FGO Summer 3 Roll thread!


Hello Senpai! It is everyone’s favorite non-eggplant Kouhai AI, BB-Chan!

BB is sorry to interrupt everyone’s rolls of the rerun of last year’s Dead Heat Summer event…
Well, not really.

…But with just a few days left to go and since no one has yet posted a roll-thread for THIS YEAR’S Summer EVENT I JUST HAD TO INTERVENE! BB-chan can’t allow the greatest FGO gacha banner that has ever been made not to have a roll thread so I decided to grace all you miserable humans with my Presence!

No need to thank me! But please continue applauding! Only your very lives depend on it!

ANYWAY, welcome to FGO’s Servant Summer Festival!


This year’s summer event is packed with can’t miss servants that your shadow border/chaldea would be poorer for missing out on! In addition, everyone who participates will get their very own Summer Jalter!

Summer Jeanne D'Arc Alter

Summer Jalter is a four star hentai doujin making Otaku Berserker who trades bad French for bad German…or at least BB thinks she does but can’t be certain as BB Chan is too lazy to download German into her AI program.

Anyhow she has a Chuunibyou ST buster NP which she didn’t obviously ripped off from some old anime

Here at this youtube link you can watch her in action:


In addition to getting your own Welfare Summer Jalter this Event will feature Three Gacha Banners: One banner featuring some “save the whales” nerd along with her puppy and a banana! The second banner will star some edge lord who looks like he came straight out of a Danganronpa game, the worlds most arrogant richboy, and some pervert who keeps on bullying passionlip! ONLY BB GET TO DO THAT!

Finally following that, the Greatest Banner that will ever been created by FGO will arrive!

Because none other than BB-Chan in her summer form will be on it! You and medb will be there too!

If you two keep hijacking my thread BB will have to give you a penalty game with my tentacles!

Don’t forget who’s boss this event!


Ummm…So without any further ado BB will now present the first banner!

The First Banner features the summer versions of Jeanne D’Arc, Ushiwakamaru, and Ibaraki.

Banner 1 Servants

Jeanne D'Arc

For Her Summer Version Jeanne D’Arc has returned as a NP spamming megane sporting AoE five star Arts Archer

Watch her in action here Senpai!


As you can see she continues the long standing tradition of being an Archer not using a Bow and Arrow and instead throws Dolphins and Whales at her Enemy! What is not to love?


Ushiwakamaru joins the ranks of Summer servants as the world’s most Headpat-able AoE Quick Assassin!

Now if only her Rider Version could get an animation upgrade to look as good!


Picture Link


Ibaraki makes her summer debut as a cotton candy eating four star ST buster Raikou clone lancer!

Who knew that Bananas, cotton candy, and fire works all go together so well Senpai!


Banner 1 will also feature these Craft Essences!

5 Star Event CE: Emerald Float
4 Star Event CE: Storms and Waves
3 Star Event CE: All Night Fever

Official Banner 1 Rotation Schedule

At the same time as banner 1 is released FGO will also release the Boys of Summer: Dante, Gilgamesh (caster), and Robin! All three will also have new costumes you can unlock for them during the event!

Banner 2 servants


The first boy of summer is everyone’s favorite Edge Lord and Skadi’s work slave of Choice Edmond Dantes! The Count of Monte Crisco is a Quick AoE Avenger and highly regarded as one of the best Skadi Looping servants in the game!

Here is a video of him in Action proving that to inspire awe in others it always pays to have a cool hat!

Gilgamesh (Caster)

Caster Gil is an AoE/Support Art servants that proves that even the biggest Narcisist in the World can work himself to death!

As you can see from this video Gil lives by the Credo that it isn’t bragging if you can back it up…or pay everyone off. Which ever works best.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a three star ST arts archer who specializes in Poisons and getting small Birds to follow him everywhere

Here you can watch him do something other than harassing my poor alter ego Passionlip…Sorry Robin that is BB’s JOB!!!

Banner 2 will feature all of these Craft Essences as well!

5 Star Event CE: Hero on the Beach
4 Star Event CE: Sunset Jam
3 Star Event CE: Writing High

The Final Banner is, simply put, the greatest banner of all time! Why? BECAUSE IT FEATURES EVERYONE’S FAVORITE KOUHAI AI CHEAT CHARACTER!!! BB-CHAN! You will also find my favorite assistant and bullying target MHXX and Queen Medb!

It is just such a shame that everyone will have to wait a week after the first two banners hit to roll on this one Senpai! So be sure to save your saint Quarts!

Banner 3 servants



At last! The moment everyone has been waiting for! The Devilish Kouhai herself! BB-Chan has RETURNED!

Summer BB, or BB Pele is a five star AoE Buster Moon Cancer Servant with a truly unique ability! She is able to bully her Senpai no matter what! Oh and BB can freeze time too!

