FGO Mafia [R6] - The Rundown

:red_square: = Missing Info

Titles & Abilities


  • Title: Passionate Dreamer

    • He protecc but he also attacc

@AndyLong1014 (AndyLongDick)

  • Title: Devoted Maiden

    • Attack
    • Support


  • Title: Hopeful MAIDEN

    • Heal
    • Protecc


  • Title: Sublime BEAUTY

    • Attack
    • Support


  • Title: Wild Ride

    • Attack
    • Heal / Protect


  • Title: Horny Daddy

    • Attack
    • Block

@Fish Pussy

  • Title: Drug Dealer

    • Protect & Counter
    • Block


  • Title: Unsung Hero

    • Attack
    • Protect

@GamingBro1 :red_square:

  • Title: Resolute Confidence

  • Pending


  • Title: Force of Change

    • Attack
    • Buff


  • Title: Innovative Mind

    • Support (Suck dick)
    • Selfish Support (Suck own dick)


  • Title: Diamond in the Rough (Aladdin)

    • He protecc but he also attacc

@Kayo_Rikou :red_square:

  • Title: Steadfast (waifu) Wife

  • attac

  • protecc

  • investigate

@LateToTheParty :red_square:

  • Title: Pure Heart

  • Pending


  • Title: Brilliant Luminary

    • Heal
    • Buff


  • Title: The Nen Nerd

    • Attack
    • Anotha one


  • Title: High Heels on so I’m Closer to God

    • Heal
    • Protect


  • Title: Explosive Personality

  • Healy buffs


  • Title: Daring Mischief

    • Heal
    • Attack


  • Title: Big Titty Artist

    • Heal + psuedo debuff protect
    • Buff

@the_wyandotte :red_square:

  • Title: Salvation Army Regular

    • Support
    • Pending


  • Title: Colorful Divinity

    • Attack
    • Buff


  • Title: Binding Star

  • Attack/defensive Buffs

  • Attack

Confirmed Bronzong


  • Title: Totally not Skadi

  • Will give a hot hoe an extra action


  • Man of God
  • Ruthless Beast
  • Vengeful Spirit - Ibaraki Douji
  • Minion - disjoint
  • Burning Soul

Skill Totals

As of Now

Attacks = 12

Blocks = 2

Buffs = 5 (6 counting Bell)

Heal = 7

Proteccs = 7

People Just Saying Support or Other = 4


V accurate

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I don’t see the other two points of info that I added in

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Actions for Night 1

use the day chat for discussion and then add yourselves in

  1. @Mata-Hari-Boy
  2. @ArtificialSky
  3. @Rationale
  4. @ACExDiscostu93
  5. @bronzong
  6. @Eflakis
  7. @Bow-of-Sacae
  8. @andylong1014
  9. @Waifu69
  10. @Souljia_Bitch
  11. @the_wyandotte
  12. @F2P_Hell
  13. @ShinxDaSphinx
  14. @RoyAhoy
  15. @jakeyb
  16. @Fish
  17. @kayonov
  18. @Zero-Ordered-1
  19. @Nytfall
  20. @GamingBro1
  21. @_Someone
  22. @GrailedAstolfo
  23. @Kayo_Rikou
  24. @LateToTheParty

But I don’t know what I’m doing yet


Then ask in the day thread, you bitch


List of Confirming TItles N1

:red_square: = Need Actions for a title confirm

:white_check_mark: = Your actions are in


@ACExDiscostu93 :white_check_mark:

@AndyLong1014 (AndyLongDick) :white_check_mark:

@ArtificialSky :white_check_mark: :

@bronzong :white_check_mark:

@Bow-of-Sacae :white_check_mark:

@Eflakis :white_check_mark:

@Fish Pussy :white_check_mark:

@F2P_Hell :white_check_mark:

@GamingBro1 :white_check_mark:

@GrailedAstolfo :red_square:

@JakeyB :white_check_mark:

@Kayonov :white_check_mark:

@Kayo_Rikou :white_check_mark:

@LateToTheParty :white_check_mark:

@Nytfall :white_check_mark:

@Rationale :white_check_mark:

@RoyAhoy :white_check_mark:

@ShinxDaSphinx :white_check_mark:

@_Someone :white_check_mark:

@Souljia_Bitch :white_check_mark:

@the_wyandotte :white_check_mark:

@Waifu69 :white_check_mark:

@Zero-Ordered-1 :white_check_mark:


I’ll probably just buff bow tonight to get my title out there, I’ll add that to the wiki now


I’m ready :catlove:




I can’t help it, cat emojis are in my blood


Let’s just lynch and get it over with


Night 1 (annotated):
Welcome all – regulars, newbies, and hoes – to the first night in Fuyuki! Seemingly tired with my long winded introductions, Totally Not Skadi (Belluchi) bitchslapped me into oblivion and took the limelight, snatching their own wig by revealing their True Name: Skadi. Being the queen that she was, Skadi (Belluchi) cast her Noble Phantasm, Gate of Skye, and opened a portal to the Shadow Realm for everyone to see; she then went to visit a Horny Daddy (Cody) and Diamond in the Rough (Kayonov), encouraging them both with wise words. Not too far from there, High Heels on So I’m Closer to God (Roy) was seen… doing things to themselves loudly in public with their right hand, partially activating their Noble Phantasm: Right Hand - Evil Eater as they became overwhelmed with vivid images of what was to come in climax.

