FGO Servant History Discussion

Idk where to ask so I ask here.
Penthy is a fcking KAREN huh?

What? How?


Achilles called her beauty… she 4nn6ry… until now. Until her servantverse version make a company and both version is just 4nn6ry and could harm chaldea. And then DW (or aniplex now) make a full tower event of her.
Yeah probably that’s how ancient catcalling works.

Hm if I’m not mistaken in the myth Achilles and Penth fought during the Siege of Troy and he killed her.

Then he removed her helmet and said she was beautiful. For her that was an offense as an Amazon as he only ackonowledged something that had no meaning whatsoever in their fight.

Which is why in Fate she appears as a child/teen instead of her adult form, so when they fight again her appearance has no meaning.

In some versions of the myth they say he even defiled her corpse, which would add even more to the trauma.


Not Fate lore. I know there’s a version where they told Achilles is highly arrogant & instead of died after being shot in the heel, he just lose his pride and rotten as disable.
But Fate Achilles is Brochilles. He is a bit muscle head, but Apo & LB5 is already big proof he isn’t that low. It’s canon though he dragged Hektor corpse, but that one is revenge motivated. Necrophilia is just ew.
Again, being angry everytime anyone say word beauty is annoying as hell. Like let Cleo says beauty as much as she wants.

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Berserker dude. If they can actually hold a conversation they have a trigger as the trade-off. Penth has a reason, if you just got done with a tough boxing match it’s a bit of an insult for the winner to go, “yo dude nice hair!” as it implies they never took you seriously.


Yeah if you find that person saying that again, sure you have right be angry. But then if anyone else said the same word with different context… you’re a karen if you’re angry to them. And I just realize Karen is irl berserker this whole time.

On another note of overdoing some aspects of the characters, I think this is the first timer I ever saw a Tesla and Edison dialogue that didn’t involve a fight over AC vs DC nonsense.


Fair, but sometimes events create trauma. Had a friend in highschool, went bowling one night and he brought his girlfriend with him. He basically jumped anytime she asked for anything or even commented on it so we called him “whipped” to rib him for it.

Still can’t say the word whip without him launching into a tirade about how him “being considerate isn’t a bad thing alright?”


So you got mad at Berserker who going berserk when someone triggers the reason why her class is berserker? Lol ok

Then you must be hate Spartacus who got triggered with oppression, or Caligula who obsessed with Nero, or Zerklot with Arthur etc.

Zerk just doing their zerk role dude, leave Penth alone


I hate Cleopatra and her beauty thingy, we know you are so beautiful oh great pharaoh but pls stfu

On the surface, Penth harbors an extreme resentment for being disrespected as a mere woman, rather than as the elite warrior that took pride in becoming. This is the outer story that is told to Gudako and the others.

trigger warning

As I understand the subtext, Achilles literally raped her to death as she was defeated and dying. Penth is a sexual assault victim / survivor who very reasonably hates her assailant with every fiber of her being a la I Spit on your Grave. Achilles triggers the memory of dying in the worst possible way.

Aside from that, Penth copes pretty well.


Can someone please explain this to me.

Pretty sure the post above yours explains that.

Unless there’s something else you’re not getting.


Okay so I litterally had no idea who she was till I read that post. But, still why is beautiful so bsd to her?

PS. I just lost all respect for Achilles (pronounced fucking piece of shit). I was indifferent to him before, but respected his battle skill, now I see him as worse than shit.

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It’s more like a trigger warning to those memories of her having that done to her.

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So she can’t have anyone say they like her appearance to her with out triggering bad memories.

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I mean, in her interlude, when MC-kun and many others in Chaldea’s Brain trust having a meeting (in her interlude), all someone had to do was slip up once and mention his name. And there’s Penth, wondering where he is.



That’s just one version of the myth, and one that was first told way later in the myth story. The first version telling this seem to have first popped up around the 12th century, like 2000 years after it.

Considering this, it seems more like the guy who first came with this just had a fit of morbidity, like how a modern TV show wants to draw attention by doing something polemic for the sake of it.

Also, they were in a siege. I find extremely hard to believe that Achilles killed her and then started having sex with a corpse in the middle of a battlefield in plain view of two armies…
Such act with so much witnesses wouldn’t go unmentioned for like two thousand years.

The classical version without it seems far more truthful and akin to the writing style of the time.

For context, we need to know why Penthesilea went to fight the Greeks. She had a sister called Hippolyte (shows up in Fate/Strange Fake) and she accidentally killed her during a hunt. She’s overcome with grief and considers suicide but she can’t do it as she is also a warrior.

So she goes to Troy to fight off the Greeks, where at worst case, she would die a warrior’s death.

Thing is, Achilles is on the exact same situation. He had just lost Patroclus (his childhood friend and some say also his lover), and if I remember correctly, it was also his fault, and he is also overcome with grief.

So when they face each other they come from the exact same scenario, but on opposite sides. It’s like the authors saying both sides of the war are greatly suffering.
Also that sprinkle of Greek irony when he accidentally finds a woman that could make him overcome his grief, but is forced to kill her and ends up with even more grief that probably leads to his own death too.


Thanks for the long write up and background!

A version of the Greek myth I heard/Agartha spoilers

The version I heard is that Hercules accidentally killer her eldest sister Hyppolyta while doing one of his labors. Penth’s other sister Antiope was taken to Athens, and died when the Amazons tried to retrieve her. Hence Penth’s hatred for men.

Initially in Agartha, I thought it makes sense she was chasing Herc. Then I was a little surprised to find that she actually hates Achilles the most.

Anyway, now I’m curious about Hyppolyte in Strange Fake!