FGO NA – Land of Shadows Battleground Blitz – Lotto Farming Guide

I jumped through hoops to compile this guide in time :exploding_head:

FGO NA – Land of Shadows Battleground Blitz – Lotto Farming Guide

Aside from the (ranked) farming setups, be sure to check the first part of the video to understand how to farm this lotto event efficiently and to decide if it’s worth doing so, depending on your account and how much time you can invest in this event.

For more (peculiar) farming comps from the JP server, you can check the following link: User blog:Ratentaisou/NA Dance Tournament in the Land of Shadows 2022 Video Archive | Fate/Grand Order Wiki | Fandom


I posted the guide here for the usual tread focusing on farming comps and efficiency, but feel free to “move it around” if a new bigger tread is made to organize materials :+1:


I like the note for R2 that Queen of Sheba is the best buffer for Sieg. I hadn’t thought of her, but I have her NP2, so that’s an idea I might go with. Sanzang+Gong is tempting too, but that’s a minimum of two lores (for Sanzang’s S3 and Gong’s mana loading), and I’m getting stretched thin on them right now. Gong’s mana loading is something I’m going to want to have done in the long run though.


That’s what I like about these new lv90+ nodes: we can finally use single target DPS and it’s generally more fun coming up with farming teams. Plus the “old” lv90 nodes are still there for newer player, so it’s not like we lost what previously worked.

That’s the case with most of us I think, getting appends earlier it’s taking its toll there: maybe they will address it in some way, but I’m not sure we’ll get more free lores than JP did, so yeah we need to be more carefull with lv10 skills from now on (that’s why I’ve given alternative setups with lores on skill or lores on append).
Just as you said though appends on Gong & Arash should definitely be on everyone plan since they both help a lot with the lv90+ farming.


Just finished cleaning out the shop with the 90+ node with my DCS Spisthar team. Also, I had to use two Command Seal refills, because I accidentally picked Skadi twice on the support screen out of pure muscle reflex, and that kinda made the runs FUBAR.


It’s kinda sad that Skadi has basically no active role in the 90+ nodes for this lotto (aside being a 50% charger for order change).
Well at least she can rest a little… :sweat_smile:

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Been farming the first 90+ node with a Spishtar DCS + Ozzy team, and it’s going well so far. My Spishtar is only NP1, though level 100, but I don’t have 6 CEs yet anyway, so I just stuck a BG on her and she destroys everything. Being able to farm one node for all drops is so convenient!


Oh, I have lored Arash’s mana loading, as soon as I was ready to freely roll some FP during the Anni. It’s great to be able to fire off any 50% CE with him. I actually might be able to do the Gong setup on R2 without a lore on Sanzang’s third skill (since my Gong is grailed to Lv. 100, he might get more overcharge refund). I’m feeling partial to using Sieg that round though, as I do want to try to get the bond to get him closer to B12 and unlocking append on him. It’s going to be a long time getting there, but feels like it will be a potentially useful pursuit.

Yep and we can also level up bond levels with single targert DPS while we are at it, so it’s a double win :muscle:.

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So far I have yet to lore appends on Gong and Arash, only because I recently unlocked them and I had no more QP :sob::money_with_wings: (still need to finish leveling the skills for the servants I summoned during Summer Camp).
I will though since I’ve already used a lanter on Arash (surely for Gong too), being so useful for the lv90+ farming. I will probably use some grails on them too in the future, since we are getting “free” Grails next year.

I will bond with Scheherazade during the Second Term :smirk::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, since she spooked me twice this year :grin:.
Hopefully we get a fix to coins next year (free coins) in JP, just like the fixed Command Codes after two years from their release: I hoped they would have fixed them during the recent anniversary… :sweat_smile:

Should I go ham with apples now and as the event continues or should I wait for the last set of free quests to appear? The differences between the legendary nodes in each round don’t seem to big to me but the CEs might stretch that to a significant amount.

As premise to my efficiency analysis in the video, I stated that you should first and foremost farm the rotation for which you can afford the highest drop bonus (most free CE slot for the lotto CE in your party).

Only if you can afford the same drop bonus for all rotations than efficiency increase slightly with each new rotation with the numbers I’ve showed (for lotto currency and shop currency trasformed in QP; instead the CE drop rate stay the same each rotation).

With that said the numbers are not that different (even using a lot of apples as showed in the graphs) so you might want to farm one of the previous rotations for the materials dropped or to level up the bond of specific servants.

Personally I’m keeping my apples for rotation 2 (for the mirrors dropped and to bond Scheherazade) and then rotation 3, since I can afford a cheaper front line which will let me farm bond in the backline for one servant I want (and I want those stakes!!)

I actually considered using Skadi for my round 3 90+ team since all I need is need a single source of 50% NP charge, but the small chance that Cu resists her s2 isn’t worth it. Otherwise, she could finally get that bond 13 or whatever she’s close to.

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I do so this so much, and I literally never notice until I get to using the skills

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I’m using my NP2 Zerker Musashi and Assassin Shiki to 3t this one, took me a while to figure out but it works

although, if Cu resists the defense down on w3 I may have to facecard

Yeah, the situation with servant coins on welfares particularly really does need fixing in my opinion.

In any case, I’m quite pleased with mana-loaded Sheba as first wave clearer in second rotation. I don’t have her first skill lored, but it’s enough for Sieg to clear the final big HP Ushi on NP low roll which is quite convenient. I’m not sure if it has made the difference, but I leveled up my MLB CE to 99 for a bit more attack on my DPS. I typically do it (even with mixed stat CEs like this one) since I can just feed the experience back to a future lotto or otherwise more useful CE later. Queen of Sheba NP2 in the first wave is an almost certain kill with just NP too. I’ve seen it survive on an extreme low roll, but it’s easily carded and I’ve rarely even seen it so far.

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My Round 2, 90+ setup: Circe, plug into DCS Anastasia. 6 CE, and clean kills, though that could be because my Anastasia is sitting at NP3… And Circe at NP5.

The second wave 90+ node is much easier to farm. Tried to Chen Gong but I forgot that the CE has Guts of all things. Replacing with Sieg DCS + Waver + Plugsuit makes an easy 3T comp.

Let me know if you found a viable Skadi comp this round or next. My Skadi needs to finish her bond level too


Next round of 90+ can be any 50% charge support if you’re using Circe and Sanzang to handle the first two waves and OG Saber + 20% Append for the last.

There is a very small chance that Caenis will resist Skadi’s s2, but otherwise this is consistent depending on NP levels.

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