mattered in the end of things but at least I was there

Then why did you target lord

Target Lord? What do you mean? I didn’t target Lord with anything

Two separate bodies? :woman_shrugging:

Until we actually hear from Sky about their kit there’s not much we can find out.