At the local park, a Sublime Beauty (Bluebell) was seen visiting a Wild Ride (Bow) and encouraged the latter with a soft pretzel for them to share. Apparently not the only ones trying to get some tonight, a Binding Star (Zero) provided a boost to a Pure Heart (Late) with their smooth moves, a Brilliant Luminary (Nyt) tried getting Skadi (Belluchi) and a Hopeful Maiden (Sky) to joce through motivational words, and a Resolute Confidence (GBro) made a Diamond in the Rough’s (Kayonov) heart skip a beat with an enthralling look despite a Horny Daddy’s (Cody) attempt to Block the Resolute Confidence (GBro). A Salvation Army Regular (Wyan) later joined in as well to speak to the Brilliant Luminary (Nyt), advising them how to proceed, and a Big Titty Artist (Souljia) inspired a Drug Dealer (Fish) after slipping them the good stuff while everyone was distracted. Once (mostly) everyone had left, the Binding Star (Zero), Drug Dealer (Fish), and a Devoted Maiden (Andy) were seen sucking themselves off with no one else to do it for them.

Later on in the night, a Big Titty Artist (Souljia) invited the Nerd (Rationale) and the Explosive Personality (Shinx) to their studio to have some private fun amongst each other. Although no one seemed to notice (or maybe they appreciated it), a Drug Dealer (Fish) peered in through the window and stared at the Big Titty Artist (Souljia) with an interesting look in their eyes. Everyone besides the Big Titty Artist (Souljia) eventually left, leaving the Artist alone when suddenly a Burning Soul (???) broke in and attempted to Attack the Artist twice. Skadi (Belluchi) fortunately managed to sense this and Protected against one of the Attacks, but the Burning Soul (???) successfully Wounded the Big Titty Artist (Souljia) with a fearsome blow.

An Innovative Mind (jakeyb) came out and began to cast their Noble Phantasm – however, before they could even do so, an Honorable Warrior (???) rushed towards the Innovative Mind (jakeyb), Blocking and preventing them from activating their Noble Phantasm! Sensing danger, High Heels on So I’m Closer to God (Roy) came in and partially activated their Noble Phantasm once again – Left Hand - Xanadu Matrix – to shield the Innovative Mind (jakeyb) with a protective veil. A Vengeful Spirit (Ibaraki, ???) decided to test this and unleashed their Noble Phantasm, Great Grudge of Rashoumon, to Attack the Innovative Mind (jakeyb) with a burning vengeance, but this did nothing to faze them; however, seeing this, the Vengeful Spirit (Ibaraki, ???) closed their fist and dispelled the protective veil! A Devoted Maiden (Andy) and Daring Mischief (Someone) then swept in and Attacked the Innovative Mind (jakeyb) once each, Killing them with these two blows; a Colorful Divinity (Waifu) was quick to join them as well. As the Innovative Mind (jakeyb) fell, they even Wounded themselves in confusion for overkill Damage. Repentant, the Daring Mischief (Someone) tried Healing the Innovative Mind (jakeyb) to no avail. As if this weren’t enough, the Honorable Warrior (???) decided to make sure the Mind was Dead for sure so they launched a massive Attack against their corpse for massive overkill Damage, catching and Wounding the Vengeful Spirit (Ibaraki, ???) and High Heels on So I’m Closer to God (Roy) in the aftermath as well; the Devoted Maiden (Andy) was Attacked by this as well, but they shrugged it off, and a Colorful Divinity (Waifu) Protected the Daring Mischief (Someone) from becoming affected.

Meanwhile, a Steadfast Wife (KayoR) was coming home from doing errands when they suddenly bumped into a Force of Change (GrailedAstolfo), causing them to drop their groceries. Not appreciating this, the Steadfast Wife (KayoR) immediately tried to Attack them but suddenly stopped from doing so as they cooled themselves down. An Unsung Hero (f2p) then came swinging in and Attacked the Steadfast Wife (KayoR), Wounding them with immediately; however, High Heels on So I’m Closer to God (Roy) managed to rectify this by Healing the Wife (KayoR), as well as themselves. A Wild Ride (Bow) rushed in to Heal the Unsung Hero (f2p), though this did nothing other than bring a smile to the Hero’s face as they weren’t Wounded. A Ruthless Beast (???) simply watched as this all went down across the street, Blocked from doing anything.

A Binding Star (not Zero) was seen Attacking and Wounding a Brilliant Luminary (Nyt) not too far away from there, but a Hopeful Maiden (Sky) luckily came across this and Healed the Brilliant Luminary (Nyt) back to their previous state. Out of nowhere, a Colorful Divinity (Waifu) reared their face in and Attacked the Brilliant Luminary (Nyt), but High Heels on So I’m Closer to God (Roy) Protected against this – and almost as retribution, a Force of Change (GrailedAstolfo) appeared and Wounded the Colorful Divinity (Waifu) with a fast strike.

Right as the sun was about to rise, a Man of God (???) appeared and attempted to stun the Nerd (Rationale) , but they simply shrugged it off. A **Minion (disjoint) ** then came out of the woodworks and attempted to Attack the the Nerd(Rationale) , causing a Diamond in the Rough (Kayonov) to attempt to Protect against this but suddenly found themselves unable to; thankfully, though, a Scaly Friend (Rationale’s disjoint) pushed the Nerd(Rationale) out of the way and took the Attack in their stead. The Diamond in the Rough(Kayonov) then attempted to Attack themselves but failed to land a Wound; a Horny Daddy (Cody) also tried Attacking the Diamond (Kayonov) as well, but similarly couldn’t Wound them.

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