FGO Servant Summer Festival! Revival: Roll Thread

I would gladly take them off your hands if I could. I don’t think I’ve able to Max Limit Break any event themed 4 star CE since I’ve started playing.

I keep getting the Raging Wind (Musashi CE) whenever I do get a 4 star CE; I’m no closer to getting Raging Wind MLB than Sunset Jam.

I’ll take this into consideration when I summon in future banners.



I was going to settle with NP1 but I decided to throw another multi even with the split rate up.

I’m quite happy with the result, especially with how sje evaded me last year.


Got NP2 BB this morning i didn’t screen sorry i will not complain but i thats not normal i need my Gacha luck for Chad Orion and Space Ishtar.And 2022 will be wild:
My Bois Muramasa Romulus are top priorites, but there is Caren, Castoria, Summer Kiara, Yang Guifei, Voyager, and Kama who escape me this year :roll_eyes:
I hope my Gacha luck gauge refill before all of that. :upside_down_face:


Okay guys, I finally did it… I finally used all my resources saved for Merlin before his banner. And I cant say that I regret it because this is my luckiest streak so far in the game. This last bach adds: NP2 Parvati, NP3 Gilcaster, XX, Summer BB and NP2 Saber Mebd. Im so deep in Matt/Exp/QP hells that I didnt have even 8 fangs for XX’s first ascencion, barely managed to level BB to 50 and run out of QP with her skills 1/5-. I already said it, but I need a Lotto ASAP.

Now Im going to get my log in streak reward soon, and gonna do Tower Prison for tickets, get some SQ and ticks from daily log in and weekly missions plus ticks from Da Vinci store and thats all I have for Merlin. If I got him, Im going to be very very happy… if I fail, well, It cant be helped, as Nobu says.


lol, np6 medb from bb banner tic

congrats to medb, for being the first :fire: summer


Just FYI, you may want to build up a little QP while you can, apparently the next event requires it for some missions.


Another week, another ticket, another helping of mana prisms. But it’s Dantes’s last known rate up, and I was having a crappy day, and after counting my Merlin funds I decided fuck it, I’ll do enough singles to get another bonus roll and see what happens.

Three singles in, I get a copy of the Arthur CE. Not much use for the event at this point, but I wanted that one the most just for the art, and it’s nice to know I can get something on rate up other than 3* CEs. c:

Five singles in:

…Yes. Yes, I did.

He came, he actually came! :joy: Thank you so much, Dantes, I really needed that today. I’m afraid I don’t have your best partner yet, but hopefully that will change in November, and in the meantime, I’m still glad to finally have you.

Now please let this luck hold for Merlin >.<


Yeah, thanks for the headsup! I still have a little farming to do and a 2 million QP reward to claim from one of the ladders in the current summer (Im going super slow without using apples), and also Im going to have extra currency to exchange for QP, plus Jalker ascencion mats. Still broken but I guess that it would be enough to at least start summer 4th.


you’re not alone here. My merlin funds is pretty much gone now that the ladies such carmilla and musashi is dropping before him.

Currently debating about summoning wallet-kun to the battlefield.


So I took a break for awhile (and by that I mean my brother was playing on my account for guda and the first half of anniversary so I didn’t miss any welfares or fous I just needed a break and so did my wallet after my shit AA rolls) and these are my first banners since coming back. I set a hard cap at 2 packs cause I need to start setting limits on my whaling and my god the game is bribing me to stay.

So the results I got after rolling all 3 banners

One ozy spook (amazing start btw game) followed by Jeanne (now np4) 120 sq on this banner

On Dantes banner I got him in 60 sq (now np3) and threw one more pack (cause I’m greedy and wanted to try)

BB with 120 sq and the tickets from the event got me 3 BB (1 early on cause I spent tickets as I got em and two a few days later) and 1 more medb and XX (np3 and 4 respectively)

6 ssr from 2 packs I don’t believe it

This is my only screenshot cause I wasn’t sure if I was gonna post here or not but after getting my last 2 bb copies near the end I just had too.

So yea thanks for the bribe fgo I’m still mad about AA


250 SQ, 20 Tickets.

All for Saber Medb…



NP0 Saber Medb, and…


All I can do is hope there’s another bait banner but ST summer servants with no rate ups and go crazy on that one


This is triggering me :fgo_hassanmad:


It’s a sign to buy SQ


That is the true purpose of the 11th roll…


ya both the extra try, BB and MHXX.


I’m so glad that summon page doesn’t open for me on the banner, which has almost the same problem :'D At least I can pretend I forgot all about almost-bonus xD


Should I risk a roll? I want to honestly just save for the next event. My luck on this one was atrocious. The rates must be realllyyyy low on Summer banners.

I mean if you want to save for the next event this shouldn’t be a question

Didn’t get anni servant last year, didn’t get anni servant this year.
Didn’t get BB last year, didn’t get BB this year.

I’m beginning to see a pattern here. :fgo_tomoethink:



It’s been a while since I’ve been in this thread since I was trying to avoid it, but now I’m coming back to give a final update on my banner results. :fgo_casgilworry:

First things first, did I get my target, the edgy count Edmond Dantès?

I spent around 712 SQ and ~71 tickets on day 1 (that post is earlier in the thread) for a few SR spooks and 3 CasGils. I’ve spent all the free SQ/tickets (as well as 164 SQ I bought using some of my graduation money) we got since the banner started, and didn’t get another gold servant aside from this white-haired man whose name starts with “E”, and he was from the paid SQ. :catroll:

I’m fine with getting him NP2 since I like him and I’m planning to use him once he gets fully raised.

The final damage? 1065 :fgo_rainbowapple: and 86 :ticket:.
My Merlin savings for this year were completely demolished so now I’m saving for him on the rerun next year. I did buy his figure with my some of my graduation money and that softens the blow a bit, since it does look very nice. :fgo_buster:

While I am happy that I did get both lancer Cús to NP5, NP3 CasGil, Astolfo, Carmilla, Emiya Assassin, Stheno, and another Yan Qing copy all on day 1, it stings that a single SSR didn’t show up, including my main target who just poofs from rateups after this. :feh_elisad:

For now I’ll wait for the NY Ruler/Avenger GSSR and hope that he shows up then, and if that and other GSSRs don’t work out, then I’ll wait for DW to give him another rateup (which would give me at least two years to save)

That’s it from me. Hopefully my SQ savings can verify the existence of my next target Skadi without too much trouble :fgo_casgilworry: