FGO Questions From a Newbie!

Hello Forum Friends!

Firstly, sorry if these are out of place or dumb questions. (I’ll remove the post if there is a better place to ask!) But that said, I’m kinda puzzled about some FGO things! I’m hoping you more experienced players can help sort me out. (and I’m always afraid of doing something in these games and messing up somehow…) I tried to read up on some stuff on the gamepress site, but it’s so much info to take in when only playing for the first day, and there’s so much I don’t understand… that’s why I figured a good ol’ forum post would clear things up! (@ u @ )/

Here they are! :

Question 1: Are there any recommended teams with what I have?

Currently I have these servants:
Chevalier d’Eon
Marie Antoinette
Caster of Midrash
Gaius Julius Caesar
Mash Kryielight

I kept reading about “Buster Arts and Quick” memes with highly sought after servants, but I don’t have any of those at the moment. Maybe I can make an Arts team with Cheavalier d’Eon, Caster of Midrash and Mash Kryielight? I’m not sure if that works… I’m just trying to match card colors and they have lots of blue arts ones?

I also read somewhere that I should keep restarting till I get Herc?
Is he really that good or should I keep what I have?

Question 2: Who should I level up first?

I just finished summoning from the tutorial, and on the first three saint quartz you get, I decided to try and roll and I ended up getting Caster of Midrash one of the two new featured servants on one of the current character banners! People say “level who you like the most!” so I watched YouTube videos of all 5 of their voice clips and stuff, and I can say with confidence that I’m happy I got her! I wouldn’t mind trying to level her up, but is there a better option for me? I also heard that Mash is really good too. Please let me know your suggestions! <3

Those two were the two big questions I had for now.
To all those who read this thread, thank you for your time regardless of your reply or not!
Have a wonderful day, and good luck in your gacha! <3


Yo !
Midrash can also work as a good semi-support Arts/Buster servant
so you could pair her with mash and a friends’buster/art dps

mash is absolutely great so you should prioritize leveling her,you can pair her with basically everyone

i would also advise to level the low rarities like david whenever you get him
eon is also a taunter so he kinda does mash’s job ,Gaius is a good st saber who offers some good team support

Marie is sadly meh,she is good at surviving…and that’s it

So yeah you could build a team with midrash and mash as a core and a friend’s dps support as a 3rd member

i would adivse to use midrash as the main dps only when you face assasins or maybe berserkers
You can also level Gaius since he is a good saber as i said,and sadly there are no free available saber for a while…till you get to camelot and you get one for free

so level priorities : Mash

and no need to restart for herc
he is good but you have a fine team like this so no need to

i hope i was able to answer all your questions


Thank you very much for all of this! I don’t understand team compositions very well, so this was definitely helpful!

It seems like Mash and Midrash have some good synergy, so I’ll focus on those two for now. Also thank you for the heads up on David! I read that David has a really good evasion skill. Would he be good to level up and add to the team once I get a copy of him? Or is it better to just pile on characters in a team that have damage advantage?

ie: Assassin Enemies
Do I just pick a bunch of Casters? Or do I want to make sure I have 1 Attacker Servant, and more support?
Sorry for asking all these questions!!

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always welcome
well against an assasin bunch…most casters are support oriented so picking a full caster team will definetly work

yeah level david asap ,he is really great and you will eventually get more copies

i would also suggest leveling one aoe and st servant for each class when the time comes
I would mostly use him(david) in bossgights thanks to that evade…he is not really the best farmer but tbh he really works everywhere

ah and him and midrash have great synergy…she can buff his arts and buster damage and that’s optimal in his case since he has a triple art deck and a buster np and he provides more damage with his charisma and a teamwide evade/debuff cleanse


Aha! That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for spelling out everything for me, I’m always afraid I’m going to waste beginning resources, so having a plan when I play always makes me feel better. I’ve always heard about FGO but this is the first time picking it up because I really wanted to understand how the new Babylonia Anime works with the series. If the game is anything like the anime, I think I’ll be hooked. <3


you’re welcome .
Have fun playing the game !

