FGO NA 3rd Anniversary Memorial Quests

So, looks like we’re having our Anniversary early this year, on June 25th instead of the usual beginning of July (OR we’ll just get info about actual celebrations on 25th). Scratch that, we’re having the actual celebrations as usual, the beginning of July, most likely - July 6th after the stream :fgo_pancakeslmao: And this means we’re having out memorial quests again! The one for Orleans and the one for Solomon gives us exchange tickets to redeem Heroic Spirit Travel Dress CE, all others will grant us salt grinders summon tickets.

Now, are you ready?

  • Orleans remind us that Caster Gilles exists. You have 688,806 HP to convince him he’s too creepy for this world.

  • Septem: Demon God Flauros with 666,666 HP.
    Skill: Red Eye: Increase own attack power. (3 turns)
    Skill: Cross Eye: Reduce an enemy’s attack. (3 turns)
    Skill: The Time of Awakening Hath Come: Increase NP damage by 50% (10 turns) & Increase NP charge by 1.
    NP: Incineration Ceremony: Flauros: Damage to all enemies & reduce NP gauge of all enemies by 10%
    Normal attacks/NP are AoE, crits are ST.
    Weak to Cavalry and Zerkers.

  • Okeanos: 675,789 HP Herc fight. Guts. He has Guts.

  • London: a Tesla fight where he has 677,658 HP. If you have Bryn, it’s just a walk in a park.

  • E Pluribus Unum: a mixed class fight against Karna (301,267 HP), Edison (182,000 HP), and Helena (183,897 HP).

  • Camelot: at least it’s not Gawain again :'D We are reliving Goddess Rhongomyniad (675,739 HP) fight, and remember that her NP is AoE and has invul pierce. She’ll also probably cast Charisma on herself before the fight starts. And she’s a dragon sooo… bring a dragon slayer, maybe? ^^

  • Babylonia: a 672,172 HP Avenger Kingu. You know, that one from Chapter 15-6.

Copy-paste from GamePress Babylonia guide.

This Enkidu belongs to the Avenger class, and possesses all of Enkidu’s skills and a bonus passive.
These skills include a single turn steroid, a star generation/dodge removal debuff and a 10,000 heal/debuff cleanse.
The bonus passive seems to grant “Enkidu” an additional charge to his bar every second turn.
The NP slightly changes as well in that it adds a curse debuff to the target.
The biggest problem in this fight is the Avenger class preventing an easy answer via class advantage.
Berserkers do work, but be prepared to tank 1-2 NPs.
Bringing a decent support like Waver/Mash/Story Merlin also works well.

  • Shinjuku: 2 break bar Moriarty fight ( 547,400 HP and 177,905 HP). That one.

  • Agartha: so who missed 3 break bar Megalos ( 308,340 HP, 205,560 HP, 182,720 HP) feat 2 break bars Columbus ( 203,927 HP, 150,262 HP) fight?

  • Shimousa: what about 2 break bar fight with Rider Kalasutra ( 288,000 HP, 172,800 HP) and Berserker Samghata ( 182,250 HP, 267,300 HP) with forced Musashi support on the frontline? No friend support, probably leave your CSs for this fight.

  • Salem: pretty straightforward 2-waves fight against two casters on wave 1 and a Foreigner on Wave 2. Well… you just have to kill the Foreigner 4 times, yes. Since she has guts that trigger 3 times, are unremovable, and restore her to full health every time. Thaaaat fight, riiiiight. Oh, and her ST NP removes buffs before activation. ALL buffs.

  • ???: the last but not least, devs’ favourite (or else why would we have it for the third time, right?). THE SHINING STAR!!!

All quests can be completed in any order except for the “???” one because this one will only unlock once you do all standard memorial quests.

Time to get ready, raise servants and skills, plan for CSs usages, and so on. Memorial quests should be there for 1.5 weeks.

So, once again - are you ready?



I take it it’s in the in-game news? I’m still downloading so I haven’t seen it yet.

Wish I had a great internet connection to go with my phone :catroll:

Lets use the Buster Meme to finish this quests
Everytime i had a problem with a quest, jalter x 2x merlin solved this problem without any problems ^^

Also im happy to see that we get more tickets, i need some funds for skadi
The CE itself ist okay but like always…no astolfo for me >_>
At least i have enough options ^^

So the paid summon is coming this friday?

I’ll do the same thing I did last year.
Only use Servants that appeared in the respective Singularities. (Save for Fuyuki - not sure if that would be possible anyhow)


No, it’s what Kanou-san said in the end of broadcast and said to “look forward to that day”. In-game news are silent about it for now.

Probably, but without a proper confirmation I’m withholding my opinion :D

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I have to focus on clearing Arc 1.5 now, Shinjuku and Shimousa is on the way. Look like I need some CS to deal with final boss fight. Especially Shimousa.

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Haha, hahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! :rofl: I like this Lord Merlin.

Looking forward to playing the memorial quests. I didn’t realize that they were new ones, that makes it more fun I think.


My Siegbro with max skills and NP2: “oh shit, here we go again”. I mean, him + Merlin is a guaranteed 300k NP :smiley:

Might also bring Sherlock to see if can I oneshot her after an Elementary, My Dear and a brave Sieg chain.

EDIT: uuuh Archer of Shunjuku! Nice, wanted to try my Leonidas to tank him. And Lancer Tama to burst him.


That’ll be a rerun of this for Zaynab -

Only this time around, Scheherazade is 10/10/10 Np4, and can bring her own Jeannu if she is so inclined.


idk lol

obviously gonna throw jeanne at what i can but that’s just obvious


And the boost from Arctic MC, and maybe from a friendly Waver… Yep, I’m itching to test my NP3 Siefried as well :fgo_buster: I mean, he dragged me through this fight on the original run, being NP1, underskilled, not Foued, and before all the updates. I WANNA TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! :fgo_insane:

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Ah yes, Artic MC. WIth only that and his 3rd skill maxed my Sieg does 250k usually. I reckon with a Waver or Merlin the damage is gonna skyrocket.

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I hate that fight so much. The only one on Shimousa i had to use Command Spells to beat.

The worst part isn’t even the high health Rider enemy but the Musashi you’re forced to run in the front.

Yessssss I’m excited, I actually forgot the refight was Berserker and Rider. That was a favorite!!

Yay! Time for Smol Medea to shine, again!


It was? I’m getting heart palpitations just thinking about it. I guess it’s challenging but to me, it’s juuust shy of getting #1 for Main-Quests-I-Would-Most-Like-To-NoThx right below Gawain’s effing GALATIIIINE-Dmg reduction bs.


Yes, it was. It felt like a right and proper challenge of sorts, not just because of the forced Udon Lady.

Lancer and Archer were a joke, for different reasons. Saber was incredibly freaking fun, but still not very challenging. Likewise Avenger (hello long charge bar). Caster was boring, and easy. Rider and Berserker had a multitude of ways you could go about it, while having a shortchanged forced support who was weak yet not so weak she couldn’t meaningfully contribute… but still weighed you down just by being there. I even did something I don’t usually do and wasted a whole bunch of AP tackling it from various angles.

Although, it also greatly helps that NotRider and NotBerserker are also some of my favorite Servants.

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Gonna attempt 1-turning all of part 1’s memorial quests with variations of double skadi + maid alter…

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I doubt that we’ll get the Skadi banner on friday.

At most they’ll probably give us 30 SQ and a pre anniversary announcement to tune in to the July 3rd Aniplex AX live stream to build up the hype.