FGO (NA) Strengthening Quests (Part 8)

So, we’re about to get our next round of rank up quests, and since they’ll be 1/2 AP the only reason not to do them right away is if you’re still farming KnK, but let’s be honest the missions shouldn’t take too long and the store is fairly cheap, so let’s hope you’re done with that in time.

Upgrades we’re getting:

Day 1: Kiara: :fgo_kiarasmile:
Her 1st skill will now include a 20-30% arts resistance debuff to 1 enemy for 1 turn. As she’s AoE, that’s not quite as good as an AoE Arts resist down, or just a general Arts up for herself, but it’s something. My guess is the real draw here is the skill goes from a 7T to a 6T CD at lvl 10.

Day 2: Marie: :fgo_mariethuglife:
I’d much rather get her 2nd strengthening, which improves her charm and gives the team a pretty nice Charisma for 3T, but instead we get her NP to go from “wet noodle” to “still slightly wet noodle”. The increase for the team heal is nice as you’re doubling the amount, and more crit strength is never a bad thing. But Marie isn’t that great at producing stars for the team and as a Rider she’ll suck a lot of them up, so it’s nice but doesn’t seem amazing to me.

Day 3: Scheherazade :fgo_scheherazadesmirk:
I’m sure a lot of you loyalists have been waiting for this one - it’s fairly standard fare at first with the normal upgrade in damage, and now has a good chance to reduce their debuff resist by 50% for one time. Each of her skills has a debuff (does NP drain count as a debuff or something else?) - NP drain, a charm, and then an attack down, so this makes a lot of sense for her.

Day 4: Liz (Lancer): :woman_singer:
I’m not a fan of this one - the normal increased damage seems like it’d probably be the only improvement here for most people most of the time, as Liz seems meant to clear a wave when farming and then provide some support for the DPS on W3 through her 1st and 2nd skills; having a buff success down on her NP doesn’t make sense if you clear the entire wave at a time. I feel DW could have done more with this one tbh. Rank E+ indeed.

Day 5: Carmilla: :vampire:
As the proud owner of a NP5 Carmilla, this one will be nice. Increased base damage + the OC effect at 100% is pretty much the same as what used to be at 400%, making those females even more likely to suffer the Phantom Maiden. This might be my own personal choice for most looked forward too.

Day 6: Martha: :facepunch: :angel:
This is her 3rd strengthening, the poor soul. Ruler Martha I think was head and shoulders better than her OG at release, and they even find a way to buff her in the future (I’m looking forward to that). She now gets a 1T 20% Buster buff, activating before her NP…but she still can’t NPBBE, so it’s a bit wasted. If it was like her Ruler version where the OC Defense - activated 1st as well it might fix more of her damage problems, instead of making her just slightly less bad a choice for those that don’t have anyone better.

Day 7: Melt :fgo_meltpensive:
She’ll get a bit easier to use - the demerit for allied NPs is still there unfortunately, but instead of a delayed 20% NP+ after one turn it’s now 20-30% for 2 turns. This is better, yeah - with even the smallest investment it’s a larger buff, for one of the harder to find buffs (NP damage) and it’s just easier to use - if you’re anything like me there have probably been plenty of times you’ve forgot to use her buff the turn before (I don’t have Melt but Ishtar I’ve forgotten her 3rd skill often). Being able to use it immediately should fix that, yeah.

Vote on the poll below which you’re most looking forward to from this round of upgrades; tell us if you’ve finally max ascended some of the older ones and you’re looking forward to those; or if you don’t overly care about these and are focused on the future.


Choose up to 2 options for what you’re most looking forward to:

  • Kiara
  • Marie
  • Scheherazade
  • Liz
  • Carmilla
  • Martha
  • Melt

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I feel like Schez gets way too much hate, I really like her as an AOE caster and occasionally an arts dps, her debuffs also come in handy even though they are a bit niche.

And martha was my 4* ticket pick so I’m glad she gets some love


I’m honestly looking to the future: the next round will have mainstays of my QP farming team like Teach and Medusa; Tama Cat will be vastly upgraded; Stheno; Paracelsus (lotta people looking for that one too); and that wonderful upgrade to OG Saber. With bond grails being a thing + that upgrade she might just get hit with those…


I don’t know that I’ve ever used Schez besides probably nabbing her as a story support for the extra FP during Agartha.

I don’t care for her design or skills myself, but she seems to be loved here - maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like quite a few have grailed her to 100 and made her 10/10/10. They like the storytelling.


While her character is kind of lacking I like her design, and considering I dont have a solid arts caster for dealing damage she’s really valuable for me


But yeah, I actually like her well enough so I hope I can bring her to CQs and not feel like crying at her damage. Carmilla’s will be nice too, I have a soft spot for her since she was one of my starters but also I have Jack now so…

Marie and Carmilla because I actually have them. Carmilla has been needing her NP SQ since ever, and can at least function respectably on her own terms with it since she doesn’t have that stupidly gimped supereffective mod.

In general, Kiara and Melt and Carmilla.

Not especially a fan of Marie but given she’s actually Skadi-compatible, an Interluded NP gives her some broader applicability in a post-Skadi world, which is coming up soon; she was/is actually used for 3T farm even in this recent VD. Her Rider star weight is nice too if for some reason you need to clear a W2 mis-boss/W3 boss. There are certainly far superior options provided you can enable them, but if you can only enable her then she can be aight enough.

Scheherazade’s is pretty good for what she brings.

I agree that she needs more, particularly when as a wave-clearer she isn’t even a very good option even on a ‘budget’ considering JASL exists and she only has 20% in-kit ATK Up. Or, heck, Arash for certain W2s and Spartacus existing. It’s nice for those that like her a lot, and debuff success rate is a curious and potentially nifty skill, just wasted on her.

Kinda comparing apples and oranges ain’t it? One’s a pure support who happens to have an AOE NP (which you only ever really use for softening up enemies, so they could have added something more to it), the other’s a pure, selfish DPS. I’ve had Martha since release and she has literally never been about her card chains or lack thereof so much as on-demand debuff cleanse and later buff removal (which does get nerfed but is still situationally powerful since bosses can spam self-buffs). That was her use during the earlier part of the games, during the Solomon raids (guaranteeing allies hit maximum possible damage like my Cu (Alter)), and so forth.

If you wanted a semi-supportive Rider who can happen to deal good damage for their rarity whose actual cards you want to make use of, rather than being weirdly bulky statline-wise, you throw out Alex for his sub-Wu buffs and later ST buff-stripping, or you make use of Iskandar for some reason, or Teach on a budget with healing and Voyager, or later Bart for strengthening crit-based burst turns.

Melt’s is really nice, makes me wish I had her even more than I already did. These are fine but I’m more so looking forward to the Anni buffs, overall.

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Yay, 3 more SQ for me!

Otherwise, meh. I don’t use Liz, Marie, or Martha much. Liz probably gets the most use, but the rank up doesn’t do much for her.

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Oh, I wasn’t comparing the roles of Martha (Rider) and (Ruler). Since Rider Martha was one of those that only had 2 skills on release, she’s needed much more just to catch up to where the others were at their start. Carmilla also only had 2 skills on release - for some reason DW must have thought that made sense, idk.

Martha (Ruler) just felt more complete with what they wanted her to do - be tanky and deal damage, while they didn’t (and kinda still don’t) seem to know what they want from (Rider). Kinda tanky support according to her skills, but her NP is meant to do damage (even though her attack is terrible). They could have buffed her NP with an additional OC effect like Attack down or something to help her own tankiness and to keep the team alive, or increased her healing effectiveness so her heals are better, or increased her NP gen so that, like Medea, her bad damage is offset by doing it multiple times. But I still feel like Martha is in a weird spot.


This still helps if she’s using her NP on a wave of two weak enemies and a mini/boss enemy so she can target the strongest one for that extra damage.

Kiara and Martha are the only Servants I have in this line up, so they’re obviously the ones I’m most interested in. Although, let’s be real, I never field Martha for her NP…

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Does Arts resist down only improve her damage, or does it also improve the arts card star gen (which normally is just about 0 I think) and the NP gain from it for Kiara?

Arts Up would normally do those things for her, but I don’t know if “Arts Resist” works the same way.

as i only use kiki and schez, easy vote is easy… and since i has no merlin, and just got shiki, no way am i choosing the busters. and as far as the quicks go, i don’t has melt and i like surfmo better.

My understanding is it just improves damage, for the reasons you said, although I could be wrong.

IF that’s the case, then yeah, Arts+ would have been better for more NP gain

I think also work for npgain. But star gen should not work.

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Ah, my misunderstanding then. Yeah, I don’t know what DW was on back in the day, but as we all (hopefully) no, launch FGO and for awhile thereafter was a bloody mess and a half.

I agree with that. Quirkiness with her Waterside stuff aside, she’s a resilient beatstick through and through and she’s fine enough at that without having any glaring weirdness.

Personally as someone that almost always uses her with PG/Outrage, I’d sooner see the DEF down raised, although AOE healing effectiveness up could be a cute, situationally useful thing too.

Also that.
She definitely is in a weird spot. Most of her potential is left untapped if you don’t have PG/Outrage, two Limited event CE with the latter locked behind RP if you missed it (and afaicr only for a limited time), otherwise her Rider star weight is a pressing issue since you don’t want her to stick around long. Well, unless you know she’ll get deleted by an AOE NP or whatever after she pops her two skills, then it’s w/e regardless. In terms of raw defensive support, we currently have better options and will get even more. She’s rather unique, but so very circumstantial, since debuff cleanse and/or ST buff wiping on-demand is nice but not always inherently something that can get in the of simply… deleting the enemies.

It frustrates me, since I like her a great deal.


Pretty sure it should. Functionally, they work additively/are the same as Arts up for the party, except instead of applying to her (e.g. Euryale’s Arts up), it applies to the whole team. Compare how e.g. Quick res up can all but eliminate active stargen, or Arts res up for NP gen, as we’ve seen in say Onigashima. Or heck, how Karna’s NP makes everyone weaker to Busters if the debuff lands. The debuffs show on facecards, so the effect is obviously there; this is no different.

Kiara and Melt got strengthened? Like hell I care… People with Kiara and Melt should go and STELLA!!!

Looking for sherazande.
As a proud owner of her np2, plus tamamo and bride , I am getting hooked by arts meme looping.
Her damage right now is… Low. So low…
I mean even with double Tama + bride…
I have to say, if her niche proc , king, she does absurd damage, I mean something like 300k damage with those buff, without her sq and Tama sq.

The most important is probably melt tho. She is a looper. 2 or 3 np in a row are not that hard for her, and the close to relase skadi + bb summer…