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  1. @belluchi forgot to say “Welcome to Hell” smh
  2. Welcome to Hell, enjoy your stay
  3. I see the anime rly is a good ad for the game. If you enjoyed the show and don’t mid some hefty reading, then I recon you’ll take a liking to FGO’s story

Now on topic:

Bell gave you a good run down so I’ll just add some side pointers:

  • Since you’re completely new don’t be hesitant to rely on friend support Servants until you can make self-sufficient teams. Anyone on the forum would be glad to help with that.
  • Some other exceptional low-rarity Servants you should look into as you get them are Hans, George, Arash, Spartacus, Robin Hood, Ushiwakamaru, Cu and Euryale. They are all great units that you may like.

And Mash is great. Level Mash


i forgot the most important advise xD

@Sharararan also keep in mind…sometimes you’ll get lucky and sometimes you won’t but mostly enjoy the game for what it has to offer(great story…great soundtracks+good graphisms)

anyway you should be ready now…welcome to hell and enjoy your stay here


Hi and welcome to hell FGO! Hope you enjoy your stay for there’s lots of exciting current content and more to come! Sadly I don’t have much in the way of advice and tips for @belluchi sama seemed to have gave enough plenty. But there is something I can say that’ll make you enjoy your stay. And that is to find yourself a husbando/waifu/favorite/harem/whatever you want to call it. Reason being is, well, finding one gives you an “easy” reason why you should work hard to raise them. While others you’ve set aside will come along sooner or later. If you’ve ever played an RPG before where you raised up a character to be the best they could be, the feeling of satisfaction is pretty much applies here. I’m not saying you should find one now though, there’s plenty of quirky, fun, and interesting characters we currently have now with lots more to come so in time you’ll learn to like someone. And that’s all. Again, enjoy and have fun saving the world!


Recommended basic team setup would be

  1. Tank/taunt - Mash is best, d’eon does well too
  2. DPS - rely on friend support Attacker
  3. Support/buffer - Hans or Midrash etc

Order of your line up

Herc is recommended starter because he can attack any class type except foreigner however this will cost him his survivability that’s why he needs a taunter alongside. You wont need taunt and support if you can deploy a full team of class advantage. That’s why it’s best to at least have a single target dps and AOE dps for every class. Once you have your own dps, you can borrow your friend’s support for more bang.


A really basic, f2p team would be Mash, Hans, and support Merlin/Waver(Zhuge Liang) or Cu Alter/Heracles. Generally you would choose Cu Alter or Heracles for soloing bosses and Waver/Merlin for general content. Level Mash as main priority as damage in this game is not really important at lower levels. As long as your team is alive, you will win. Eventually. I would say to invest most of the the three star archers, most specifically, David, because of his harp of healing. Next would be Robin Hood or Euryale, depending how close you are to a certain sun gorilla.To be perfectly honest, the entirety of part one can be done by support solos

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Hate to be a party pooper here, but the Choco Caster needs stakes for ascension (and skills beyond lvl4) which are only regularly available in Salem atm, and to get to Salem, you’ll need to finish the entire Part 1 of the game (Fuyuki + 7 singularities + the Grand Finale). You’re going to be fine even with her being underlevelled in earlier singularities but when you reach Camelot, she won’t be able to carry you, I’m afraid. On the other hand, the Christmas 2019 event is coming soon, and it’s going to have stakes in its shop so don’t miss out the opportunity to grab the necessary things to raise your money-obsessed Caster.

Actually, a piece of friendly advice: this game has the main content (which isn’t going anywhere) and limited Events (that give you a lot of useful stuff and sometimes - free 4* servants). Try to prioritize events when they happen because all the things you get there will make your FGO life easier in the long run.


Hello and welcome to FGO!
Everyone pretty much did a great job at going through what you should so I’ll just welcome you and offer my two cents.

