FGO newbie advice

So I started a week ago and have some questions.

  1. Gilfest, should I bother? F/Zero’s EX farms were ok-ish, while Black Iri bossfight rekt me hard and needed 1 quartz. I’m hearing double Skadi and NP5 Dantes, and lvl70+ which sounds scary.

  2. I’m pretty tired from F/Zero farming and my lineups are bad. Should I pump XP and mats in Arash and Spartacus or chill and wait for xmas?

My dudes are mostly lvl 40-25. Best dps was Stheno, which is seriously bad. Don’t have any Sabers, only Lancer is Leonidas.

Starndard strat was hiding behind 1 strong support unit, while my 5 man team tried not to get wiped while buffing/debuffing, or did class advantage chip damage.

I have no dps. Highest was lvl 40 Stheno, 2nd is lvl 40 Martha, which is pretty bad.

Support was lvl 25 Gerog facetanking 1-2 turns before dying, then Martha’s and Caster Cu’s NP def debuff.
Kid Iskandar has an atk buff but still negligible dmg even with NP.
Hans NP heals were seriously inconsistent and did negligible dmg. Iri was similar but with no NP gain.

Only 40 quartz and 18 tix lol.

There’s a stickied thread for questions like this.

Just go here

Something’s preventing me from deleting the thread tho.

Well, the issue is you probably need Gilfest MORE because of the lack of leveled servants. The good news is you only need one. I am relatively new and my Jeanne carries me while the support servant does all the work. Rofl. Do not worry too much about that, just try to get SOMEBODY to max level.

If you are already tired of the grinding, I am not sure what to say. Sadly that is all this game is. Event after event you just do the same nodes over and over again until you get time to do the story. Speaking of which, I believe the Christmas Lottery was the one that required Lostbelt completion. I doubt you will make it in time, I doubt I will myself to be honest. So if it is a question of then or now, bet on now.

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You can’t delete threads once someone replies to it

Would still recommend you do Nerofest, even if you have to do the easier difficulty quests. Burn every single apple you have into it.

You can do what I did during the first Nerofest, when my account was a few weeks old, which is borrow a whale Cu Alter and go ham with his face cards while charging up a NP for the last wave. That worked out fine for me even on the highest difficulty nodes, though obviously farming speed was slow. But it works, and is still well worth your time. If you want to support Cu, you should level up and bring along Mash, Georgios, and Leonidas for taunting purposes.

Any lotto boxes you farm will give a huge boost in powering up your roster with embers, mats, and gems.


I second this advice. I first started during the first run of Summer 2, and Nerofest wasn’t long after that. Even though my roster was still immature, I managed to clear 30-ish boxes and nearly all the CQs off of friend supports. The gems, QP, exp, and materials were a huge shot in the arm for my burgeoning account.

It may seem intimidating to read over the requirements for optimized three-turn farming, but that’s because optimized three-turn farming is hard to pull off, so it’s what warrants the most discussion. You don’t need a three-turn comp to get tons of value out of a lotto, so don’t worry about what the whales are doing. You’ll get there one day, but only by taking it one step at a time.

But, yeah, if you have a low tolerance for repetitive grinding, you may not want to get too invested in FGO, as that’s most of what you’ll be doing.


I wish it was Nerofest. Now the golden fool has it instead


Yeah, I’m reserving judgement until I know the circumstances, but if my Emperor is displeased, there will be no mercy.


Gilfest is the best time to stock up on embers and ascension mats. I have so many low level servants waiting for this event to get maxed level.

Skills wont matter much unless your servant’s HP is high enough to survive the next turn that’s why max ascending is more important than max skill. People make a common mistake of spreading their resource thin by leveling servants uniformly. I level servants up one at a time unless i need two new servants for the event.

You need first to raise your mash to max because she gives defense buff and an enemy ST NP free pass.
She is your tank and she gives protection to your whole team.

Since you will rely on DPS friend support, you will need your own support. Hans for general support.
Mozart for Arts buff and Shakespeare for buster buff.

Raise a david for a plugsuit enemy AOE NP free pass.

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Kinda seems overkill. Saber OG, Okita, Musashi, so many sabers can solo the lotto node. Raising hans and David for it seems like you’re treating it as a story fight, instead of a beat down by friend support. Level 1 servants as ce carriers work too, no need to raise Hans and Mozart.

See, the thing is, both Hans and Mozart are investments for the future too, as well as present. Might as well get started. David is also worth investing for the future as well.