FGO NA - Summer 2021 Rerun in Las Vegas - Farming Guide & Mana Loading append skill (All DPS)

Is the current rerun event so fun that everyone’s away from here, playing…or is it so uninteresting that no one’s discussing it?? :fgo_think:

I’m the latter lol

i be chillin’ just on natural ap but with no qp ce (i just unlocked ML in rp but was only able to buy just one copy :fgo_fou_kick:)

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We did discuss it a lot last year.

If you want more, bump the old thread and I’ll start with the extra stuff I found this time. :fgo_gilwink:

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Does it make sense to put Jack with MLB Kaleido on support for the millionaire node?
I’m not entirely sure my support list is optimal lol.
This is my support at the moment:

I don’t have Bella Lisa, so this is the best I could think to do.
I do have three MLB Kaleido’s though, so if you have any suggestions LMK.

Other units for consideration:
NP4 Jack lvl 90
NP5 Lvl 100 Astarte with lvl 10 Mana Loading
NP5 lvl 90 Zerkerlot with lvl 10 Mana Loading

I have lvl 100 MGoS but didn’t think it’d be helpful here?
I feel like if I don’t put up an event CE/QP CE or Kaleido it won’t really help.

I think most people are just borrowing Skadi with MLB BL, at least that is what most of my FL looks like right now, I myself don’t have that CE though but that is what I pick. I have the MLB variant of the gacha CEs but I am not seeing many players picking them, normally they be blowing up my supports for the CEs.


Yeah that makes sense.
I too am picking BL Skadi lol.
I would like to play around with arts comps, but Tamamo is hard to find :fgo_wavercry:

I am trying to get the Nemo CE before it disappears, so I haven’t purchased BL from the RP shop yet.
But it’s next on my list!
64 days left to get 4,000 MP for the rest of the Nemo CEs… I think it’s probably doable. :feh_maethink:

Well, I’ll put up my Jack for now I suppose. I doubt anyone is using my Skassassin anyway lol.


I’ve been picking Skadi or Waver with bond CE the 15% one cuz I needed those fast SQ. Gonna stop after one more run though.

Still, maybe someone may need to grind bond instead of QP…later.

Usually I check all the setups I’ve compiled in the guide and choose some DPS servants that can be used in a setup that don’t require double support Skadi/Waver/Merlin, meaning my friend could actually want them if they already have the big support but not that specific DPS.

For example for the Millionaire Silver node coming in one more day, some of my quick setups use Bunnytoria with MLB spawn bonus CE (no double support required) so you could consider putting the extra CE copy there. Similarly if you have lv10 Mana Loading for Musashi you could put the MLB Spawn CE on her for those who wants to farm the VIP nodes like I showed in the last edit to the guide here:

Regarding Jack, she is definitely more usefull than Shishou: given you have her at NP4 with a superscope, someone could use only their own Skadi and Waver to farm the Bronze Millionaire node (the 6 slot setup with Jack require Waver AND double Skadi as I showed in the guide, so no point in giving her the spawn bonus CE)


Thank you for the suggestions and feedback.
I need more coin for Musashi sadly. :fgo_brynsad:
Prob should get her some bond levels.
I have put Jack up, I hope she helps someone lol.

I watched your guide, it’s really helpful. Currently using a slightly modified version of your Arash Jack Waver Skad Skad. Very nice indeed.

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I hate this event so much as far as farming goes… It forcing me to use plugsuit for 3 turning; but I can’t give up on mystic code exp for arctic so have to farm in manually the old fashioned way… :catcry:


I hate this event, because even though I have mlbs of all this events gacha ces, I can’t use them. I have to stack spawn bonus and qp bonus or else I won’t make qp Gate. I hate when events do this, which makes us spend more ap, because later on I’ll have to waste more using gacha ces to fill out what currency-less runs cost me. The only saving grace is I get lots of qp. Hopefully when I reach 300 million on the counter, my currency will be enough to clear out what I want from the shop.


Probably not tbh. I have some gacha CEs from last year and just never needed them then.


Why are you 3 turning though?


At least for non milionare fever runs. You know before they unlocked. Sucks they can’t be 3 turned, last wave had 7 mobs. I only did one so far.


So far I’ve put only a single MLB gacha CE in my setups and yeah sometime I replaced it with the 5% QP bonus CE to reach the QP gate faster.

That’s for sure: this event is long and currency drop is generous if you can farm the millionaire nodes. That’s why in the video I advised to MLB your gacha CE, since even in that case you won’t always put them in your setup.

There is one exception being the MLB Gold gacha CE: if you are running the Camelot Millionaire node it seems worth more QPs than a 5% QP bonus CE (exchanging the extra gold currency from the shop). I say “seems” because the only data available for the Camelot Millionaire node might have some errors like I explained here:

You could also make a point that the 5% QP bonus CE also gives bonus Bond and given we’ll farm a lot (and bonds mean more Quartzs for Castoria and more coins for append) you might want to still use that CE over a MLB gacha gold CE.


I’ve neither rolled for this event (this year or the last), nor am I using apples (I also have the damage CE on my DPS which means I’m not fully QP stacking), and not only have I had no issue with the QP cap, I’m almost halfway to clearing the shop with 2 weeks left (skipped the copies of the damage CE though).

And while it’s true that I’m face card farming (taking about 6-7 turns on average depending on the node), for me, events like this are the best time to use fun comps anyway so it works out perfectly.

Hasn’t even really taken up much time either…


I totally agree with that. There is no need to min-turn nodes in events like this, as I will not be using apples, so time is not a problem. I prefer these kind of event that allow us to clear most of the shop with natural AP, even if we have to choose which CE prioritise (event or QP). In the end, I will clear the shop.
As an addition, time gate is not really a problem: I do not need to do the next story chapter as soon as it realeases; I just use my Daily AP and get to the story 2 days later.


In my case:


I can’t unlock the Emiya quest that requires mission 66 completion 30 “balanced servants”. I have 24/30 but can’t find which free quests has them. I hope its not only clearable with specific fever quests.

Edit: found the best node for it thanks to the enemy locator (slipped my mind earlier). Since I still needed poker knights as well, camelot beginner is best since it has poker knights x2 and balanced Leonidas. One less poker knight than non balanced, but still balances it out, since I kill 2 birds with one stone and save 10 ap per run.


UPDATED GUIDE showing Musashi and Godjuna 6 SLOT setup with Mana Loading for Camelot Millionaire node: https://youtu.be/fI0G06eAlMk


My current 6 CE team for Camelot Millionaire is: Caster Helena, Caster Nero, Merlin and Waver. Nero has her 2nd append skill at lv1.

  • W1: Helena S3, Merlin S1&S3 for Nero, swap Merlin for Waver and use Wavers S2&S3, Nero S2&S3, Nero NP.
  • W2: Helena S1&S2, Helena NP.
  • W3: Waver S1 on Nero, Nero S1 and plugsuit ATK buff, Nero NP.

For [FEVER] Camelot Millionaire I’m just going with Caster Nero and double Waver. Now with the CEs: with 3x QP CEs I’ll get 5,9M QP and with 4x QP CEs I’ll get 6,1-6,2M QP. Would it be better to change one 5% QP CE to one Dream Chip CE (don’t have mlb one available). For turn count, it’s usually 9-10T (even with mlb damage CE) so I use 2x mlb DSP instead of damage CE.

Edit: So I’ll get 5,9M QP with 3x QP CEs and extra 20-22 chips as drops, which are worth about 110,000QP… so yeah, I’ll just go with 4x QP CEs.