FGO Mafia [R8] - Day Discussion Thread: let's get ROLLING :fgo_medealove:

FGO Mafia [R8] - Day Discussion Thread

Hello everybody! :fgo_medealove: The 8th round of FGO Mafia has finally begun! I’m really sorry about the continued delays, but thank you for bearing with me up till now. Hopefully, everybody has a good time this round.

The first Day Phase will last for the following time period: 2021-01-24T16:25:00Z2021-01-26T18:00:00Z. Actions will be due by then as well so be sure to submit them in your DMs!


Remember, if these rules aren’t followed, the entire game may be ruined, so let’s do our best to keep them intact! For any further questions, ask me @lordhelpme or @Fish in your DM.

  1. You are not allowed to send a Private Message to anyone else about this Mafia Round except for me. The exception is the Mafia team, who have a group private message created and monitored by me.

  2. You are not allowed to post any Private Message from me into this thread.

  3. You can claim whatever you want in this thread, but nothing is confirmed unless the GM confirms it.

  4. For Town to win, they need to kill all Mafia members. For Mafia to win, they need to kill all Town members.

  5. Don’t delete messages. It breaks the spirit of the game by functioning as a pseudo-PM, annoys everyone who didn’t see the message, and handicaps the fight heavily in favor of Town.

Players are expected to log on at least once each day to keep up with the discussion threads. Each player is required to post once per Day Phase and submit Night Actions. We’ll try to be a bit lenient since real life commitments should always come first, but continued failure to submit night actions will result in 1 damage being taken.

Make sure to look over the following info to gain a better understanding of the game and the various mechanics at play!

Player List
  1. @ArcanaApocalypse
  2. @Eflakis
  3. @ShinxDaSphinx
  4. @Souljia_Bitch
  5. @bluebell
  6. @The_Wyandotte
  7. @andylong1014
  8. @Lost247365
  9. @kayonov
  10. @TMFM
  11. @LeiCiel
  12. @Waifu69
  13. @Argon
  14. @Grim3xus
  15. @Bow-of-Sacae
  16. @jakeyb
  17. @babytuis
  18. @Nytfall
  19. @F2J_Hell
  20. @GamingBro1
  21. @Impulse
  22. @ACExDiscostu93
  23. @Zero-Ordered-1
Basic Info

You are not allowed to discuss this game with anyone but me, or any chats we put you into. There is to be no DM’ing, or else the game falls apart.


You are a player and a resident of Fuyuki. You belong to one of three teams, and will win if your team achieves its victory condition. Use your special abilities during the night phase to defeat/investigate your enemies - or try to trick the majority of players during the day phase into lynching your target.

Every player controls a Character with between 1 to 4 HP. If you lose all your HP you will Die and can no longer send in any further actions. Hope that your team uses your death well!


  1. There are 3 factions in this game: Town , Mafia , and 3rd Party .

  2. Town wants to eliminate all the Mafia. Each town player starts alone and has no knowledge of who is on his/her team.

  3. Mafia wants to eliminate all the Town. The Mafia know who each other are and can talk in private together about their plans - however, they are outnumbered and cannot brute-force their way to victory.

  4. 3rd Party players have their own specific goals - they are not aligned with Town, Mafia, or any other player. They are the wildcards of each game.

  5. The game ends when a team has no more threats remaining. The team surviving is the winner - that team’s members will earn a badge and unique User Title to display for two mafia rounds.

  1. There are two phases in this game: Day and Night . The Game begins on Day 1, proceeds to Night 1, then Day 2, etc.

  2. During the Day Phase, all players are free to discuss any suspicions they have inside the Discussion Thread. Players may vote to Lynch someone by voting for them in the lynch thread. If a Player receives the majority of Lynch votes, they will be Lynched and lose 2 HP.

  3. During the Night Phase, all living players may submit their actions to me via DM. They may use Abilities freely unless otherwise limited. Typically, Mafia will target Players to kill them, and Town will seek use their large variety of abilities to attack, defend, or investigate. 3rd Party does whatever 3rd Party does.

  4. After all actions have been submitted, I will post a story about the interactions between all the actions. This story serves as vital clues, spelling out which Characters did what. Figure out who controls each Character, and you can get a good idea of who is on your team!

  5. The game proceeds to the next Day Phase and continues until a Win Condition is fulfilled. Typically, it is “Eliminate all hostile players” but this can vary.

tl;dr: The game goes Night -> Day -> Night -> Day -> etc. During Night, you kill each other with abilities. During Day, you use a majority vote to lynch people.

If you’re still confused, let us know if you have questions and we’ll gladly answer them!

Definitions of Various Terms
  1. Day Phase: The Lynching part of the game. Town uses this to try to oust the Mafia.

  2. Night Phase: The abilities part of the game. Mafia uses this to try to kill the Players.

  3. Lynch: Put someone up to a vote. If they receive a majority of the vote, they lose 2 HP.

  4. Attack: Wound a Player, removing 1 HP from them.

  5. Block: Prevent a Player from using their night abilities. Blocks do not affect other blocks.

  6. Dodge: Negate one Attack targeting you per night. This is outside of Priority and can only be superceded by Attacks that specifically can’t be dodged or something similar.

  7. Protect: Prevent a target Player from being wounded. Protects cancel out only 1 Attack.

  8. Redirect: Cause ALL actions that a Player performs to go to another Player of your choosing.

  9. Investigate: Learn a hint about that player’s kit.


Q: Can I use multiple abilities in the same day?

A: Yes, unless otherwise specified.

Q: Can I say that I’m Town/Mafia in the game channel?

A: Yes, but you can’t prove anything. Copying any message I send you into the chat is not allowed.

Q: What does X on my role mean?

A: Ask me via DM to keep your role a secret.

Q: What shows up in the story?

A: Unless specified by an ability , all actions that interfere with another Character appear in the story, done under the player’s Character (not their actual username, but a nickname made by the GM). I will specify if an action shows up in the story or not, however.

Q: How many different kinds of abilities are there?

A: More than the ones listed above. Expect weird ones.

Q: What happens if abilities conflict with each other?

A: Good ol’ chaos happens. See details below on priority and naming.


On occasion, Player A and Player B will have an ability that says, “Attack Player C.” But Player C has a passive that says, “Dodge one attack per night. cannot be Blocked.” But Player A has a passive that says, “Your Attacks cannot be Dodged.” What happens?

Every skill is given a Priority Tier – skills activate in order from their Tier and can stop lower Tiered abilities. For example, a Tier 2 ability will defeat any conflicting abilities below Tier 2, but can be beaten by Tier 1.

In general, Offensive Skills are even-numbered and Defensive skills are odd-numbered. Tier 0 skills will never fail and there will never be a contradiction involving them, but they typically carry drawbacks.


  • Tier 0: EA Games tier of broken

  • Tier 1: Redirects

  • Tier 2: Piercing Attacks, Blocks

  • Tier 3: Protects, Dodges, Investigates

  • Tier 4: Standard Attacks

But passive abilities can screw with this.






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