FGO NA - Summer 2021 Rerun in Las Vegas - Farming Guide & Mana Loading append skill (All DPS)

The complete guide for Summer 2021 in Las Vegas.
If covering both the usual lv90 farming nodes and the new lv90+ wasn’t enough, they just had to throw Servant Coins into the mix. Add a Summer Event (that’s 50% longer than usual ones) and indeed it’s only natural for the guide to end up this long.
I’m really excited for the faster updates, let’s just hope they don’t mess too much with our clairvoyance in regard to summoning campaigns.
FGO NA - Summer 2021 Rerun in Las Vegas - Farming Guide & Mana Loading append skill (All DPS)
UPDATED GUIDE showing Musashi and Godjuna 6 SLOT setup with Mana Loading for Camelot Millionaire node: https://youtu.be/fI0G06eAlMk
UPDATED GUIDE showing Musashi 6 SLOT setups with Mana Loading for all VIP nodes: https://youtu.be/aoODXocmXio


I need the QP…

Though I’m sure a lot of us are going to be super eager for a lotto to throw our embers at 100+ grails.


I honestly simply need Summer Hokusai, because i missed the event last year.

Getting a lot of QP is only an added bonus, improving my Saber Art Party compositions is what matter most right now.

A pity for the Rare Prisms i’ll miss, but at least i’ll get a brand new welfare.


Most of the early ones look easily 6-slottable, but these new Millionaire nodes are pretty crazy…
Is this how things started to look during the short period where they tried balancing around 3T looping?

Wait, hang on a minute.

Isn’t that…?


No, it can’t be…


A Jing Ke farming node!? Seriously??
Welp, screw the rest of the event. Bond 13, here I come!


Quetzalcoatl in that node also has the “king” trait, so if she had her recent JP rank up I would have put her as the best quick DPS for the Bronze Millionaire node :grin:.
I like how these new nodes are suprising more and more people with DPS no one thought about using (like Mysterious Heroine X during Requiem event).


Is it better to MLB the bunny event ce or spread it out? To get more drops? I already MLB the summer murasaki CE twice (some leftovers from last time) and before i MLB the bunny one i was wondering if it was worth having multiple CE’s for more drops?

Gosh, how I hate summer events (most probably an unpopular opinion lol) :fgo_fou_kick:

The only one I liked is probably chuuni Jalter’s and it was the only one I took interest in and actually read. (though that was a lot of grind)

I don’t even want to throw multi to get CEs (probably will wait til the 2nd banner)

sigh I can’t even think of skipping it because I don’t want to miss the mats :fgo_okitacry:

Not spending a single coin till they give me the correct number


I’ve MLB all my gacha CEs one year ago. The 5 CE slot (Bella Lisa from support) in my setups will look like this: MLB Mona Lila, 2 MLB spawn bonus CE, MLB gacha CE, MLB Detective Fou or extra spawn bonus CE.

Clearing the shop shouldn’t take too much and since the Free Quests give so much QP, it’s not even worth exchanging the extra gold mats from the shop for QP: you’ll get more with an extra QP bonus CE.

What if that number is 69


Summer 3 was definitely the best one so far, the Ishtar race was fun but the 2nd part was kinda boring and Las Vegas is even worse than i remembered now that i’m no longer biased towards Hokusai.

I get that the plot isn’t supposed to have much sense in these events but this is a bit too much, Luluhawa at least made some sense at the start. Though i guess it’s also mainly due to the cast of each event, Robin was way more entertaining than Siegfried for example.


Does anyone know what which append skills are best for summer musashi? I would go for the extra np but i figured she would be able to get by with double castoria. Im not sure about the 3rd one since its only lancers.

3rd sucks since it’s crit resist down,


The first 2 only. Don’t bother with the third.


Don’t forget the first summer event: developping your own island alone with the very first summer servants it’s hard to forget…That and the piglets.
From summer 3 I want to read the complete Doujins…


For the most part, yeah, but one exception is you are comparing an MLB Welcome Bunny on non-Fever gold currency node to a QP bonus CE that only gives 5% (Free Seating, Foumes, non-borrowed Bella Lisa). For instance, on Camelot Millionaire with max spawn bonus, 5% QP bonus averages 130427 QP, but an MLB gold currency CE averages 185020 QP from shop exchange. Since in this case, you get more QP than 5% bonus from an MLB CE, and can’t from a non-MLB, it’s worth it to MLB and take it along with borrowed BL and your own ML for QP. On Fever nodes, though it looks like even 5% QP bonus probably outdoes MLB gold currency.

I wasn’t, my bad since I didn’t quote the question from @chach99 so maybe it was misleading.

He asked if he shoud keep multiple Welcome Bunny CEs separate to get an higher drop bonus for gold currency, so I answered he should MLB it and fill the CE slots like in my example: reaching a guaranteed spawn bonus leave only 2 slots which I indeed filled with MLB Mona Lisa and the MLB gold CE in question (with 5% QP bonus CE only being an option if he didn’t get the extra spawn bonus CE while farming to guaranteed the spawn, since I doubt he has sufficient gold CEs to MLB two of them or he wouldn’t have asked the question).

The last part you quoted was referred to farming with multiple (not MLB) gold CEs with the aim of getting QP from the shop, instead of using the setup I mentioned above.

PS: Where did you get the drop rates for QP for the Camelot Millionaire (not Fever) node? I couldn’t find them when making the last minute edit to the guide since they are left blank here https://gamepress.gg/grandorder/quest/play-camelot-roulette-millionaire-revival

I’m going off of a spreadsheet from Domus Aurea

Click the tab labeled " 復刻水着2019(QP効率)" and the information for Camelot Millionaire is at the very bottom (non-Fever under the blue banner on the left)

Ah I found that one linked in last year guide, but since since it didn’t list the individual rates for each different QP stack, I tried extrapolating the values I needed for my plot and I found out something wasn’t right with their numbers: the increase at a FIXED QP bonus with the spawn bonus was consistent, but at a FIXED spawn bonus the total average QP you get should increase linearly in percentage with the QP bonus and that wasn’t the case…

QP= (base QP with no QP bonus CE) x (100 + % QP bonus)/100

If you try with their first column to get the base QP drop (in millions) which should be FIXED you get: 1.512853/1.05=1.44081 , 1.608256/1.10=1.46205 , 1.703658/1.15=1.48144

That’s why I decided to wait until the event started to see if I could find another set of data, that would list the individual rates for each QP stack (no error could be made there)

UPDATED GUIDE showing Musashi 6 SLOT setups with Mana Loading for all VIP nodes: https://youtu.be/aoODXocmXio