FGO NA rerun question

Hi all this is my first post here, I’ve been preoccupied lately and haven’t started the rerun yet can it still be completed at a reasonable pace?

you might need to use some apples, but the event gives you a ton from quest rewards, so that shouldn’t be a problem

though you might have to forego completing the shop+all varieties of construction quests as well

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To Clear, the shop completely with no apples will be impossible but there is still time to finish the event and get some of the shop inventory.

For Part 1, it looks like I will be able to finish it and get all but monuments, pieces, 3* EXP, and 3 of the CEs using 5 gold apples. But I’ve been using all of my natural AP since the event dropped on it.

If you didn’t get Scathach Assassin last year, I would advise you get her. You should be able to finish the main quest and get her 4 ascension items from the shop in plenty of time. Remember that it runs until the 28th, but you’ll need to clear part 2’s main mission as well to be able to keep Scathach (and part 2 includes the extra copies for NP5). If you have to prioritize, though, ascension items over copies. A fully ascended NP1 is still useful. A level 40 NP5 is not.