FGO Pinball Release Campaign

Instead of Gutentag Omen, the NA version gets a pinball game where you can unlock all the Riyo Servants also we’re still getting the 10 SQ just like JP.



Not even 5 mins in and I already broke it :fgo_ereshdistress:


A harsh reality indeed.

I wanted to continue the story, but like the Gold Saucer in FF7 and Triple Triad in FF8 I will now be sidetracked.


Game broke and broke my phone everytime :/

I got something weird :fgo_mashthink:


Killed a few minutes.

Where do you play it/ download it ?

I may or may not be addicted even though I suck at pinball.

ALRIGHT! I knew all those hours spent playing Space ace and Senran Kagura pinball were good for something!


Well, that is a beautiful mental image.

Also, this honestly explains so much…

This next bit is largely irrelevant, but I think the localization team sometimes goes through game forums, so I'll give some feedback in case

Game play wise, It’s fun too play, but a more than a bit glitchy. The ball would randomly float upwards when it got on the top part of the screen, the flippers would lock up, or the screen would stop responding, or start randomly lagging. All in all, if this was a rushed job or something, because, let’s be real, it’s just side content that’s for funzies, it’s okay to have a few bugs. Thankfully progress saves between page refreshes, otherwise it would be quite infuriating. (This was in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox)

Presentation: it’s pretty good. the images are sharp and clear. A colored background would have been nice, not even something fancy, just the sky halo thing from the promo art of part 1 or the art used in the twitter share cards could work to have given it more life. Also, maybe a lighter color for the machine instead of gray would have made it popped out more. Minor stuff, so not really worth worrying. That said, The SQ spinning, the lights turning on, it does make it feel energetic and fast paced.

Other: downright unplayable on my mobile device’s internet browser.

Fun game, I enjoyed it! I honestly didn’t expect us to get anything like this!

Same here, try playing the version on PC, a bit more stable. It’ll stall crash, but it’s at least playable.


Finally, I have comple-

I mean, Elementary, my dear.


The pinball game was pretty fun for the first few minutes… before it crashed.


The site has been crashing a lot here. I’m grateful for the SQ though.

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This is cute hahah

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Wasn’t crashing for me, but I’m not very good at it. Ozy was one of my first prizes… Think maybe he’s hinting he needs grails?

My phone didn’t quite manage to run it perfectly.
The uneven performance was a bit annoying but I like the design of it.
Only complaint is that I felt that the score panel was positioned a bit too close to the middle.
It was fun though.

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No PC/Laptop

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Finally got them all. The stupid bonus rounds were way too difficult to trigger and now my phone needs a major charge.

Some of the descriptions were really cute other just meh.

Awww, good thing I gave him lots of playtime during Anastasia.

Full of love and thinking of me… And I’ve got these 3 grails and qp to burn…


Quite a fun game for me to kill some time. It’s quite obvious who’s the golden child of the developer when you take a good look at the flavor text.

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