FGO NA - Fate/Requiem: Board Games of the Apocalypse - Farming Guide (All Buster-Quick-Arts-F2P DPS)

The complete event (farming) guide for Fate/Requiem: Board Games of the Apocalypse.
Since this event is a really unique one, for both the Monopoly mini-game and the enemy layout of the best farming node, I’ve added some new sections to this guide. I’ve put timestamps as usual, but even if the video is a bit longer I’d advise you to watch all of it, especially the MONOPOLY Guide.
FGO NA - Fate/Requiem: Board Games of the Apocalypse - Farming Guide (All Buster-Quick-Arts-F2P DPS)


The event is close really I thought it would be like a board game based on rolling the dice …

There’s a version of that. You get dice drops on free quests and go to a mini game board where you roll your dropped die there. There’s even a strategy to it as well.

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I have a good feeling for this event, even if I know nothing about this Requiem.

Same :grin:. I haven’t read Fate/Requiem yet, but usually the annual Collaboration Events are really well made in FGO compared to the usual Events: after having made a guide for it (I was really inspired to do the Monopoly guide), I’m now looking forward to play it as well :blush:

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Its just me or it seems like a fun but hard to farm event?

It is. It’s an annoying monopoly based event. Plus it has the 90+ node.

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I don’t remember it being hard at all, at the time it came out on JP i managed to clear most of it with a fresh account, Voyager pretty much clears everything easily.

There was a mixed reaction regarding the monopoly mechanic but i personally enjoyed it, it’s unique and offers a different experience compared to other events.


I share that opinion, I would go for original events mechanics over easy farming with closed eyes every time. I was really inspired by the monopoly minigame (as you can tell by the guide in the video😁).
Regarding the 90+ node I thinks it can finally allow us to bond our single target DSP while farming, instead of the usual 3T farming with double Skadi: which by the way is even stronger with Voyager since there are 6 slot setups for every node except for the final mixed one, so even old school farming will let us clear the event relatively easily.