FGO NA - Nightingale's Christmas Carol 2021 Rerun - Farming Guide (6 SLOT & F2P setups)

FGO NA - Nightingale’s Christmas Carol 2021 Rerun - Farming Guide (6 SLOT & F2P setups)

I explained the reasoning behind my farming setups in my overview of the new Platinum Node and of the best DPS available for that node: this way the farming setups in question can be accessed easily and in an orderly fashion at the end, for an easier quick consultation. I still advise you to check those parts of the video to help you come up with your own personal best farming setups: maybe you’ll find out something interesting about which you didn’t think about.

For all the other farming nodes you can check my previous farming guide and the video demonstrations of the setups listed in that guide if you prefer. You can find all of them in the following playlist: FGO NA - Christmas 2021: Nightingale’s Christmas Carol (Farming Guide & Demonstrations))


Since it’s a rerun it means we only got 10 boxes. :fgo_brynsad:

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Efficiency lotto rerun is for clearing the shop. You can’t just ride it out and eventually get everything like a normal lotto.

Ya, but still gonna be sad about the 10 boxes limit on the reruns. :fgo_brynsad:

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You should speak to the manager of FGO.

At least that means more apples for Karna-mas. I’m stacked for all the mats in this mini-lottery anyway, while I’m short on many of the ones we’ll get during Karna-mas :fire:


I did but they told me that they gave me Arcueid and Merlina and summer Skadi and the old summer servants banners and Jalter dress which I missed out on, so I shouldn’t be too greedy.

Though they don’t know that my greed has no limits so I asked them to give me Summer Medusa and some dresses for her. :fgo_insane:


It doesn’t hurt to ask when you get that manager on the phone.


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I’m only doing this event for the apples and rare prisms…and the QP. Could really use some more of that stuff.

Summer Medusa is long overdue, they are clearly screwing with us :fgo_medusalily: It’s not like we wouldn’t pay whatever price for her already :fgo_gudakolewd:

PS: Where is Summer Medea? :fgo_medealove:


I almost want to dump a lot more AP than needed just for bond bonuses. I get why we have box limits on the reruns but it does bother me in situations like this one, where I have more reasons to want to farm but they’re really neutered by a hard limit on boxes.

Last year I couldn’t make the Maou Nobu (Lv 100 NP1) Solo and was only 1 Turn away from completing it.
I’m looking forward to get that revenge.

I’ll have my material CEs on supports instead of the lotto CE we probably have lots of copies of.

Unless you’re going to burn through apples, if you’re trying to clear the shop you’re going to want the CEs.

The CEs were not good, but Saber Astolfo is the most valuable saber, so I had to roll last year.


I thought i’d be in for an easy grind with this rerun but after preparing the team for tomorrow i realized i only have one copy of the 3* CE beside ToC… I really didn’t touch this banner at all last year.

Oh well, at least the only things i need to buy from the shop are the eggs and any LB6 mats in case they add them.

They’re adding scales of fantasy.

I need most of the stuff in the shop this time around for Append Skills.

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Glad someone else noticed, especially since GP doesn’t like to update their guides after pre-writing them based on JP


Definitely going to stock up on some lores. I got like three different support servants this year that sucked up most of them.

Please enjoy the last Christmas rerun for the foreseeable future.


Same but when I saw the banner I understood why. Got Nightingale (my first weird looking Skadi) and not interested in Astolfo.

I’m going to be large and take it relaxing. One of the few reruns we have left. In 2 years the reruns are gone.

Also gonna see if I can get Nightingale reach bond 10. :fgo_nightingalethrow:

Btw is it just me or does it feel really weird playing an Xmas event in early october?

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Do you not enjoy “All I want for Christmas is you” from your local mall / cafe playing all the time starting September?

There is basically no lotto, and I am not interested in the banner as well, nor event CEs are any good, so it turns out to be a pretty sad event overall. I understand that this is a rerun, but original event at least had unlimited lotto if I understand correctly.