  • Trust me make Mash your first priority, she will be a mainstay in your team virtually throughout the game.
  • Do not worry about rerolling for Herc, I too started the game out with d’Eon, she stayed in my party for quite a while till I moved on to better servants which you too will eventually. She’s a great defensive option for stall teams if you’re into that.
  • Be a bit stingy with resources (Qp, mats) when I first started out I thought damn what am I going to do with all the qp they keep giving me, now I have to farm doors! Only invest in servants you either like or will be use to you in the long run
  • Speaking for servants for the long run. Arash and Hans are both highly recommended as well as David. As great as caster of Midrash is trust me you’ll get better offensive or supportive options down the road even in the form of welfares and hopefully a lot in the form of your own rolls. Trust me I probably have the 3 best 5* archers in the game right now but I still use Arash, he is that good! Everyone has already talked about Hans enough, and David is simply the most versatile servant in the game. He has a kit that almost does everything and shit strong NP if buffed right, he works great with Mash.
  • The team comp I’d recommend which should work in most nodes and boss fights-Mash,David and a support DPS depending on class of the node. Its really easy to complete Arc 1 just with supports.
  • Lastly rolls, if you’re F2P I’d highly recommend being selective on what banners you roll on. Don’t roll on anything you don’t want. Top priorities are definitely the servants you like most regardless of where they are on the tier list! Then you can start rolling for gameplay if you feel like you need anyone. There are some great upcoming banners and I’d personally recommend
  1. The Jalter Banner with Emiya and Siegfried coming in Jan. Both Emiya and Jalter are amazing units and Sieg himself is pretty underrated.
  2. The winter fes banner in Feb if we get it. Ozy and Cleo are both premier servants in their class and Nitocris is one of the best farmers in the game
  3. The knights of the round table banner in Feb if we get it. Trust me its one of the best banners you’ll get, all the servants are great and if you manage to NP5 Bedi you’ll never have to worry about Lancer bosses.
    Good luck on your journey and your rolls!

If you’re F2P, you should focus on Welfare servnt and 3* and lower rarity. You don’t really need SSR/SR servant to go through the game if your team composition is good. There is a ton of 1*/2*/3* servant which are really good just look at the 3* tiers of gamepress. At least the servant from the first tier to the third tiers can be really useful and be maxed without any problem.

For example, Mozard can be a good art support if you use him correctly. Same for Shakespeare who can be a good buster support. and those two are respectively a one star servant and a two star one. Hans who is a two star servant is one of the best support ine the game with amazing skill and an amzing np.

Mash is easly the best servant of the game if you take into account the cost to raise. Her skill are amazing and real cheap.

Caesar is a good st sabre with good support skill so if you like his attrocious design you can raise him.

All in all, just raise who you like first. The game is really easy until Camelot anyways. Just keep in mind that the most impotrant is to have all class covered with one or two servant that you can count on. Rarity make the game easier but is not a necessity at all.

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Early on you probably don’t need to wait worry too much about forming good teams as a good support unit can probably solo all the encounters till about Camelot anyways.

If you wanted to build a team however you selection is pretty limited to a basic arts team running Caster of Midrash, Mash and a support tamamo if you can find one.

Restarting is recommend usually but as you’ve already rolled and gotten midrash I assume you’ve made a little headway and wouldn’t recommend it. Herc is pretty oppressively good but he requires alot of investment to get his bond ce which makes him that good (not to say he’s trash without it just his performance sky rockets with it) and you are probably better off just borrowing a support Herc anyways.

I’d say focus on both Mash and Caster of Midrash. Mash has story locked skill progression so it’ll take a while till she’s performing at her maximum level where she’s really good.

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Hey! If you need some support, I can lend you me servants. Shoot me a message for my friend code. :slightly_smiling_face: :blush:


I wouldn’t mind either. Post your FC here and I’ll add you if you’re interested. :+1:


I’ll help also.


I’ll lend a hand too, hope you like arts memes!

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Hello Everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for all the support and help! I read each and every comment posted here and my head feels like it’s going to explode with all the info! Also, a special thanks to those who reached out and even offered to add me as a friend. No doubt you’d carry me to victory! <3

… Unfortunately though, I made a huge mistake on my part. .__.

I decided earlier today I was going to play FGO on my tablet because it was bigger/easier on my eyes than my phone, and I didn’t know there was a transfer code system when I was doing this. I installed the app on my tablet at the same time I deleted the game from my phone thinking the characters/account was going to save to my Google Play Games account… and I was very sad when I found out I was playing the part of a fool for thinking it would work like that. :sob:

So that said… I’m down a fancy caster, but up lots of game knowledge!
I’m going to try again and see where my tablet run takes me, but I just had to give one good reply to this thread, and thank you all for all your time and consideration in helping me. The community here is so nice, and I’m so happy I decided to post here. <3

TLDR; Learn from my mistake! Protect your transfer codes! :fgo_badciv: