FGO Stream

Well, that was a boring stream for an hour
15 SQ for Agartha release
June 21 release date
Banner is until July 6th
Then endless talk with Jesus

Anyone else feel they could have added more topics? XD



but eh, 15 sq is nice

I never watched their stream, did they do a better job previously?

lmao they spoiled

berserker of el dorado


@Scarlett He’s the editor for FGO. They call him Jesus. Majority of the stream was about him.

also, it’s actually up to 10 quartz for agartha from their usual fb/twitter campaign stuff. alongside the other standard goodies such as qp and fous and etc. with 3 quartz being from the stream pre-campaign and another 2 as a bonus for the stream

Don’t forget those free 5 SQ for liking and retweeting before the stream began

Not much, but hey, for those who are dried up from failing to roll Raikou/Kintoki/Fox Bitch, this could come in handy. Combined with those 10 free quartz for the release of Agartha, that’s a total of 15

Hopefully the person who was spamming “missing quartz from last 377 day anny” can wake up in the middle of the night and stub their toe. Abby spam person can suffer a similar fate.

can we add literally anyone still bitching about emiya alter at this point to this?

@MUGI They pretty much flooded the stream with the Emiya whitewashed. It’s been months people. haha

demiya deserver better
abby shouldn’t be cencored

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I don’t even see those boys anymore

Oh I missed it, I wanted to talk shit about localizers.
Not like they would read chat though, barely anyone does.