FGO NA Following and Friend Request help

Hello! I have been playing FGO for 400 days now and as most of you know they added a follow feature for new people but I had already made it past the singularity limit when that feature came out and I’m OCD about the fact I am following 0 people(because it is such a helpful feature that doesn’t require anything). It seems like a feature everyone should take advantage of if possible, but players that already have good teams don’t need it as much as new people I get that. but I bet others have the same problem.

I also would like to have friends that have maxed out skills, great servants, or moon cancers specifically (something I’m lacking).

I don’t want to come off entitled or greedy. I have great people and if you aren’t full on your friends list please shoot a friend request if you like my servants and think they will help you.

But if you have a full friends list please leave your friend code in the thread so anyone who wants to follow you can, if you want to.

Please correct me if you see anything wrong in this thread.

Friend Code: 555 600 120

We already have a thread dedicated to friend codes and such.

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and I’m OCD about the fact I am following 0 people

You’re past Part 1 so Follow feature is literally useless to you. It only works for Part 1 main quests.

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Ok i wish they would remove it then after you get to reminant. Thank you for telling me.

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Don’t worry too much about not having a moon cancer, og BB is having her rerun early next year, and avengers aren’t that common of an enemy anyway.


Not to mention that Berserkers easily solve virtually any problem that dies acceptably fast and isn’t a super-rare Foreigner enemy.

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