FGO Servant Summer Festival! Revival: Roll Thread

Back yet again to contribute to the absolutely stacked year that is NA 2021, it’s the Servant Summer Festival!


(Link to event guide and general info :arrow_up:)

This event is open to all Masters who have cleared the Prologue Singularity of Fuyuki, and features 3 Limited time gacha Banners each with a number of exclusive Summer Servants.

Banner 1 features the popular Arts looper who knows how to enjoy her fun in the sun, Jeanne d’Arc (Archer):

The hardworking and light-footed Tengu girl, Ushiwakamaru (Assassin):

And the rowdy Oni girl who wants nothing more than to cause some mischief with everyone, Ibaraki-Douji (Lancer):

And to round it up, these CEs will also be featured.

Official rateup rotation schedule:

Banner 2 features last year’s Male Servants that got their Summer Spiritron Dresses, and quite the great Dresses they are. None other than:

The legendary Count of Monté Cristo and premium Skadi Looper, Edmond Dantés:

The “Gorgeous President” and humanity’s oldest King of Heroes, Gilgamesh (Caster):

And everyone’s favorite Archer that both actually uses a bow and makes effective use of DoT, Robin Hood:

And what better way to top off a banner of bros than with a bro filled CE selection:

All three of these guys will be on a constant rateup, no rotation schedule here.

Lastly and most definitely not leastly on Banner 3, we’ve got the whole reason this mess started in the first place, the ever powerful kouhai, BB:

The official officer of the Servantverse out on a mission to hunt down all Sabers, also here to take some much needed time off, Mysterious Heroine XX:

And the Queen of the Celtics that knows what people want and how to use it, Queen Medb (Saber):

The CE rateup on this Banner features all six rateup CEs from the other two Banners in one place.

Official rateup rotation:

Last year this event saw a whole lotta rolls, lots of sweet excitement and equal amounts or maybe slightly more salty disappointment, and is back for more. While many of us last year already got what we came for, in the last year a lot of new Masters have joined that may want to test their luck with these Servants, or veteran Masters who had no plans until recently to see what they can get out of it. Whatever the reason, all rolling sessions related to this banner are welcome and encouraged here.

Best of luck everyone!


I’m gonna do one multi once the event starts tomorrow just as an introduction, then it’s the wait for Thursday for by far my most ambitious summoning yet.

Looking forward to it :fgo_jeannecheer:


Great thread GBro :feh_faedance:

Going to drop all my tickets for the edgy count, but any CasGils would be a nice bonus :fgo_gaooo:

Best of luck to everyone else rolling :fgo_jeannecheer:


I decided to keep it short and to the point in the end

Might be a lot of pics but I think it came out pretty good


My targets are…

Main Account:

  • BB NP2 (currently NP1)
  • This was the first event I really dolphined for and it paid off handsomely.

F2P Account:

  • Jarcher NP2 (currently NP0)
  • Ushi is the secondary target. After Kagetora there’s no need for a new ST lancer right now, even though I do like Ibaraki.
  • BB (currently NP0)

A friend who really loves Summer servants but was pretty heartbroken about not getting Ishtar even with multiple packs is going all-in on Jarcher and Melt.

Hopefully they get lucky. I helped them stack resources for the arrival of Jaltzerker, Jarcher, Hokusaber, and Melt.

UshiAss and Bunnytoria are their secondary targets. I guess Osakabehime is if they get another Jarcher fail. Kid Gil is their best AoE archer at the moment…


Great thread.
Almost no SQ after Da Vinci but I will throw my tickets to Jeanne (last year she came home fast and NP2 would be nice)


I’m a big fan of your profile picture


oh boy I’m so ready to get trolled by BB again


If you’re talking about mine I know that I found it around here but not sure where exactly


A beautiful catalyst for us, Manic Laughter EX rollers :heart:


My first time spending for Dantes and failed miserably after spending 2 packs on him last year when I could have been spending it on the ladies instead. No event 5*CE adds into the saltiness.

Only want Oni lancer from the banner this year just because I smiled so much at her NP. Hopefully that dream will come to fruition.


Jarcher please show


1020 quartz and aiming to get 4 copies of Swimming Instructor Jeanne to make her NP5. I plan to grail her next and I NP% all my grail targets. Last year I could only spare 600 quartz and that netted just 1 copy of her thanks to My Maid Alter debacle that still sends shivers down my spine of the sheer unluckiness and salt.

SO!!! Swimming Instructor Jeanne, please be easy on me, my glasses wearing and ponytailed goddess!!



Good luck on these banners everyone. I’m probably gonna use some summoning material for MHXX, and hopefully not get trolled by BB again. Never gonna get over the fact that BB showed up twice in 300 SQ while MHXX couldn’t even be bothered. Hopefully, wrong luck doesn’t strike again.


Amazing thread, G Habib! I hope everyone can find good fortune this year with the banners! :fgo_skadilove:


Good luck to everyone rolling for best big sis Jeanne.


Round 2 for BB :fgo_bbgrin: let’s see if she’ll play hard to get this year too.

please come home i beg you

Besides her i only miss Ibaraki and Medb, thankfully Ibaraki has another rate up during Oniland so i can skip the first banner since i already got all my targets there.

Good luck to everyone trying for Ushi and Jeanne and may BB have mercy on us this year. :fgo_jeannu:


Really need to save for merlin… But might throw some more tickets after BB. Np2 would be really nice. But only letting my tot roll for her because BB really liked him last year.


Can’t even get tempted for np2 BB this time, gotta go hard for Melt lancer

Good luck bros


Wonderful thread Gbro! Very nice pics, specially with final ascensions. :dizzy:

For this banner, If I can managed to acquire the last copy of XX (for NP5) I will call it a success. :fgo_mhx:She’s currently Max Grailed/Max skilled like the other Heroine and her Gold Fous will be finished by the end of this event. I’m hoping she shows up within the first 200 SQ but I’m willing to go far higher if need be. (~1.5 K SQ in savings reserve but ideally I have the vast majority left for the other upcoming Heroine [SWII] banners. :grimacing:)

I’m also looking forward to re-playing the story and acquiring all the items from this event. I could definitely use a few more mats here and specially mana (and rare) prisms one my end.

That aside, best of luck to you all. May you get your desired Targets. Lastly, an invigorating XX gif for you all! :milky_way: :ringer_planet:


Extra luck for the Heroine peeps rolling. @Razor_24, best of luck! You got this! :fgo_ereshpeek: