FGO NA – Ooku Revival 2022 – Complete Farming Guide (All Arts, Quick, Buster, F2P DPS)

The unique forced Mystic Code, together with the new lv90+ nodes for this revival, make this event one of the most particular ones when it comes to farming: that’s why I tried my best to compile a farming guide, even if I really shouldn’t have time “to waste” this month.
At least give me your energy to summon Kama, so that it will be worth the effort :grin:.

FGO NA – Ooku Revival 2022 – Complete Farming Guide (All Arts, Quick, Buster, F2P DPS)


Damn lasagna really don’t want us to have dead days don’t they?

Anyway thanks for this and hopefully first time event farming isn’t a bitch


i remember afterwards of the event being annoying since you need to go to everywhere for rewards and theres a dialogue for every area

This was incredibly easy mode back when all I had was Murasaki, Waver and Kama. Friend borrow Kiara, and in week 2 my own Kiara, was blurp dead. So much so that NPs were slower in places.

Castoria era this event is a massive hahahaha.


I remember when full gauge Mara was scary because she has invul pierce in a slow-ass fight

Oh the turn tables


I’m sad Summer Kiara didn’t get a damage bonus, but at least we get more threads.


IIRC the rule of thumb is:

1st floor: Bronze currency
2nd floor: Silver currency
3rd floor: Gold currency
4th floor: Silver currency
5th floor: Gold currency


Yeah, i’ll try to see how farming is with OG Kiara but i will probably still use her summer version even without damage bonus.

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Don’t forget to update your third support list with Ooku supports and CEs if you have them for an easy swap a few minutes before maintenance hits!

I’m putting up Skadi and Castoria on both accounts, but I can move a few servants and CEs throughout the event. Sei and Maou get a damage bonus, so I’m looking forward to it.

Main Support Lineup:

F2P Support Lineup:


You mean (free quests):

1st floor: Mixed (after act 8)
2nd floor: Bronze
3rd floor: Silver
4th floor: Gold
5th floor: Mixed (after act 8)

Before act 8, a good Mixed node to farm is “Twilight Room” on the 3rd Floor: it’s better than the early single nodes if you don’t have many gacha CEs


The story nodes are all mono and Lost probably referred to those primarily. 90+ is irrelevant to this.


I assumed he meant the free quests, yep for story quests that’s correct.

I was talking instead about the distribution of all farming nodes among the floors (early, mid and final nodes): the three single currency nodes (lower lv, lv90, lv90+) are all on the same floor for each currency, with only mixed nodes (lv90) unlocking after act 8 on the first and final floor (with a mixed node unlocking earlier on floor 3 that can be better than the other earlier single nodes).

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Yeah I was referring to story quests.

Here are the free quest maps I found for my Ooku thread last year just as a quick visual:

Floor 1 Drop Map

Floor 2 Drop Map

Floor 3 Drop Map

Floor 4 Drop Map

Floor 5 Drop Map

Of course some areas are locked off till later in the event like the Aura Borealis room.

Also I seem to remember that the actual NA translation of the room names was a bit different from the ones I found.


I don’t have Kiara or I would use her.

Since floor 1 is all bronze I think I am going start out with this and change things up as the rooms open up:

Of course I am open to changing things up. I have 4 mlb gold CE and 5 mlb silver and 5 mlb bronze CE saved from last year.


Given how many will summon for Kama, this time we should be able to easily find supports with MLB gacha CE of each kind, considering it’s also a rerun.

PS: If you have MLB Kaleido consider switching it on your LoliVinci when lv90+ will unlock, I hope my friend will do the same since I’ll need it (otherwise I’ll use a less optimal setup).

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I don’t but I can bump up her append skill at that time and fake it!


I’ll have her up with MLB bronze, the MC makes it easy to 2DPS.

Best of luck getting Kama’s NP levels!

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Maintenance up, see y’all on the other side of Kama

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Now that maintenance is on and this is my first time doing ooku have mercy I was getting my ass kicked by old man li last year on a scale of Parvati to Kiara, how much of a bitch is this event to story clear and farm?

I would call it Parvati level as I think it is one of the easier modern events.

The problem with it comes with it being filled with tons of 1AP nodes with short cutscenes.

It is known as “Loading Screen Hell.”