As you can see below Whether BB is being a sporty cheerleader, the Ultimate Gyaru, or her true tentacle edritch monster of a final boss self BB chan is a truly one of a kind servant that no master can live without!


MHX returns to another Summer event as the 4 star ST arts Foreigner who has come to assist BB in helping Master from having a boring summer while putting all Sabers under arrest! Medb in particular!

Here you can see the newest space sheriff putting the law down so that all Sabers, foreigners, and threats to Humanity (other than BB) take notice!


Not to be outdone by MHX, Queen Medb has turned into a 4 star ST arts Saber to prepare for her Photo shoot

With these type of moves one could take photos all day and it still wouldn’t be enough!

BB’s banner will also have every single Event CE from the other two banners!

Banner 3's rotating Schedule


Here is a quick reference guide to the entire event for all the Lazy Senpai out there!


Tetragoner has also provided BB with a Recommended Support Setup to share for the event:

It was Created at the below Link
Support Recommendation Link

It is always good to give recognition for Art of BB, so here is a list of sources I used in making this post Senpai:

Fanart Links

Jalter 1
Jalter 2
BB tentacles
BB Red Eyes
Jeanne 1
Jeanne 2
Ushi 1
Ibaraki 1
Ibaraki 2
Dante 1
Dante 2
Gil 1
Gil 2
Robin 1
BB Pele 1
BB Pele 2
Medb 1
Medb 2
end image of Jeannes

So Senpai, with that BB has covered all the Servants on rate up during this year’s summer event!

BB would like to wish all of you good Luck! Please don’t give up hope if I don’t answer your summons right away! BB-Chan loves to tease and drain your account of all its Saint Quarts!

Everyone keep doing your best and may you all have a fun summer!


I wish I could have put the whole post as BB-Channel
Trust Level ruined it!

EDIT 1: Nevermind! Lordhelpme helped me.

Here is a quick Reference Guide for everyone who needs it:


Edit 3:
Recommended support Set up

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FGOGuide/comments/95ydmc/quick_summer_2018_event_guide/


How much time you put into this? :joy:
Great work, Lost!!!


Too much it is 3am here and I need to go to bed as soon as I get the MHXX pictures that accidently got editted out back in!


better get some sleep soon, or you might need to get up at 6am again lol


So many good servants…

No Sqz, too bad. Next year…maybe.

Might i add that i spent my last 30 sqz this morning for Maid and got instead a healty plate of Mapo Tofu?

Still…august 1, five tickets from shop.

Who knows.



On the topic, here’s hoping my 60 tics and maybe 2 multis can let me snag one copy of MHXX this year :fgo_mhx:

Nice roll thread introduction btw, Lost


Oh my, this Summer…This. Summer.

tenor (7)

My final banner, all these lovely waifus and costumes! COME TO ME! :fgo_gaooo:


If Summer Eresh is real then I’ll come back to this thread again, until then good luck for everyone rolling :fgo_ereshwoah:


“To Nyarlathotep, Mighty Messenger, must all things be told. And he shall put on the semblance of man, the waxen mask and the robes that hide, and come down from the world of Seven Suns to mock”

Her noble phantasm was the first I saw of FGO, and it caught my interest in the game. I have to summon her! :feh_doublelion:

And Nyarlathotep is badass!


Next year, if we get anniversary 4 before this Rerun…

we will get so many sqz to roll for BB summer MHXX

If i don’t waste them before the banner.

I’m a champion at wasting sqz


This banner is truly a godsend.

My highest priority of course being:

But there’s so much quality even from all the SRs than you just can’t go wrong here.

And last but not least i hope i can finally complete my collection.

…I just hope i have some luck left so i can leave my poor wallet alone.


Saving my spot for when I get everyone NP2 at least in my budget of 10 tickets :feh_popcorrin:


Thanks for the impressive roll thread opening! Music would have been a fine addition

I’ll be visiting this thread after 2 weeks or so when BB’s banner is released.


But it was worth it :fgo_goodciv:
As for myself, waiting for joint BB and MHXX banner - the last of banners for a long time (I think for half a year or so) on which I absolutely must roll.
Happy rolls everybody :fgo_bbgrin:


My stash is ready…


Dammit you beat me to it, no way could I have put this much effort into it though :feh_navarreculture:

Same as @CrazyPterodactyl this is my last banner for a while (NY/Kama next) so I’m all in on best evil kouhai, also Summer Jalter will probably be grailed.

Spent my Dante funds on Nero no regrets

Good luck to all :fgo_bbgrin:


I’ve been waiting for this thread! My body SQ and mats are ready. :fgo_ereshwoah: :fgo_buster:

Gudako with waifus ver.

Gudao with husbandos ver.


Summer 3 hasn’t been announced yet, has it??


It will almost certainly be released when summer 2 ends in two or three days.