FGO Things that make me die a little bit inside


Everything on this list is all things FGO that destroys a little bit of my soul everytime it happens.

  1. Getting NP gauge to 99% when I really REALLY need that NP next turn, and need to waste a Command Spell.

  2. Not getting a crit on 90% chance to kill a mob. I mean, it’s close enough to 100 right?

  3. Critting on 10% and killing a mob that I didn’t want dead yet cuz stalling to charge team NP gauges.

  4. Rainbow Gold Card with a class matching the Rate up, and it’s not the Servant I want.

  5. Gold chest dropping in Training Grounds, only to be Void dust over and over again.

  6. Accidentally clicking a skill I didn’t want to use yet. Turn resets won’t fix that.

  7. Forgetting to use a skill before Card Selection. Return button WHEN??? :scream:

  8. Forgetting to change Mystic Code before starting a Quest

  9. E-Rank Gatcha Luck

  10. Never enuf Bones

  11. Never enuf QP

  12. Hell, never enuf of anything except Fangs and Void Dust

  13. Running through my entire AP bar in 20 minutes and having nothing to do for hours.

  14. Dropping Gold embers when I’m farming Silver

  15. When Training Grounds 2/3 is only 1 Boss-level enemy instead of 3 farm-toys.

  16. Spend hours farming hundreds of millions of QP, spend it all in only a couple of minutes.

  17. Level up right before I’m about to fall asleep, and need to force myself to stay awake to spend all that new AP.

  18. The Transfer Code process. If you forget or lose your Transfer Code or Password you are boned. The whole process is inefficient and needlessly troublesome.

What are some things FGO that destroy you a little bit when you see it happen?

Edit: Added a few things to my list, which for some reason I couldn’t think of earlier.

I love it when

Ah yes, I felt every single one of these in my soul too

But what about using up all the quartz you were saving to get that one character to only get nothing, no ssr, no sr, no good CE just absolutely nothing… painful indeed.


I can relate too much with this, one other thing I can add is spending SQ on the 10 pull gacha, skipping the unnecessary 3 stars, pulling the minimum 4 star CE, and it just ends.


I feel you so hard with #7. It’s led me to many moments of Regrets.

For me, it’s also when I accidentally use the wrong team or when I meant to pick someone on my friend’s list with Da Vinci CE for the QP quest but FOR SOME REASON my brain keeps thinking Holy Night Supper is the same thing and I just speed on to open the quest OTL


Doing the Ember Gathering for Berserker EXP, only for no Berserker hands to show up…I am in that Hell right now.


When the enemy Crits on an turn before you release your NP.


THIS! 100 freaking times this!!! God I want that button as soon as freaking possible. I would sell my family for it!

  1. Spending an entire day or multiple days farming for something specific only to not get even one (Yeah, I’m looking at you, twin crystals).

  2. Enemies that crit multiple times in one turn. Even worse when they do it on the same servant.

  3. And as always, when gacha says lol no

  • Making a mental oops when choosing my servant classes for a fight
  • Getting a challenging boss down to 10k HP or less when it kills your last servant


Mission previews with ? as the enemy type, forget spoilers I somehow always guess wrong and have to fight the whole battle with no class advance or worse.


If you disable the app before the turn ends and then resume it will take you back to when you are selecting skills. It is annoying but it works as a back button.


when the quote and quote welfare

requires wayyyyyy more material of a mat that is near unfarmable

also more than a little, how far the game jerks off the saber class but its the only class beside caster with a quick aoe saber
or an arts aoe np that hits more than 1-2 times
or someone with higher than 30% np charge
or just not copy pasted buster aoe sabers
or a perma ssr saber instead of just introducing a reskin of someone as perma and call it a day


When I see another one of my servants needs ungodly amount of Proofs or Hearts. Seriously.
Or when I finally finished grinding some material for one servant only to get a new servant who needs another 160 pieces of the same thing (yes, I’m seeing Chains of Fools in my nightmares now) :fgo_fuck:


I die a lot inside when I get friend requests from people who clearly spend a lot of time and money on the game but don’t level skills, I don’t mean they have to max skills either. I know skill grinding isn’t always gonna fit in everyone’s daily schedule, I understand that. This is more for the (previously)max level players with their full lineup of 5 stars, a handful of good MLB CE’s(Or event MLB CE’s), a max bond CE Waver 2/3/5, and a level 100 Jalter 2/4/4. The rest of the 5 star team all rounds out to typically under level 6 skills. At least do the important skills a little bit!


…Not having nyanta in my Chaldea is killing me… :fgo_jeannu:


This feeling… Usually I just force exit and re enter the game just so that I can use skill that turn XD…



Everything you listed. And I’ll add: Farming blue gems on some node in Orleans and getting FEATHERS, SEEDS AND OTHER RARE MATERIALS.
I went farming assassin gems for the weekly missions. I needed 3, spent 80 AP AND GOT 2 ASSASSIN GEMS ON THE FIRST RUN, AND ALMOST 5 SEEDS. I got the 3rd gem the next day on the first run.


Accidentally picking up xp cards I was supose to preserve in the gift box.

Getting a bunch of ??? Guest servants in story missions, if its just one its fine but 2 or more and i just get annoyed.


What makes me die inside is a spoiler for those who didn’t finish Solomon yet.
But heck when he appears in re-runs every single time, I die a little more inside.
Repeated deaths incoming.


Haha I get ya. Not too sad for me though, it feels good to see him smile again